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A Boy To Trust

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Ned Hammond, a boy of ten years has established a fair character. Al the persons who know hirn have formec an opinión of him. Perhaps they are searcely aware of it ; yet, when Ned's name is mentionad or he is met. on the si reet, h is very evident they have, and the opioion is that Ned is a fine boy. It has been said by several persons. ''N-iw, if I wantod a boy in my shop, my office, or my house, I should prefer Nfd Hammond to any bov I know." Ned ha been unconsciöuly establishing a good character. He has been doina little tbing-, the little every-day things of lifo, iu a right manner. All these things put together have raado a charticfer. A. boy ono day tried to tnake him join a parry to rob an orchurd; and when Ned said " No," the boy asked hm if he tbought it dishonest ? " I ask vou," said Ned, ' If yoy, think it h nest? " " Wel]," auawered the boy, " all I know is, all the boys Do it, and father used to dn it, and OOM ho had grand fan. Tho Mtickhe kncickod off apples with was oHiight iti i tr;ip, and the bovs bid, Mud suw tíio oíd ftllow who owuéd ihv wcbard spring out to see who was eauabt," Ned said he liknd appL.-s, an.i liked. fut), but he did not like to fsel anharned, and h did no! inenn to do what he' s. nirld foei a4iamol of, if caiigüt doing 1 1 . Au fheso school-boys stuod under tho teaehor'e open mudopv, of courso he beard tho !alk be'.weeu (hem, and he aid to himnelf r ' There ig a boy to trust. He had the sensa of honor. He will be a gentleman, thougb he oevor has a broadc oth coat, a kid glooe, or a faHhii.nabtö hat He will bo a valuublo oitizen. Soch boys raake the men who ara an honor nd a deffnce to tbo country tbey dwoll in " Now do yod Prauk, Harry, Tom, Eddie.-whalever your riMme,- do jou suy, "I don't caro what iblks thjrik of me-'l .... s..iug .o (Kijumua 1 please," even wliHii you kuQw it to be wrong? Yes I know tha't tome are auoh bad boys.- Tliey think it fun to deceive their father, make their moth'en! hearts ache, plague their sisters, and chont their teachers - But they littlo tliinlf tbey are taking tlieir first les-Hons in pursuits wliioh fit tham for a ra serable üfe Thu boy wbo valúen tbo Iqvo and approral of his friendw will be prepared to look qpward, and seek bis henveuly futher 'b fove.- Sunday School Visitor. SST A soldier writeR home thftt b ?etH along tbc hard. taok pretty well, ozoepfc when thcy put tbs sborten„mto it ?Jpgtbwife, From the CorreHpuudunce of the New Yvi'R World. FIRST SUNPAY IS EICHNOJïD MaDy of tho ehurchea were opeu today, and were thiuly nttendod by the more adventuroua of the citiaeus, with a spriükliog of soldiera and Dortheró civiliaus. Mr. W'üüdbridge, at the Mouument Ciiuroh, built ou thu site of a iauious burnt theutro, prayed for "uil in suthority," and hold his tongue upou daDgerous tojiics. The First Bnptist Nügro Gliurch has beeu oceuioduli thu week by Masuohusetia chaplains aud uorthern preaclii,s, whu have tulked tho gospel of Johu Browu to gapiug uuaieuoes of wuol, white-eyobull, aod ivory, telliug them that the day of doliveraiiue haa cuuie, aud that ihc-j? have ouly to possess the land whic-h tho Lord uy ma oayouet ñas given tñcm. To-da Mr. Allon, the regular white piouclier, ocoupied thu pulpit, and told the negroos that slavery was a divina institutioD, wbieh would coutiuuu forover, and that the duty of evö.y guod scrvaut was to stay ut homu aud miud his mastor. Half ot tho euligliteued 4fnoaiis got up midway 1 tho disco.urse aud left ; tho rest were m doubt, and. two or thiee black leader, who:n the parsou had wheedlöd over, prayed lustilythat tho Lord would ktep Old Virgiuny from new ideas aod all Yaukee salvatious; so that in the ead the populatioti wee quite tangled up, au inuoh so as if they had read the book of Kevelation. We aUended S int Paul's, the fashionable Episcopalian church, where Lee, -Pims. JHemmiuger a.nd the rest hac Jeen oommunicauis, aad heurd Duotor Minuegerode discouiae. He was oue ol the PrUsBtau refugees of 1848, aud though a hot Jucobin theie, bocatae a nore bitter secessionist here. He is earaed, tiueut, and thoughtful, bat speaks with a slight Teutouio aooent. Jeff. Davis' fiew was oceupied by no;ody, the door thereof being shut. Jeff. was a very devout man, but not so nuch so as Lee, vvho uiade all the resoqses fervently, and küelt at every reuiremeot. The cburch is capable of ' seating" fifteen huüdred persous, lias 5iituoo i uuiimg cuinmj arouua ie, anu s Bustained at the roof witliiu by oomKsite piUstörs oí piaster, and at the pul)t by columns of mougrel ooriuthian ; he tout ememble is very excellent ; u dark exton gavu us a pew, and thero were ome haudsotue ladies present, dark ichmoud beautieo, haughty and thinly lothed, with only here and there a ockey featheix-d hut, er vulvet mantilla, o teil of' iong siego and prív'atiQtL We iuw tliut tliosu who dreascd thu shabbiost iad yet preserved soiuö litlla articlo of owelry- a tiiiger-iiug, a broaol), a braoeet, sliow ng how the last thitig in woian to die is her vanity. Poor, proud ouls 1 Laat Sunday many of them were heiressua; now mauy of tlietn ould uot pay the expenses of their uivn unerals. There were some confedérate fficers iu the housu. They raminded tne of tbu caplive Jt;ws holding worship n their gutted temple. Some ruffians broke into ihis churoh after the oocupa tion, aa 1 wrote ribaldry in the Bible and hytun-book. Dr. Minegerode dared not pray for the Confedérate States, and uia sermón was trite, baaed upon the text of the elovonth ebapter of the Cliristians u Antiooh.' Itj the opuning lessoi), however, he uiniod po;son ut the North, selecting the forty-fburth and following psalms, commoncing, "V have heard with our ears, O Gd! our f'athers have told us what work, TJjob didöt in tbeir dnys, in tho timea of old." Theuce t spoke of the heathen being driven out and the ohoseu people plaüted; afflicted by God's disfavor, the forefathers yet, held the torritory, aüd the generation extaht would yet rout its enemies. But now the old stock were put to shame, a repivaeli to their neighbors and thowe thut dwelt rouud about them. " Thou bast broken U8 in the place of dragons, and coveied us with the slmdow of death," going not forth with our arraies, bowing our souls to the dimt till our bcllies cleave tinto the earth ; we are killed all tho day long and couuted ng sheep for the slaiigbter. Let all who would drink the eesonce of sorrow aud auguish read this wonderful psalm, to learu how after this recapitulation the parsoci said aloud thu tlirilling invooation : ' " Arise ! for our help and redesm us for thy mereies' sake. I'1 Thau cama lbo next psalm, lighfc and trippiug, full ol praise tor the king and ais büde coming to tho nuptiids with her virgiu train : " Ir.ste;id of thy fath ern, shail be thy ohüdteB, vtisim thou maysl mako priucas in ill the earth." A poetic pürallel might bo drawa be;ween all tuis and the en Iv hopes of Riehmond; but the tliiid "psalm cama n like a bai}tful peroratiou. " God is our refuge and etrengtb, a very present help iu trouble - the Lord )f Hosts is with ub, the God of Jacob e our refuto. Selah! He rnaketh vara to eeasu unto the end of the earth ; ie breaketh the bow and cutteth the spear in suuder ; he burneth tho chariot n the tiro." Clear, diroct, and in meaning monoone, the captiva high priebt read all his, so fearfully applicable to the sub ugited and ruined town, and Uien tbe oigan tbrew its tender niusio into the julf empty concave, sobbing like a far off oico ot multitudes, until the iwtWMOg ng of diadame Ruhl, tbo chorister, wppt nto the moan of pipes, and roso to a grand peal, quivi ring and trilling, liko a nightingalo wounded, niitkinrr moro tuars than the sublimetit operatic eftart, and the house reeled and trerabled, as if Miriam and her chanting vir. gins wero liftipg praiaes to üod ia the uiicUt of the deserta. The Now Testamcnfc road, by seino strange fatuitVj totjch?g also ho r]e.Jp9ir of the city. It told of Cbrist betrayod by Iscariot, deserted by bis diseiples, suyiug to his few trusty ones : " I wili smite the sbephurd. and the sheep of the floek shall scftttored abroad." " Can ye tiot wateh with ido oae little hour ?" ho says to the tiuiid and sleepiog ; and turnïng to h,:s conquerorf, uvers that the Son of JÍi. shull return 1ü Joro-sa letn, "aitting on tho right huud oí power and comiug ia the cloudrf of litaïen. All thir-', of course, was the proscribec lesbon fdr tho Sunday before Enster v;hich tü-duy hupponed to te; but h( the pastor searched it out o rni.'et th exigencies of the pluce utd time, i ooul not have been inoro apropos. Ho rea( aleo from Daniel, wbere tbo king' droam was interproted ; hia retilm, like a tree worn down to the root, and th king himaelf making bis d valling will the wild asses, but in tho end "th} kingdom sbill b.e sure unto thee, afte that thou stalt havu kuown tLut the heavena do rule." Again ihe orgnn Tima, and the won (Jcrful voioe of the choristers. alternated wilL deep feüeious prayers, whose refraiü was, " Have niaroy up.ou us," Ouly one Sunday gone by, tho churoh was densely pauked with rebel oificers and people; Mrs. Lee was ther, and the President iu hia high and whitened hairs. Midway of tho dicicourse a telegram carne up tho aislo, borne by a rapid ordorly. The Prtideut read it, and faltered, uud turnud pa'e ; it said : " JVty unes are brokeu ; Riehruond must bu avaouated by midiiight. 'EOBEIJT E. L.KE." Will nows travel without words ; the whole house feit thut the great Cülumity had comu ; they broke iur the door, and left the reotor, aloue and irightoned, to finiah tho soleiiiu services. Now the enemy ia here ; the music and the prayer are not interrupiod. GoJ is over all, whether Davis or Linoolu be nppeniioöt.


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