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Effect Of The War On Women

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The biittles óf Satuiday hist, ono or two of a hundred and more wilueBJod sinee the eommenoement of the war four yoars rincu, suggest or ought to suggest what is tu becoine of thouarids whoüi tho present war is mtvkiutg widuws ml orpftans. The immense nnmbsr of fathers, kous and brothers killed and wounded in battle leave inore tbaa correspondiug uumbers at .home, oftcn lult tb the cold churilies of the Wörld, fir whom a docent humauity ought to suggest future care and work. The World discusses the subjoct of the excess of females ovor nuiles tVom :i nüt very pleasant staud poiut. To Ihis fnct it traces, what ia conimon to tho foreign obs-urver of BritïSh life, vtz:, a curtaiu prevaleat brutulity oí' tono in the treatmunt of woitien. lu tlia lowtw' classes it thus trunslates itsulf iiito tho coarse, repulsivo forma of wifd-beating iind wife niurdor. Tho London Times editoriaMy, uttered thahorror of aü at a oíisfc) in wliich a Yorkshiro mioer, uraz ■(! with drink, was üuffared to bjat iiis w'iö autuully to death iu thu prcsüi.ce of a nunibür oí bis najgliljpra, uono oï v. tooi veiKurcd to interiore ío reveno I.Lü [uu:1 ureatiu'i: 'i:nn his violoueu. It is aid : 'In the upper classes tlio sam ; intlaenoes, profV-undly tnoditjed of oouríe, botray theiaselves oou.stautly, through tho revelabions of tho courts of law, iu casus of suit fjr separation and divoioe. ''Tho timo is doubtless fur distaut when in auy of onr oivn States l,h.; disproporliou batween the sexos will tetilo luto so positivo aud pi'eseipg an uvii ao ít has beooma iu Greut BrUjuc. But the war, as we havo baid, lxas already developed this evii in niany parts of the oouotry, and in the nature of thiiiga it ia Hkely to grow worse bufore t ineuiis. The spootacle so often dwelt upon with astouisluneut and iudiguolion by Aóieri' can tourists, of women toiliüg with thu spade and hoe in the fields of Gcrinnuy aúd Franco, has already coased to be unkpown in our rural distriets, and with tha increased demaód oí, aud lessened supply of, íigrioultural labor whioh is certain to iollow tho return ot poace, this spectaelo wiil infallibly beoome, for a time at leas!-, familiar iu somo sections of the republio, iaeroasod taxation, oompeiling uiore iudustry and Bconttijiy througüout the land, will work the same resul t. "Our women may as well prepare themselves to play a sterner aud less (Srnanienfel part iri the general écóiíoaiy tliau has hépceforth been their lot."


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