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OUR CHINABAN STILL UVES. Anlpoutni:i- to fninish Uiat unriralcil (itialitv of TEA ahrays round at th.. Ppople't gto. Lovors of guoil Tea will pisan Iry a ampie OF OUR NEW TEA. DïlKMtKST 4WÏWART. GHIOOEJE.IES Of all Fruit. Extract, Splce. ricklcs Oils l'prforaes, 4c. PuieLIquors and WIdm for Medicina purpoKt's ouly. DïFOREST k STEWART. Sugar ! Sugar I A smal] lot of LOW PRIGED SUGAE. DkKORKST & 8TKWART. FISHCdfih7Whtfih Trout, Macken-1, Herring, &c. DbForebt & stkwart. STBUP! SYjtXTPl A few barróla, extra quality. DbFOREST & STEWART. L0ÍL AND LAMP DEPOT ! KEROSENE OIL ÏThe beat cjunllty ONE DOLLAR Per Gallo. DkFOREST &STEWAHT. HO! YE! Purchasers oí CKOCKERY. GLASSWAKE, LAMPS, PLATED GOODS, TABLE CUTLERY, &c. For salo at loss tliau New York wbolaflale prices, lty DuKOREST & 8TEWART, A Good Clothes Wringer. Saves time! Saves money! Saves elothing! Saves strength! Saves hcalth! Saves hiring help'. ' Saves weak wrists! Saves burning hands ! Woolen clothes can be wrung out of boiling water tü preveut i-hrinking, without injnry to the mnchine. DïFOREUI : STEWAKT. pXLES-A SURE iiEMEDY Ever ybotly ia beiog curetl út Üú distrossiiifc' iliaeabü by the uwe of DR. BILLINGTON'S PILE REMEOV. Röad vhnt tho86 say who have UMMÜ it : PlTTSFiKLU, VurilltcilttW Co., Midi lr.f. A. Bxlli.vgtun : Pearir : Fprthö good of tbe ulSicted, I bererlth tiansmit to you a statement of the benefit whieh I have received f rom (he use of ypur l'ILK ilKMKDY. For :i iiumber of years I have been very 'b;ully alíücted Tfith the Piles, somuch 8O as to repeler me at tirrjos tofcally unfit. for business. I found nu perinuneut roüt-f from tliemany remedies which I made use of. and alpmst despnired of effect ing a permanent cure. I was at Jengta induced by your agent at Ann Arbor to uiake trial of your remedy, which he ' warriintI to effect u curè.qr receive no pay. I consMered t like most other patent medicines - k nuinbug, unül 1 began to improve. With inipïovement, audat Uoffth an estire cue, ] became conrinced it was aacientitic and reüable remedy. 1 usèd Onb P-ACKAQi Onlt, which I am happy to say en tirelycured me. 'fru.tin that U who make use of the Klectuary for th&t most ditftresstng disease - 1'ileö-may realize the same happy resalte, 1 am Reapectfully yours, BHITB MAOOMBKB. case-í, cali „o ti the Agent and obtaic panjphk-t acl leferiiee. to a number of üiti.eun of Ann Ajrbor vho have been curtd by the ase of the Eleotqary. -_.. DkFORESÏ & STEWART. WALL FAFERÜ CHEAPÍ CHEAPER H OHEAPESTÜ! TI-II11TY THOUSAND EOLLS OF WALL PAPEE of all ílescríiitionB. BORDERS, W1ND0W SHADES, CURTAIN FIXTURES, PICTURE FRAMES, CORD AND TASSELS, FANOY ABTIOLES of all descriptions, Alsu a large aRsprtjnout of MISGELLANEOUS BQOKS! Aï REDUCED PBICES. PICTÜJIES Framijd to Order at the Sliorti'st Noticc. G1VE US A CALL! JOIIN F. MH.J.Kfi h CO., Corner Main anl Washington Stfeets. lmlOOl PUSTER HUMBUG! Somo mon tliinli tlio more taeyhBrabug, decelre aztd lie tu the farmari, Uie feartar ;hiy ure.' Now in order to üxii"s" suoh humbngs, I have deposlted ose hnndred dollars wth Jamrs HoMhoo, ,t hl Öors old Pont Office bulraiDg, for liiui to gíve Slawson .í; Son fiftv ilollar cf it, f thoy ever reoeived mo car load of Cióra WilliiÓ! Hovef, Aaent, or F. Godfrey.or nny otherman from Bmnd lün-v RaplOs, Michigan.- Also, t'i jjve tUeithor fiftï dollars f thej' eau bv iiiialvzinc, lirove tlüitHicir Piaster ia as good u my Piaster, ïjiijsc íhal wanj a genuipe Boe jrouftd Tartantad better Ulan nny ofher 1 1 1 tliis city, or no i,ay and cheajier, calla Hly'Offlee t I.umbcr Yard, and l' will Kivc you some to try fts quahties and ui-e f gravel Btone üy out of it viirn soiving. Mannen ay it wü fiom Grand River, Oioad. D..DRr'QBER .Abo Arbor, tprll_lst, 1865. ioqs U. S. 7-30 LOAN. Dy authority of tho Seevetary of the Treusury, the undersigntMl Ijas assiimcd the General Subserïption A-iiiicy for thesalüfjl United 0tfttftf Tit-iisury Sotos, bcHiinti sovon and tluey U"ths per cent. interest, jr nniiuni, Lnown as the SEVEN-THIRTY LOAN. Th ase Notes ure lsued upder date cf June 15th lSfiñ, anti are payabfa three yenrs trom Uiat time, in ciuTc-ucy, or are convertible at the sptiOD cf the holdei (nte V. St 5-20 Sïx per cent. GOLDBEARING HONDS. These h.n.l.s are now vvith premium which IncieMses tlit uotiutl pioiH uu th 7 30 loan, and tta tXtmpti'Hi frLti Sta'c and municipal tazatto't, addsfrom u;+ tq thret per cent. more, accordiutf to thü levijjd on other i:j)erty. Tho interest 3 payubje scuii aonually bj coupons nttiu-liedto eacli note, whicli inav bt cut ofT and sold to any bank orbunkur. "J'ho iutürt-dt iuijount.s t One ent per dn y on a $5O note. Two cents " " SlOO " Ttn Í' " " $5OO ( ao t( " í( m $iooo M fill " ' (i " $5000 f! Notos of all the depoinlnütiopp namüd w!ll le prompt ly fumiülied upon rceiit of ïubHcriptions, and the notM forwarded at once. Tho interest to ïfith June nest wil! be jiaid inadvance. TIiÍsíh TUE ONLY LOAN IS 1IARKET now oQVrel by the (overnment, and it ia conüdenth expwtd that it.s guparlur aHranag vl make it the G-reat Popular Loan 1 People. Lesa than $300,000,000 of the Loan authorized by th,o laat Congres xre now on tho murket. This amouiit, at the rate at which it s being absorbed, will al! be subacribed for within four monta, when tho ü'tí will undgubtedly cointnand a premium, as lias umformly been the oase on closingthe subscriptioiiH to other IiOfirjs. In order that citixens of every town &mï fiection of tlio country may be afforded faciüties for takinji the loan, the National Bank?, Ptato Banks, and Private Bankers throughout the country have generally agreed to receive subucription.s at jiar. Subscriber.s will seluct their own agants, in whom they hare confldence, and who only are to be responibie for tlio delivery of the notes for which they receive orders. JAY COOKE, St'naciujTiox AObst, Phtladelphia. March 25th,18fi5. SinscBiPTioxti win. uk BBGnvXD by the FIKST NATION'AL BANK of Ana Arbor. 1004 THEE NINTH NATIONAL BAfm OF THE CITY OF MgW YORK. Capita!, $1,000,000, Paid In, FISCAL AGENT OP THE UNITED STATES, A.TI) SWCfL AUE-VT KOK JAY COOKK, SriWCUlPTION AjJKNT, Wül Deliver 7 30 Notes, Fiee of Charce, by expresa, in all pn rts of the countrv, and rcceive in paymeutChecki on New York, I'hiiadetphia, and Boston, curreut bilis, a ml II ÖVe per cent. interest notes, with interest to Jftto of sub.scriptiun . Ordtrs sent by mail will be proroptly filled. Thii Bank receives the accounts of Banks and Ba.nker.s ou favorable terms ; also ot individual keeping STew York accouut.4. J. U. ORV1S. Prcsitfent. T. T lïïLL, Cashipr. 3m908 WAR MOST ENDED! CHARLESTON TAKEN ! ! GUITERMAN & CO,, Beinfï cnnnoctpd with ojae f tlio large-it housies Ín Nw Yprk, wliich has facilitiea for Selling öheaper aoy otlier houne. Are bou ad to ba ïofe o m: j Mar1 m iar jc by any;,vir',it tliat now o.sts. Iliiving emnloyed an exiiorienced zj rw? rjs? as jecl9 direct frora NKW YoïlK CITY, who haB had long exptfrfënce in thebusine, we gnarantee to givetlio bi-sL 8ATISFACTION to gur niimerouo 0UST0MERS & STUDENTS f the Univorty. Keeping on hand tho largest stock CLÖT11S, CASS1MERBS, VESIIKfiS, together witb tho largos t stock of Ready-Made Clothiïig, GBUTSS FURNISHING GOODSÜ &c, &c, &c, hich we will noli cheaper tlian o'hor establish ment in the city. All we aak i-i that ourfriends aud ytuflontH will giv ip a cali and satisfy tht'inselves, M. GFITEEMAN. ACe,


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