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GEOKGE DEMERIT & CO, JEWELEES, 303 JBROADWAY, NEW YORK, (CQRS'EB DCAN'K STREKT.) 100,009 WATCHES, CHAINS, GOLD PENS & PENCILS, ■woüTita: $500,000 1 TO HE 80LD AT OSE IJOt,T,AR KAC1I, WITHOUT REGARD TO V.U.UK. And jiot to be pilid until you know wlini, you wil! lH'i.'i.-iye ! SPLENDIDUSTof ART1CLES All to be 3old for ONE DOLLAR E.ich I loo Gold [lontiDg Gasea Watehsi eacb 1"" '-u 180 Huid Viil-)u' 60 UI Suo Ladies' UTalchpg 35 00 GQOSUver V;itchc V ."..18 po to f-'5 00 600 (iol4 Neck and Ve! Chaina lUODto lï0ü lOOO CbftUUtn and Giurd Chaint 5 Ou tu 15 10 3mo Vsjrt nnd Keek Cbaim 4 (o tu 12 00 4flOQ Sulitaiiie lui uBdüoMBrwche... 4 00 lv t n IOOOCotal,l.avs,Grjiet, fce., Broochea :'. ijii to 8 Or, 70 0 UoM, Jet, Opal, He., KM Drops . SOOto 8 Jo r0 0 (ents' Breast and Hcari l'ins 3 0 to 8 00 BO00 Oval Bami Braceleta 300 to 8 00 ÜOOOChased Braoalet i () to 10 uü 8Í00 California TMiqiond Pins &Btag8. 2 60 to '8 0(i 201)0 Uolcl Walcli !■} ' -1 60 to C Ou 5000 Solitaire Sleevo Buttons & Studs. 2 00 to 8 0ü 8000 QoM Thlmljli'rt 5 00 to 08 SOOO Mlnlature Xockatj ï 00, to 7 Ou 8000 Miniiituro Lockcla, Magtg 4 00 to 9 011 2500 OuldToothpick,Crosei, In.:.. 2 uu to f.o-i 8000 Fob and Ribbon Slldea.... a 00 to 6 CO 50DQ Ctaased Gold R!ng 2 HO to 5 HO 4000dtone&iLjngs 2 OU to o 00 65OOSeti Ladtes' Jewelry- Jot& tipld.. 5 i0 o 15 01) 6OO0 Sets Ludiest Jewelry- varied fj'lea .'! nu to 15 00 8000 Gold Poos, Siiver Oase and Pencll. 4 00 to 8 01 4000 Gold Hen, Ebqny Dolder and Caw fi 00 to 10 00 8000 Gold Pen, MmMited Holder.. . 2 00to 010 AU the gooilH In the abovu will bo aold, without raaerratlon, for OXK DOLLAR EACH. bertiücate? ot all the vartoas rtibles are placed in similar onrelopefl ■ealed and mixed. snvelopea will be sent by mail, or delivered at onr oHlce, without regard to choice. On racolvlng u Certifícate, you willseewhat article it rppi'e.sents ind it is ojitional with you to Bend one dollar, and receivo the art'cle namedor any other In the list of same valué. By this mode we give selections froni a varied stock ' of fine good, of the best maki! and latest itles, and of iutriD.sio y,'(rth, jtt $ nominal price, wljilc all hard a chance (íf securiug articlea of the very higiiest valm:. In all traoaactlonfl by mail wc charge fqr fqrwarding the Certlfloftte, paylng postage, and doing the business, 25 cent each, Fivt certifícales will be sctll for 81 Eleven for $"2 ; TkirCy for $5; Sixty-jïvefor Q ; (j One Hundred for 15. SECURE A CERTIFÍCATE ! ïhere is no hii?.Hid or risk. There nre no Vlanks. - Ëvfti-y Ce tificaU'rt'provMits an aiticlo. As we Bell DonO f tlie lower gii;leM of Jewolry no paraÓB uun recevtleS tk&p th.c vhIup _qf thfjl" inoney, and ijiey ma..) get au article woith live, teu , or a humlred fq Jd I SATISFACTION GUARANTSED. Kvery perion boowa wliat they will rt-ceivo ln-frTe the article i i!iil for. On receipl ol a yn pee wli at art iele it repros outs, and it is, of oourse,at your option tw take it, oi' any uLber article in oUr List of the shiiip votue. Wc guara afee entire mitMUction te evfry purchaser, and if there sliould bo any per.son dissatiflfled with nny fti-ticltí received fVom n, tJieym :iy lm media telg return it and tht iimouut paiJ will b refunded, fiP One trial will rrove to any that this sale givespurL-lresera greatjii R(U'anti?es thau an% other ever proponed. Agkntk.- Wg allow thofleactinft as Afrents, Ten Centa ou tacli Certiflcatfl rdered, proVided t lu-ir remïttanee iimount to One Dollar They will cullect 93 eorts for every Cetliücate, anl, retaininsr 10 onts, remft to as 15 cents for each. Addres-j, QE1QRGE DEMERIT & CO., 3ml002 ao:; Droadway, New Vork. Greateat Medical Circular , Ever Publiéed! f A Cl J8Q5-Fifteen'tt largo I 1 fj letter pagea for tiro A K0 ' cent etamps. Ebé Yonng Men's CNmfiilential Uedical Ad visera incale of 8pci 'inatorrhea or Bemiual Vekneaa caused by HaAtürbatton, Genlia] Tanlalizatich, w-lí-abiife, pr secret habita indulyed m by youths at ihf agèof pübertv. DRS. JCKSON, HERBEBT ie CO , Pf oprit tors fif the National I'y.spensary establibéd 'atCincinnati, Ohlo.Jan. lat, 1800. Involuntüiy ËmissionBÏead 1 o [mpoteijcy, Consumptíon, ïn.sanity imi Dcjith. Thoee yrlw uflVc iu tüe U';ist from tliis ban-iul pinttice, should apply the whuloenergy i the soul to tlie attainment of health ii ad pun.ieiiucni cpnteutiucni and happmtHR. 8rery one, efiher sick or well, fhtjuld bare1 onr vnluuble refttfse mi tliis aubject, whïch ia sent freê of ebarge. We guaraní fo. to cure Cnnorrhcea,Gleet, Sypbtlíls, ímpoteney, NTnoturnal Emissionj cr Self-Abufte, I'iurtial Emlsflons, Femaie Ctnnplaiuts, in linrt, erery poasible forpi andrarletj 'f' exiliar iHe-ase. Cure's 'itpifl . thpcooffh and permanent, aiid fees moderate.- ■ond for'our Circular. JVR. JACKSONS FKMALK PII.I.P- J,l pet box - Special vritten replies, well Realed, sent with thé pireular, wtthont charge. ,300 pages, 100 enfrravinL3.- "The Müimrain ofLíght, or Medical Protector and ' Marnae Guide. and aa Kxplicït Key' lp Love an1 Beauty." Jt SATfAClOlULY reveaa yarfoai ub. jects oever befnrjefuljy explaincd in any pnjiul:r work in the Knglish lauguage. Prjce 5ü p$nU,or three tov Medicine and instruciic.ns sent to any prt of the country. Conmulü'ng Rooms of ahe Dtspensary, No.lOTSyc.unoi-estrei't. l O. Box, ï?o. 430. Pli. JACKSON'S ORIEKTAL LINIMENT lic in oves all eoldnese, ftnd rcjuvonafej orgaiw wfelvji have lain dormant lor many yearf 'Can Le mui il with perfect if'ety. l'rïce $:J per bottle. IHt. JACKHON'S FRKNCI1 l'ATKNT HAliE SAI-'IC, It is the only aure and safe preventiva agafnet con 1rac4inj; diyeaRi 6Tr invnted, l'rice $1 eaoh, $4 por luill doen, and 57 per dozen, sint by mail. 6n?996 GEÏ THE BEST. WEBSTER'S UNABRIDGED DICTiONARY ! ! NEW 1LLÜSTKATED EDITION, Tlioroiiithly Revisednnd much Balatgti. Over 3000 Fine Engravings. 10.000 W0SÜ8 and MEANINÜS not found in other Dlotionarles. ♦ O?er tbirty able Aniericaü and Kuropean aohola] i ena plu vod upon tlns revisión t and tbirty years of ta'bör expended upou t. AmoQg thp collaburatorg are Dr. Bfabp, of Bevlifl, Pro fessijri? Porter, Dana, WliiUiev, Lrman, Ollmny, and TÍ:hc!ut, Capí. Craiáill, oí Wegt Vnim Mili tary AcAdemy, Judg .í. C. Perklnt, lïrofesor Stiffí?, JTL.'HoIleyEpq'., .Vc.,, Beyt'ral tablea of gicat valué, one of tbom oí fiftv 4uai to pages, EzplaoAtory and Pronouncing, of ñames in actiou of persona and placea, paeudo nyniB, ÍZC, &. , í'p Abaddon, Acadüt, Alb;niv Re geucy, Moiher of Cary, Maáon and,0ixün'd line, Mr. Micawbei-, &c. Coptalotng one-fifth or one-fourth more maHcr than any f inner editione. JFrtn uftw efo$troty pe platos and tbe Eiversids. Pres and Bindeiy. In one Vol. of 1840 Royal Quirto Pnges. " GEI THE LA TEST." "GMT THE BEST." "GET JfFAtSTER.' Publiühei] by (. fc MERRIAM, Spriagneld, Mnfle. SOLÍ) iV AI.L li "KSRLLKB. 109 G PLilSTEB ! " To Whom it May Concern5 Tbo foliowing letter from the proprtetori of tHe Grand Rápida, Michigan, Piaster Beds, touching the. fact wlio lins and who lifts rmt "Grana Hnpids, Michigan, Piaster" for i&le in the cily of Ann Arbor, jn-ovos clearly tliat Rome who claim to have it have not a pound of t aud have uot had tor yearft. Grand Bapim, iicnic.v, } FebruaiylTth.lSön. i ToMessrit. Gqodale & Henly, Ana Vrbor ■ and J. h, Iliiiciiin:iLi, ÉËg. , Detroit, Michigan: DeikSirH] - This is to certily thal p. Bi'.Vohkst, of Ann Arbor, Miohtgan, lias not boufíhr i t-ound of PJaa Ier cf us, or 'er of um . í;nce June. lSfi.'ï, umi th;it a eertain ;-h:inil bilí" cjrLuXaÍLd by bim, dated l-'eb. 2nd, 1306) wb(Cb statea that lie keepg the "onlv genuine üriud Ra piUa Michigan Planter." i utterly fals. ['aïgpedi WJi. ITOVKY, Agent, , V. GODFREY. fitf The Pure Grand Bapida Michigan PlaaUa,inay be bad in any quantity at Ottf Store, opposlte Cook'H Hotel, SLAWS.0N1 Vt pON Am Arbor, March Ist.lpfifi. 2mODS Tak en Up ! I Carne ïntö tho enclosure f t!ie abacriboTAn the 17 tb dav of February, one Urge DUKHAM COW apeakled , color, heavy wïth calf, efgnt or nme ycar nla,rlgb1 liorn bolled olï". Thje owner in fequested to pnrvo propertyj p.'iy cbargos, aod talcesai i (ow away WILLIAM jr.'Ml'lïliiJY. Ixdi. March -Stb. 1?05, (ïirlOoa rCHEROKÉËCURE' THI-: (II'.UAT INDiAN MEDICINE EOOTS, BAEKS AKDLEAVES Au unfalllnp care for Spermatorrhcea S-mïutl Weaknett. Nocturnal Eifiiuiuns, and all dli ■ ('iis.-a by S'.-lf-fu,! on,' siidi toss f Memory, Unircrtal Lastitiide. fiaint in (ht ?'icL, Vhnnejtio Vis}, Prenuttttre Wd .fy, ''""''■ -Y-'vo;, Jh'fficulty jf IJrwllthrg, VreniliUvfc WtlvfnlneM, Kni]Uuit n the Fa ■;■:', Oiuftíenance, ïntnttitCbnutnp' ti"i, snd all the dlrefül cotnplitnt9 raiu-.,l by qepM-iiuK froni the patli of nature. -r -- Thla mrdiciiir la n Himple vopetoble extract, iiriij , ooe on wMcli all can rely, as It bii bui-n ! Ui our pnu-tin' for many years. and wit ft tlioiuaodi treatt'd, It has not faiktl In f lliiiflo Instance. Ita r'.,, iitivc po%'ers Itave ben i ffiuieni lo gahi victorv ovM" tin.' most stuhliorn c .h'. . ll'othotíti wïi hixve trijlï'l iciih conti ! hiti.'.n. injiil thcy tliinic ttieiüielros beyond the rcarli nf nu ili' -;il ;iul, mt WOüW sa', l'iT.-l'Mic N"T ! theCHERQKICK (MT.K will restore you to liünUh and vigor, and afwr uil quick dürt.H-ii Iwve fnilcd 1 i'ticf Two Dollars per buttle, er tlirue luittu-s tur Vva Dullnrs, and fonrarded by Kxpren to ill partí of world. r ''aiiiplil' t si'iit by niail fiec of postage, by DR. W. R. MERVV1N & CO., t3 Liberty st., New York, Sole Proprtetorii GLAD iEWS FüR THE UNFORT1JXATE. The Long sonilit for Discoycrcd at Last Cures in f rom one to three days. CHEROKEE REMEDY CHEROKEEÏNJECTBON, Oompoundedfrom Eoots, Barks and Leaves CHBROSSB UKMKDV, the great Imiian Dturetic cures all diièwiéa of the l rinai-y Organi, roch ai Üpontiaenc6 of tlie ITrinê, InjUtMination o the }!!"'■!■}; InfiammgUiim of the fCidmySi Stom: in the liluddcr, otrieture, Gravtl, Gonorrhea, tileet, and Is especially recommeoded in tboee caucf of F tour Alhti., (or ■)litt■ in fiiDialea,) where uil tlie ol(i qauseoUf tnedlcloee have flKii. 535 'It Ir prepored in :i liihly concentrated forra, the dow oitly beiug froin one to two feaspuonfuU threc times por day. 1" It U diuretic and altertzttre In Itfl actiën : purlfj ml' aml cleanslng tlie blood, eauslng it to Huw In all of Lu original purlty aad vigor; time reniovIng trom the systero all pernlcïous causea ' wltjch Uft ve Indueed di sea so. (IIKUOKKIj; INJECTfON ïs Ín tended asanállyor aistapt to the í'lierokco BComod.Vf and Büoulii ie usfl in conjuaction wlth tliat medicine ín ;ill cuses of (íl't, CJonorrhea, Pluor Ailnis, or Whit-s. Itfreffectfl are ltea.líug, soothing, and (K-inulcciii ; removing all scaldiog, heul arní paln, inst-ead oftbe tmraing anii almost uneitdunibk pain ü;;.i i; ftxpericnced wlth néárly all the cbuajt quack tnjí'ptiona. ÖBytheuftóof the OHKRDKEiá ÜK.MKDV, and CUKKOKKK the two nu-dicines al tlie sanie time a}l Iíiiproper dl nïU arrestare (removed, and thè liretikcncd brganinre Bpedily vestore'l to fuH' vigor mi sfrength. gSPrtee, Clierofeee Kcinedy, -í-2 ])cr bjHtk-, or three bottlea for $.". y Price, Ollero fe te ínjí-otloi, 2 per bttlü, or tliree bottleí for 5. Sent by Expresa to any addreSB on recelpt of price. [r#" Tlic U"mc!y, ClierOk B ttjecUoái y n-,] V'teftríify ce (ure, are iotd l.y lili enterprlslng Dröggiiits vfti Uw clFtllaed vorld. Soine unpTinclpled dealers, howevtr, try to sel! worthlüss conipoundj) in place of these: tlmse wliicli tlioy ran parchase at ;i cheap prlct, Mid mate morse vtunry by sclHng, t-Uan tíiey can on these dIclties. As you valué your health, aye, the healtíi of your tature offípring, do not be decelved by such unprlaclplcd Druggista, ask Jor tfttse iptdidnté &nd tfffce no olhert, [fthe DrnirgUts will not buy tkem for yon, enclose tlw money In u litei', and wc will ■ead tlipfii tu you by Kxñrets, Becurcly Kftted und pHcköd frora observjttlon. Ladles or Gentlemen can addreu asín perfect conliilfiic'', statiug ftilh and plnlnljr thelr dtseoscí and syinptónie, n= we trekt all dWases of a chroala nut ure in male orfemsJe, Patlen(sneediiqt t;ttc ttfcause of iln-'ir in;iiiüjty to visit us, a a ye Jcive treated patientssuccessmlly in uil portions of the clvilizfl globe, hy porrüjgündence. Patlenta add reding us will please state platnly üll the symptoius "f ïheircomplalntg, and wrlte Postoiïicej Oounty, St-ute andname of trrtter, piala, and Lnctoft? po:i''i;j"i; sianip for repiy. Wfs send ó- -12 page IwiphUt fret to ftny addreas. Adilreue ;tll Utersfur Pftraphletn oradviee to tlie proprk'tor, Dr. W. R. NIËRWIN & CO., Vp. 63 LibtM-ty street, New York. Sol.l by Wtiolesjilf ftruo-nsts in Detroit, nlso bv STtíBBINS 8: VlL.S)y) Aun Arbor. 952yl PRÜEIgfS LOTE f ] j Cl The great Itch and Humor Killer gf tlip 19th Century ! This ney preparaiion posseeses moet wondtrful Ji'--i-!ieff, and U For eveiy species of the ITCH, PRAIKIK ITCH, BAKBER'S 1TCU, WABASII SCRATCHES, RLIXOIS MAÏÏGE, CETA1VKO1S UBCPTIOSS, PI5IPLKS OS THE I'ACE, SALT BHEIM, SCALD HEAD, RIJif.WOKSiS, kt. The PRÜRtOO r.OTIO is a new and eertain CHtê for „11 kinOi of Itch, and betag a Huid prtparatlon H la m ;■ rrom ;i!l tho guraray, (ilagrpeable qualities of the Miiitjnc.ijis m genera] uae. TL IMUIiino LOTIO Is nte to ase under ALL PlttCUSlhlTAKCEg; ,vill„..; i,,;. „t,. the must. tender Wb, W(J C0NTA1NS NO .Mi-atCLUY. Don't fail to try it. Manufacturen by E. T. & W. T. MfFAELAXD, Solo rroprietoia, I-afayette, ind. PWCE 50 CENTS. f.ORl) & SMHH, Chicago, WhM„l. Agt,. Soldat Wholesale In Chicago JivFULLER FINCH l.'.N SCHAACK: XV. HAlim.s f ni InTh eïear M r j s' Mr. Mulliow firil preparcel the VENETIAN HA.IK DYE ; sincf tlijkt íimeit lias )B( d ii ,-■.! b lliyusaiids, an.l !n noinstaiicf has it ïa'i)ed lo gfre eutlresatlafactinii . TIk.VKXKTIAN llYEintlM cheipj, .;, the worl.l.- j lts luicp is uiily Fiftv CmIs, amli'acli bottlo contnin doublé tbaqaantity of dye in thoso usually olilfor The VEXRÏIAX DTK U uaviantcl nol to injurc the hair or tlm scalii In the süahtest Jes i ■ ' Tl, e VKN'KTI.;X llY!-' wnjrki v.ith rniilitv nn.l cer!;. n! - , the hftir roqttiilug nu pi eparntion wlia'fs ei . Th VKNKTiA.N DVK ucouces ony abade i lint mv l)feitstrod- nnf tlint wiil nét fade. er. e k nrvwhou - mie tlial is ,e permanent a.i the luiir ii ..elf. For nale by all (lruggistH.- rice iO cents. A. [.1UTHEWB, General Agent 19 Gold Stres!. X.- Vor. Alao. Mtnur:tc[ iirer of MaTUEWs' AlUflCA Uil}: GLOSs.the bcfttialr dressing ro usc. Iii large botl le A, price50cent8. lyüüO ""FAÍlll JANK S' Jpl gTAN D A Hl) LÁSCALES, gg f OF Al.I, KINDS. Al.Sd, - -SE' " ivarrh Trurl-t, Letter Pretn ■■ , ■ . FAIRBAKKS, GRÍEMEAF & G0„ 17 Ijtikr Street, CIUCAQO, Sold iuilctroü l,y FAURAND, SHFLKY & CO. tffF Be careful jo buj onlj Ihi (reuu ■ ;L] '-''SS ' CLOSIJVO OUT A bl'j.KNDID STOCK QJ1 DRESS GOODS! Gt-oxrtra' FURNISHING GOODS, CASSIMERES, Olothsr, Satinets, &cB DOMESTICS, SÍES, HATS CAPS, Orackexy, GROOERIES, &c, Are to bo solí] ut pnces tliat will guantntee thelr sale. N. 13. - The luidst Stock oT ('iilicü miei lirown Cotton in fbe CHy at Icss thjn ifpufaotarr' pricus. The hlgheif pficc iai.l InTradeur pub fof all tlnd of l'roduce. ' ■ r MAGK & SCHMID. FLORENCE SEWING MACHINES. PilOTÖGRAPfl ALBUMS, 2UCTURE8, FRAMES, TIIREAD, SILK, T WIST, MACHINE O IL, Sfc. Tl und;jrsjsn(d now oiycrs the l;ublig THE BEST PAMILY SEWING IVI ACHINE rrsE. ron DURAB1LITY, BEALTYoJ STYLE,and VA RIET Y of WORK, it "STANDS ÜP HEAD." ItnecJü only lo benaniobeappreclated. iiunn th woik bpth v.ays, tukei four kinds of stitcbe hrmi, felh, guthers, brmida, bind, quilts, gathera and ■■ on a rpfila at the name time. Sewi frum the thinnat to the fhickest fivblic without chanpng tlie slitch, tensión or hutJle, or wftiiuut' bjcaking the ihread. The Wonder of the World ! Also a v.triety of the. mest boauliful PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS, P1CTURES and FRAMES in Kreat varietr. and picturea frauied to oidor at short aotlce. Also, BAUNUMV SELF-SHWER or TUUKKR. whioh can be aqjuvtecl to any ewing Machine! f.ííi'c"1 Jhe ,Hi'n 6.' thl fU)RJ3Wk SÍTOXG MACHÍN E, a rew dtfors Kast uf Cook's. Hotel. ' StiichingNeatly Dojje to Order. -Mi", "n i'xliiWlion.tliejwlübratpd " WEET) SKWINU MACJII.VK," wliicji took tlie. premium at the. MlobtaM SUte Itair', of 1M. W. D. HOLMES. AmjArW.Dcc. 2StU,lS64. 889tf THE ONLYSURE THINQ. PHOTOGRAPH 111 iiiil As the name irjuc.itis. tt not iinly Iikmtts 11# growthot the bah rtm thlti npfl ialllpg ofl,fcnt It [joaitively S! in 'Hl i: COÏ.OH t" ils oiifinal.-liuiiewhcii it [sturaHig gr;iy rt white, vin tlu Vcaüí-eú livilisem, grief or ola age. It will certftiuljdo-vrbat is claiiïiiil Torit. a fact to uhich hup.flrftl.-, Dfly, tliouH(vla fao h;nc npuTit, ar li-u.l.. and WlHing lf Ic.-tily. VW Dpf bottle i. fjiirly usfd, in :ui,v communify, i:s repúlp}jn ■ ' jir dn lïke wilil flro," and istliu l.u-t t!rutiiaeilt nnil rre. oinmonilntion we desire. In tlie Kusiern Stati." tho''KEN'EWKIÏ" onginatei!, it is nsi.l byaJX Ytmag I.adiesasa Dro; sim,', anil is to fniiiiii (nthe toilet tnblf8 Of Vouug Aion , (alpn attlitir bnrbrrfi ; (wbil l'lilcr Men aml Wiinifii will nol lic itilliout it. ■■■ renewer an.l rp-torativi U,r tlieii piv; lnks and bald iHïids, wbicli it chftpgfg Út tlicir cntiro ."attsfaction. We ar.' Kelllng in the city of Bufttnn nlont', nw.-r'l cf 1!) .1100 bi.t'.h'S 1IT iimiitli, tliu di-alc,s giiiiithn UKNEWERthe j-n i itiiceoyti'allothór I'rvparatiuiu'. ff notsoltlby Priiprgf it tp Uur tovn.A lyi'd bof'U will bc sent tg j'ou by Kxiires, upon recflpt oí in dollar by mail - thuftgivlnx yonan ojijioilunity at onc for tesliní Iteexcellent irtucs. 3" Orders for Trial Boltks, nuist le nddresRfdto ouryi'm ral Agent forthe N'orthwiftern Staten. Ca A. OOOK. Uox (;0a4, CltlcaKO, 111. All nuch rders will receive prompt altention'. 1!. 1M1AI.I.Í; l'r", Naabua, N.H. Tbe tra;funiilied : 1 1 Manufacturen' vrtai br IVLW';R,nNEH&Fl)LLER,"Vhof(nlfíiruggini.ChiiiíiI Hliüojs. fujos p'.ti). IDTt. SMITH'S PRE8GR1PTI0N & DRUG STORE ! U the placg t buy jour MEDICINES, PERFUP4ERY, Vïiliii Paper, by tlie Keaia cnlcs, and all other articlr.1 in onr lino. JftS" Kspecial attentiou to 'oinpoun'lnic flnd pntfblg up IVescriptionK, at tb! siirn uf GO1.Ü MOItTAR, Kxchance Hlock, Ann Arbor, MÍohJD.4y 1'rofessoual calis promptly attendfd to. 1 V!0 100 City Irots for Salo.


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