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How To Plant Grapevines

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VY hen a number of' vines aro to be planted, it is best to dig the holes boioro the vinas are taken into the tiold ; and wheu ihey aro taken froiu the placo where they have been heeted-ra, their roots should bo kopt in a box or basket filled with damp mOSs, or proteeted 'm spijiö manner frorn the air and suu. 'Lh vinca should altso be prunud beforo they are taken iuto the fiuld. Prune the rbdts', as has already been dlreöted, and cut off tho sterns to about eighteon iüches. Tho holes to reueivo the vicos should be dug iu a cireulár íonn, and from sis to tan i nuiles deep upon tlie outside. and four to six inches iu the centre ; thun set a good BtroDg stake ín the centre of the hole, tot uuless the slake is plaued. in positiou boíore the vino is planted, there is great danger oí' injuriug some of the roots of ths viuo in dririog it down by its side aftor it is iu positiou. Now set the vine iu the oéntre of tho hola cióse by tho stake, spread out th'j roots iu every directioii, and throw on á little soil as you procaed, to huid thein iu positiou.. Vhuu all the roots are properly distribuid, then fill up til e holes, pressiug dowu I he soü vvith tüe íoot- ihe woight of a inau vvill not be too iimoh pressure to gtvo the soil over the roots. It rcquires two men to work to advantago in planting, ono to place the vine iu positiou and spread out the roots, aud auolher to put on tbe earth. The roots should always descend a little from the stem to their furtliest poiut, and in pressing down the soil upon them, it should be given the same pressure, as uear as uiay be, aloug their whole length. If thu viues aro United in tho ful!, theu a small mound of earth should be made around the stern, so as to protect two or threo buds abovc tnose lliut would be ccYtred if the ground were inaJe kvel. But w'auu the viües are pianted in the Spiing, the hole need not be filíod quite full, but a shallow basin may be leí'6 about the stem so that the rains shall inore readily reach the roots.. This basiu around the vine cau be tílled wheu íhe vino gets svell started in growth. AfUr Manageniüiit. - When th buds begin to push iuto growth, seleut the strongest aud rub the otherá off; a bud near tho ground is proferable to one that is a foot above, and this is or.o rya son why the vines should bo out oíf quite short when planted, aa it makes tiie lower buds more sure to puh. Aíter the one bud or shoot has been selected, the oíd sícm above it may be eut oíf to within two inches of the young shoot. As the young cañe grows, keep it tied to the stake, bul do not tie it so tightly as to interfere vvith its expansión as it growe. Keep the Utterals slopped aucording to the direetion already given. Stir the soil about thé planta, the oftener tho botter, and keep down all weeds. Baas is ati cscullent material for tying the vines, as it is no Habla to injare the iciu.or shoots; beside3, it usually costa less thau comrnon twiue. When any particular vino, or a num ber of thom, do uot gr -w as rapjdly as desired, they should rcceive soino e'stra Btimulant, either liquid uiauuro from the barnyard, or u solution of soiue of the conceiitrated nianures in water, giving enough to compleely salurato the soil to their roots, Whun it is. uot cOavenient to apply stimulants in a liquid forrn, a barrovv load of compost may be spread upou the surfaoe about the viue? We should ondeavor to produce a uniíorm growth, so that ail tho vines iu each row, at least, shall le as nearly oí the same size as possiblo. The vioes1, t tho end of the first sea son, will usually be largo euough to be pruned for training, but many of the more teeble growing váríeties will require aiiother year, aud they bhould bo cut back ia the Fall ot Viuter in two or threo budri, ouly oua of which should be allowed to gfow, as iu thu tirst vear. Fuller.


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