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S O DEÏ E INT O J-T. ' S PULMONIÜ SYRÜP, ! SEAWEED TONIC, AND MANDRAKE PILLS. Theaboieisa correct IlJcéUeas of Dr. Pchcnck, just af ter recovering fmm Codshsb pii&a , many y e ars ago Below Ís a lifí oí" him as hñ qow appears. When the first was tak'-u be weigbed 107 pound ■ ai the present time his weight is 220 pounfö ÜR. SCHEKCK'S Principa' Office and Labórate ís at the N. K. corner of K5tH and COStMJCROE kKmtl, Philarlelphia where all letters for advjce or business should be di rected. ti lie will be found there every SATÜRDAY, professional!) to examine lnnga wítfi the Respiroiueter, for which hi.s fee i&tbree dollars ; all ad vi ce free. In New York at Nü. 32 I10XD Strecit, uvery TU1LS DAY, from 9 A. M. to 3 P.1. At the MAITÍíEURO! HOTEL, Boston, Jannary 18 aud 19, r'ehruary 15 and J6, Maich. 15 and lö, Aprií 19 and 20, May 17 and IS. June 14 and 15, July Ï9 and 20. The tkáe for'my bíp a BAXTJMOBE and PITT3IiUKG, will be sten iu tbe daily papers of those eitifes. 7i-e liïsiory of Dr. Scheuek'i own Case, and how he was car cd of CoiuuipÜ--n. ■ ■ fcgtfj v.-idist iarótatbg fo rhita-dehi.i, I had pro-'. Lally into the iaat etag-e vï Pul radnarj Uonatirnp'ti :i AU hopes c-í' my recovery being (Ussipated, 1 was advfcecl by tay pbysiciao, Or. Pariisb,to reuioveiMto the couutry. Mooreátown, New Jersey, beiü m; ná ti ve place, t was removed Jnither. y y fívther ánd all his lamlly Imd ííved ano died íhere - and died of FulmODary Cüusur.ipíioti, On myarrivai I was put to 1 ed, where ] lay h.r many weetg in wbat ' opelésa condilion. Pr. Thorntun, wlü had been Bfty fathér'fl famiïy, ami had att emitid l.i;u in lii-= lasi Ülmss, was called to see me. lie thougbt my cas ep1ü;clj bevond tb e reacliof medicine, aud decided tbat I un..-t iiiü, and gavo rae one week to arranpe my t mporal affairP. In tbia apparcntly hopeles.s condiüou, I ln-ard ct' tbe remedies vrhich I now make and sell. It BeííDaed 'o me ihal 1 coukl leel them working tbeir way. and peuetrjftting every nervCjíibre, and tissue of my systejn . My lunga and Üvet puf on'a new action, and ihc mor bid matter wl ich for years tad aecumuíated and irri tatedtne different organsol thebedy, was eliitiin-..; I, thc tubercles on ni y lungs ripened, anJrl expectoeted from my lung.s as mucli as a pint pf yotToM ;. : matter every morning. As th8 espctoratipn pf nyttter Bubbidcd, the fiïTérabatèd, the pain leftme the cough caased J Sarasa me,andtho èithausting nághtBweats wèr'e no longer knöwn, and 1 had re'reshing sleep, to whieb. I had luag been a Btranger. My appetitc now bèg n to return, and nt times 1 f;nnd it diüicultto restrain rayself from eating too mücb ; with tiiis return of health, I gaiñed ia strt-ngtli. and now ara fleshj. 1 aiu now a hoHhy man, with a largo healed cicatriï in tbe mHdle lobe of the nght lung and the lower lobe bepi tizcl fl ith comilete adhesión of liu; pleura, The Ieft lung U sound, and tbe upper lobe of the íigbi one ís ia a tblerabTy healthy conditíOn. Consumption at. tbat time wastbouglit to bean incurable diñase, by every one, phjFÍcfana í;.s v.o!I .ik tbose who were unlcaincdin inolicine- -especially sacb cases as Were rédtjcéá toth condition I was in. Ibis induced many pébpWio beliévtj ny reoovery only iomporary. I now piepai'ed and gave the medieiues to cousumplives fer some time, and made many wonderful cures ; and thedemand increaRed so rapidlytbatí detennined to offer tbem lo tliü pubtic, and devote my . undividedattention to lung orneases. In truth,r waa 1 next to foreed to it,for people wmild send for me lar ] and near, to ascertain whether their cases werelike t mine. For manv years, in conjunction with my principal? office in Phíiadelpbia, 1 b.avo been makiug regular professional visita to New York, Boston, líaltimore, and Pútsburg. " For aereral years pjftsj I have made as many as fi ve handred examinaron weekly váía tbe "Respirometer." For sueb examination my charge b three dollars, and it ínables rae to give each patiënt tbe truo condition of his disease, and tell him iranlily wbether be wjll get well. The great reason wliy pliysicians do not cure Consumption is.that they try to do toomucli; they glve mecicines to slop the íougU,to stop thc n ght eweats, hectie fe'ver, and by so doing tliey dorange the whole digestivo system. loclíinií up tbe secreíions, and eventually the patiënt dies. Thé Pulmouic Öyrup is one of the most valuable medicines kvewn, lt is nutriënt, powertulij tonic.and bealiiu Ín itfielf. H contams no opium, yet looseus the phiegni in tbe broncbial tubes, and nature throws it ort with Httle exerüon. One bottle frcquently euros an ordinary cold ; but it will be woll firat to take a dose of Schenck's Mandrake's Pilis to cleanse tbe stomacb. The l'uhnonic Syrüp is readi'y digested arjd absorbed intoblood,to which itlmpart.; its heaUngproperties - lt is one of the liestpreparations oi' ïrofi in cae ; it is a powerfal toöio of itself ; and when the Seaweed Tonic dii-ol es the nvoeua In the sttnmcb, and is an-ied off by thc aid of the Mandrake Pilis, a htjalthy flow of gaetric juleö, koo'I ftppetttel and a goo3 d gestión f olio w. The Seaweed Tonic is a sümulautj and nono othi r is require'd wlien it s nse'l. lt is pure and pensant; no bad effent üke when ueing Bourbon whisky, which diaolflerH tbe stomach, torpors the liver, looka up all the Koeretion8, turns tbe biood into water, dropsy sets in, and the patiënt diessuddtnly. Bor.rlmn whtakj la rewromeiiaéd now-a dnys by alma I erery pbyaívían. M;iny patients that viflít my r'oni.c, both mal( and feroale, are stupeiied witb tbia noÍ8n, The rO?ief is temporary. If tbey ctfflgb tbey take a JiCtíe wbjJty ; if they fee! weai aud ireblc they take a llttle whisky ; if they canrot sletp, they take a littk' whisky; and tboy go on in this way, refjuirinti mofe ándtnore until Micy ae bloated op, and imagine they are ffpttlng Meshy. Rm Btomach, liver, and digestü e powew are completely destroyed, and lose their appetite ir food. No ono was ever eured of coDSUmption by thlfl prooess, where cavities have been formed in tb o A liUle ptpnujant in frequently beneficial to c-onsnmpties, ïrfch as pure brandy or good fines ; in many casos Lennon orler or brown stout in moderate, quantities ; but Bourbon whisky hastena on inutcad ót zuring donaúmptlpü. Tbe 8eawec-d Toofo produoea lastioK reenten, tboroughly invig"rutitig tbe stomach and digestive aystam, and it to elimínate and n;ake litio healthy blo"d tbc t'iol wbieb nwiy b ■ used for that ptfípqe - - lt isso wonderful In its elVcctn that a wine-glasstufl will dlgot beurt y meal, and a Httle of it taken before bifeakfast will give a tone to the itomacb wbich few medloinea popau fhe power pf doiug. Tbc MANDHAKE l'U.l.S inay bc talion with outire safety by all f ges and condiciona, produeing all the goodrepultstha can be pBtainedfrom cfflomfel, or any of tbe mercurial medicinen, and without any of ibniV biutful or injarniuh reraltv, 1'lu'y c:irry out of the aystem the feculent and worn out mattera ïoosened nnd dissolved by my Scawccd T-inic and l'nlmonic Syrup. - H will be setn that all three of my me Itcinèfl are needed in mtist cases to cure Cousumptiou. 0 AGENTS. BOSTON- George C. Goodwiu & Co. NKW YOHK- Dciniis Barnes ft Co. BALTlMORlS-S.P.Hancc. PITTSBURG-ér, Sfrbrge H.Kpyppr. ('IN'CiNNATI- F. K. Stilre & Co., and Jobn D, iirlt. CliH-A(iO- -ï.ord . Smitb-, nnd H. Scovïl. St !.o ;: -I '■■;■■ Bot1 i i. ■■ íiter, Snfüi A i!-;.'i WM. KNABE & CO'S , PIANO FOUTES, Read the following1 commendatory leL= tersfronx distinguished Artists. Wm. Kuabc t Co.- (icuihmen: 02 After havfng played on ihe Piano of Messrs. _. -- Knauw & Co. it ia imponible uot to bear testl LbJ mony to their qualities wliich huve actjuired for them tne einlaeal reputalfón wnich tney enjoy. &■■ The Piauos of their manufacture, on which I - j have played, are exceedlngïy remarkable for LQ their qualities of ton is. Tlie Bass is powerful, P" without harshness. and the úpper notes weeft, OcIbM and harmoniously uielluw, (chryatalin,) and 1 do uot hesitare to exprese in regard to L tfaett instrumenta my entire satisfaction, anti í""l to declare tliat they are equal if uot superior to the best munufnetun-d in Europe or this coun Otry by the most eelebrated niafcWS. JU M. GOTTSCHAJLK. Julias Kaiier & Co. Cliirago - Gentlemen.: j I conáider Wil liü in Knabe & 0oS Pianos C the most perfect in usc, combining in the t , nlghèst degree the most viUuaule and essenP1 tial requintes of power, easiness of toae, and a general aecuracy, The Basa possesses great wd eompass and volume, and the highcr note.1; & clearness and ricimess of tone seldora attained in other lustrum enls. The toucti or Jj actlon appeara particalarl; areeable, and in lts proportionate ftHaptotlOD reoeotfl i'at credit mgt upqn lts manufaciurerti. The iatroduction óf H yuui' Ii;iao3 in the West lias cfe&teQ a new era ■■k in Musical cíteles, and will doubtles3 cruwn fBHJ your cDoris wlth the eminent success you so w - richly nierit. Very truiy, yours, pL Chicago, June 9, 1S64. JLOUIS lÜXAAll. iWj11 Irecommend the Pianos of Mr. Knabb to P?Tj evei-ybody wlio wants a really first class instrument. 12. BALAÏKA. Hm Tini. Ko:ibe & E. - Gentlemen: m I have great pleasure ín certifyjng tliat 1 have Loa tficd your Square Pianos, and fiod tliern cijuul, ' ' ifnot superior, to any in-this country. Amung JE their {?reat qualilies, which diiin;ruih them, - is, the evenness of tone, the agreeable and easy L5 touch, and volume of tone. Wishing you all the success you so hlghly deserve, ï am Wr. youra very truly, S. XHAJLBUJSU. fri Wm. Knabe & Co. Gentlemen; 1 I cannot bnt congratúlate you upon the im1 mense progvess and improvements which you C continually make on your Piauos, whicli, ín my n opinión taíák. among the very highöst in thia J couiui-y. Hl. STI2AKUSCH. - J. Bancr & Co. - Gentlemen: CQ Our Opera Troupe are at present using fout j of yourjustly celebra'ed Knauk Pianos, and as 3 the exponent of the views and opiukma of the various Artists, permit me to eay, ï consider r1 them unsurjias&ed ii brilliancy and excellence P" and pre-e?iiinentt without a r i cal in Ihiscouni """I try or in Eiirope. Their superior quality ej ' r"! tone, combining great depth and powerful volr urne, with ihicli and a pccutíarly clear and ■■■ evun treble, together wlth i magie elasticity of touch and a',ti')n, rruder tïiem superioi' to other ■ instraments, which rarcly if ever combine Lliese most essential requintes. I most cheerfully endorse the btgJa and meritoi-ious encomiuius 0 everywhere pronounced upon tlieae Pianos. li. ÍTIlflÜ, Musical Director, Itcd-"5T um Opera. Chicago, Ftb. 10, 1861. Wia. Kuabe & Cü. - Qmdlemen: % Having recently had opportunities of testing Q5 both your new acale Orand and Squsra Pianos. it gives me great pleagur-j to .state that I have found them to combine all the qmilitiesto malee gj a Piano as perfect as possible, and unsurpassed P 1 by any that I have seen either in this country or üurope, for great power and roundness of ■■■ tone, combined with that peculiar sweet and j singing quality, bo often luund wanting in P Pianos. They are really unsnrpassable, and in . touch everything that can be desired by the jZP most brilliant player. Wishing you every suo - 1 ceS3, 1 remuin, yours truly, - C. ANSCI1UTZ, 3 Musical Director of the Germán Opera. . JULIUS BAUER & CO. Wholesale Agents for Northwestern States. . 99 S. Clark and 89 Washington Sta. g CHICAGO, IIX,. 1D-SEND ÏOR A CIRCULAR. RÍSDON &llEJNTDERSO. 33 TJ O IS. E3 33 GRAfN DRILL, and Grass Seed Sower? Manufacturecl at Springüeld, Ohio. npHE VERY I.ATEST UÜ'ROTEMENT, an.l better khin Barlt'3' andGrasüSeed. lst. It has a Rotary Feedcr. %d. Will sow all Tcinds of Grain and Grass Seed. 3d. Never bunches the Grain it7i. Wever breaks the Grain. oth. Sows Grass Seed íroadeast íehindtlie Drill. 6th. Ras high wheels and long Hoes. 7th. lias long and wide steel points. Sth. It has a land measure or Survoyor. 9t7t, It has doublé and single rank drills. lQth. It has a self adjwsting shut off siide. It is neatly and substantially made, There is hardly a Drill ofïeredïn the market but can boast of raore or less "FIRST PREMIUMS." They are aboutas indiscriminately bestowed as the title of "Professor," which ia somotimes applied to the iljiddlt:r"ov li bootblack," They cease to convoy the i-n of meril. The HuckeveDrilI has been on Exbibition at quito a number of State and Couuty Fairs, and without seektng favor at the hands of any Committee, bas reeeived its fullahare of Premiums ÏESTIMONIALS : We give the followmg Dames of a few Farmers in tbj's vicinity vfho liavebought andused theBuckeyeDrill : Godfrey Miller, Scio. Jacob Polhemufi " Jacob Tremper, " Thomas White, NorthñeM. John Broltaw, #%ÉlPi ' v, Christian Kapp, " Edw.ird Boyden, Weo&ter. James Troailwcll , AnnArbor n.inielO'Hara, " " JohnG.Cook, Lodi. O. A. Marshall, l ( L. Sdmonds, Saline. George Cropsey, Green Oak , Liv . Co. We Ayents fur the Ohio Heaper & Mwer, acknnwledged tobe the very host in use. We are jast in receipt oí 100 Grain Oradles Wliicli we wili sell Cbeap. AIko alargeassortmcnt c GS-rass And the and best selected stock of BENT STUT. "F FOP. CATïRTAGl'.vr beforr ofTered in tbis market we aliso keep alargeand full NA11.S, GLASS,rUTTy , PAlNÏ,and 1JNSEED OIL. A complete aasoi-tinent of STOVES, HNWARE, ANnEAVETROUG3SaIwayso.Dlaaudana put o p % the ►l...r(ci.l mitke. ' BISBON ft HENDERBON. AnnAriovJuiU'SOtliSM. SC-ülI


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