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Success Of The 7-30 Loan

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BuiipuoiiB to iue popular t-éü honu uro stlll oontiuuod iu the mos', liborul rnauuer. The sucobhs oí tbo People's Loans is to the Old World orio of tho wouders of a Ilepublu:. The Govorninent does nut seek to borro w in foreign uiuikets; it offers no preriiium's lo bankera, but appuals dirootly to thu peoplc, añrt with what Büöcess is Bufficieiitly hown by tho fápt that cjóritig foHij-ilrej days they subscribod and pa!} ihu oaoli down f'or one hundred and ëUty -ouc. million dollars of the 7-30 Loan. Thüra can be no stroHger'evidonoo ui public confidonce ia GroVeriiuieüt sëpürities. VV'lifl uearlv all utlicr siieuiities have gunt) duw:, Fi'oih '20 to 50, and even a gre.a'tér per cent. within a few vvèëks, all forma uf tT. S bonds aud Btockb liavií i-ei;ai;)ed iirm ' except the slight fiuciyatiooa thal aiu ! iiifcicfcut to all rapid chiili; .louc.y inarkot. Siibsoribori to thu 7-30 Loan e semi mima) intért ut the ra'e of' aoven and three tenths per cent. per aimum in currenoy, aud ut thü eud of throe yenrs h-om Junc löth, 18G5, ilu'y j will li;ivü the option ot receiving [luyincnt ; iu full, oi' cüuverting llieir nolis into ;i 5-ÖÜ eix peï cent. olJ iotiivcsl bunil. - Tliü lat !'-;■ Iccliüi; in the pi-ctnium on gulil, imkert {hete mitos tüüPti dusifa ble thiii) ovor as in invcsiinent, aud tbeil' exoinptio;) l'roni state :nd túuíñotpal taxatipn, ödda largBly to their vul uu. Tliure is no ntcPMijiiioii iu il:o regeipt ,of subscïhitiims, or the dclivory of thü notes. Ail bunks, baukers, atíí] nthers 8ctflïaa Loan AgL'ntc, will pn y étibsferl hrs thü interest ín advaneo frríín thé Juy di: subscription until June lfuh.


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