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The Evacuation Of Petersburg Anticipated

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At niglit Geuuiul Willcox issued orders to hls troops to bo on tbc alert and watcb clo.sely lbo operations of the rebels. It was iiniily expected that they woi.ld evac :ate, and it was no part of the intontiou to let thern got away without a parting word. SÜSÜiï NJSMT, Suon aftor dark Gen. Willcox was sent for by Gu. Parkc, and remaiued at corps hcadcjuartcrs until miduight, in ouofurouco with his superior. louit o'cloí'k- rurEnsBuna occupied. At four o'cloclc, Col. E!y roported hia. brigada in Petersburg. Tho Ist Michigan Sharpshootcrs, leading the Bkirmishcji-s aud pressing hard upon the rear of the rebol forecí, wero the first to onter tho long fought for city. With cheors urul tihouta of triumph they entered ; but the fighling waa dono. At every step they pieked up rebels anxious to surrender, but nowhere found any willing to figbt, Petersburg was ours - woa by hárd fighting aud determined bravury. A more complete dnving out was never aceouiplishcd. A viotory more sigual aud indisputable has not been gainud in this war. A GLORIÓOS CORPS. Tho 9ih corps has made a reputatioa iq this grand success suftjcieut, had it never before. achieved distioction, to place it amang tho most gallant corps of tho United States army. THE WÓEK ACCOMPLISIÍED BY WILLCOX's ' TllVÏQiriM Tho lst división alone, under Gen. Willcox ip thoir operations ofyesterday, not only held the extended line of two miles and ovor against all aftacks, bufc themsolves attacked the strongest positions on the rebel iines, capturing two forts, niu,5 guns, uearly a thousand prisoners, severa! flags, etc, and íill with a loss to themselves of but about two Lundrod men. And now they add to their record the captuie of the rest of tha rebel unes, guns, tenis, prisouors innumerable, and finally the city ol Petersburg. Glory enough tbr ons diviaion. GENERAL WILLCOX was ia the field throughout tho whole aifair, and conducted the opcrations of the diviaion, :ia the restilt. demonstratog, vvilh great judgnient and ability. Hia men have beliaved witii a gallautry that is seldom equalled. Whet'her attacking or defending, they alvvays presented the Kumij determiued front, ueyor flinching, hovvever fierce the dauger.


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