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Culture Of Flax

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As thero will bo hoi'tíafter a mar kat nt high priees í'or botb Btraw and seed, the culturo of flax will be profitabie. - Tliereíuic, for the iiiforination of those %ho have n?t_ herelofore giveu their attSntion to this orop, a fow faois may be atntod in relation to ita cuitivation and pubsequeut t rent ment, which may be depended upoa as being the rosult of the experíence of tho most successful flax grotvers. 1. Any woll prepared good soil which U not wet nor weedy will grow well. 2. Now timber clearing, new prairio and oíd turf lands will .yield a elean, heavy erop. 3. The quality and quautity of straw íind seed is improvcd by seeding up to two bushels of seed to tho acre. With tuis heavy seuriing, twenty bushels of tood and three tona of straw have been produeed por acre in Wisobnsin. 4. Care hhould be takeu in sowing to di-stvibute the seod very evenly over the round. Some aro accustonied to sow half the seed over the fluid one way and then the half at right angles to the first sowing. 5. The seed should be covered by a Kght tooth or brush harrow, and thon, for be.-t refults, rolled. 6. A good orop has been obtained in Fondu Lao county from seed put in duriig tho mouth" of May ; therefore tiow nssoon alter the first of May as the ground is in good order. 7. Slight frosts do not kill young píimts, and after the plant has íormed over füur leaves, no frost will ruin the erop. 8. Fias should be cut with the scythe or mowing machine, or pulled as soon as the seed is barely brown and hard, though the stalk be green: 9. If the harvest weather is wet, turn over the straw between showers. 1 10. The usual plan of threshingis by treading out vvith horses, or by thresking with a üail. But where the quantity will warrant it, the New York and DePere Flax Goinpauy will furnish ma, ch'inery for that purpose. 11. The time for rotting is from the first of September to the first of December [and from the first ofFebruary to the first of may. 'The fall is usually the best season" Dew-rotting requires an exposure of from two weeks to two "months, occasioual showers wlil very much shorten the time. 12. Whcn propcrly rotted the lint separatas froely from the shives, on being bi-oken and rubbed smartly between the hands. 13. As soon as rotted, if perfectly dry, it ehould be taken up and hauled to lhe purebaser, or housed or stacked secure from moisture. M. The cast of rotting will not exceed one dollar and a half per ton. 15. Fias ia harvested after all other harvesting is over. Then labor being more abundant and cheaper, a considerable savias of expense is effected. Bbc ffJkMpu Jpsi1


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