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Subsisting On The Country

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In descnbtnsr the pursuit of L by Gen, Grant, a New York correspondent writes : Foraging lias leen carried on very extonsivcly, and tnost of thé fumiliea aloDg the rond have been doprived of everything eatablé. Groat eíbrts aro made to prevent tliis; bnttbe stragglers and " biiiiimurs" who folio in the i!oir of tho c ilumn, and to whoia it:is mostly attrihutablo, cannot be controlled, owing to the rapidiiy of the advancOi Uu the road wo carne upon a small plaoo called New títoio, consistiog of half a doiea houses. Tho storo irom which the place taköS ts name was vory we}l stocked with goods. These wcro gusrded from depredation whilo the column was passing, but was suhscqi ently saoked, and everything of valué removed. Over four huudred thousand dollar in rebel currenoy was found in ono of the wagons oapturod by U8, which lias been extonsively circulatsd amoog the troops. It was designed for tho' [iay ment of tbs rebol soldierg, and bas been appropriated to ita legitiraato uso by tho officers and men in p&ying larga, nurnbero of tho prisoners who have been brougbt in. - Such oonversatious as the folIowiDg are by nó rneans nnfrequent: " Hallo ! Johnny. Wben werp yon paid?" ' " About si? montbs "go." " How ujuch do tbey owe }"u I " " Doijït koow. ' 1 aiu't muoh 'uouot any how." " Heio's a coup!e of hundrod, Will that cover it ? " '( Yaa's. Thank yer." " All i ight. Üivo the recoipt to Jeff. when you soe him." Tlio uien offer it with ïnuch gravity to citizons aloüg the road in pavment for chickens, bacon, flour and other artj. cle.s whioh, with prudent forethouebt, they prcviously got pofaossion of. It is received with a feeble, helpjess m", highly exprebivo of their ajijirecintiiju of its value,


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