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pOODS AT HALF PRICE! GOLD IS DOWN! CDTTON IS DOWN ! PRINTS ARE DOWN ! DOMESTIOS ARE DOWN"! WOOLEÜS AKL DOWN ! GROCERIBS ARE DOWN ! anl now in tho time to buy jour SPREfyC GOODS! IP. 33 OH Has just opened a complete asiortmentof DRY GOODS, Bress Goode, Gloths, Groeeries, &c, &c, bought since tho surrender of Lee and tb great fall in prices. Cali iinniediately and examine hia stook. I Ann Arbor, April, J866. 1O'J5 THE PANIC HAsTcGMMENCED.j Aun Arboris ne of the flrst to throw nat induce E monts for Teople to GET GOODS CHEAP. I AU of the Merchanta are on the lookout, and arl buyinj goods at the lowest pnssible fatos,and each on Igets his owa variety of artiele. lis one of ÜiB TRETIEST PLACE in the STATE, anl well supplie.1 with manufacturing Interosts for thel country generally. ïü ere are 12 Dry oodi Stores, 41 lorSIlíríware Stores, 6 or 8 Clothing Stores, 3 Hatl .Stores SShoe Stores, and a half dozen Shoe Shops. SI ÍJewelry Stores, 5 or S ProviMon and Grocery Stores,! Sanü 4Cabinet Ware Room, 4 or 6 Bako Shops, 4 Har I jness Shops 4 Printing Prenses, and all kinds of Manu I efaoturing KsUbhshmeuts, too numerous to niention.- I Tlio wholo surrounding country will do well to girej SAiin Arbor a cali acd aftor looking aiound, all aroundi ïfor your -AND, GEOCEEIES, don'tforget to cali at 0. B. TÏÏOMPSON'S STORE, [Corner Main and Washington Sttsets, an he wlll try and givo you price1! tbat will aatiafy. I He is reoeiving goods bought at the lowest pojsiblej Iprices.aod will try and satisfy as far a' he can, The] IMOTÏO 1 "LIVE AND LET LIVE." I "Help your neighbor and you help yourself." lam] Iconfident of the result. I . CHARLES B.THOMPPON. I April, 1886. 3mlÜ05 Ditch Notice. irpHE UNDF.RSIGNKD 11 sell at Auction to the L lowest biUltr, at the resid'iKe of Ralph Wliiling, linPittslli'M, on FrTdaT, May 18tb, 1S65. at 2 o'clock, ■P. M.,480 rodsof Pitch, known as Pfttsfield Pitch No. 3. Said ditch isto be 2 leet wide on the bottom, deptb land wldth on top as índica ted on station etakes along Itlie lino of the rtitcli. .). .1. VAtWHAI.L. 1 I PIIIXCK BEN'NKTT, Drainage Cominiürionera. I RWSBÍ1 WHIPPLE, AnnArbor, April 17lh, 1865. 4wl005 Estáte oí Thomas J. Ingrabarn. STATE OF MICHIGAN", Goüjmr op WüniesAï , as.- M a BCRsion of tbe Probate Court for thoCount.v of SWashtenaw, holdt-nat the Probate Office, in the City lof Ann Arbor, on Tuesday, the eleventh day of April, Sin the ycar one thonnand eight hundred nnd sixtv-ftvc. I Present, Hiram 3, Beakes, Judgc pf l'robato. I In the matter of the estáte of Thomas S. Ingraham, ■ deccased. I On rolling and ftliug the pelltlon, O.uly vcriliv.l, ol ■Arthur Caso, praying that a cortain Instrument now ïiu file in this Court, purportingto bo the last Wil! and BTestsinenl ol said deceased, t;ay be admitted to ProEbte. ■ TLoretipon it is Ordered, that Momlay, the fifteenthi day of May jiext, at ten o'clok in the forenoon, be] a8ajgnad f'ur ihe hearing of said iitititioli, and that the widow, doyrsees, legntees.aud heirs at jaw of said do OMwédi n.l all other persons interesfed in said estáte, ure requiredto apgeur at a eeusion of said Court, then; to bo holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, and show caus, il any there be, Tvhy the Drayer of the petitioner sliould not tegraDted: Anü it is furtlier ordered, that said pi(ionergivc n tice to the persons iatwested in taid estáte, öf the eeudency of Baid petltion. and the hearing thereof. by causiag a copyof this Ordei to be published In the Michigat: .■lrus, a neKpapcr, printed and circukuing in s;üd CoTinty, tñree BUcxeSslvB svetks previoua to ë lidday of Ï1U(a'"Ï" -Vy-) JI1UAU J. UKAKES, 10)(Hd Suaií ol Vtobxte. I Estáte of James J. O'Brien STATE OF MICHIGAN. Cou.ntY o, Wasutpv! At a sefsion of tbe l'robate Cou-' fo th. .- ' 'S VVasl.tenair, holden at tl,o frobtte G3ice in TIJr Anu Arbor, on Mondíy, the 17(1, dl T.of ii; the jear one thousand eiBht humlrr-l and ,,, t Pti'' l'rent, IIiham.1. Iíkaickb Judgc of l'robat '■ In the. matter of the EslaM nf Jame J nt ■ Jfceasea. George Sutten, Adminiatrator,' wth S?' V.ll annexed of said' estáte, comea info Cri . ' representa that he is now propared ti, rende i Ki looountamuoh Administrator. final Thereupon it is Ordered, that Hunda, tliol5n a DfMajf next, at ten o'clock inihe forenoon b. ' furexamining and llowing auch account na n?"1 the wWtnr, devisees, légateos and heirs at lawrf ! ' ceased, „nd all othir persona intereated IniS5" are requiredto Rppcnr itt n spssinn of said Cunrt tí ' tobe holden at the l'robate Office, in theOitVof t Arkor, in said County anl show cause, if auy thr. i wbj the s&idaccount should aot be Andit t' ther ordered thal said administra torgive notice totl sr.ns interend in eaid estáte, of the pemlincv on.'J"' cuimt, Bu.1 the hearing thoreof, by „ coVjnS" Order ti) be publishedin tho Michigan Argu, Á ""' per prínted „nd circulatfcg in saic! County 'thre " cessive wecl;a nrevious lo said ciay of hearing " (A truc copy.) H1RAM J. BüAKEfi 1005 Judge cf P,obat,. Estáte of Ezekiel M. DeForest STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Waht(mlw At a .session of the Probate Court for tho énÜT „f Waahtenaw, holden at the Probate Office ÏÏ' city of Am, Arbor, on Tuwday, the oleY.nth dÍ! PrèMvt, Hirani J. Beakea, Judge of Probate deceasrf matt8r f tbo i:"Utl! of BzklHI.Deí-or,t On reaillDCrand nlinj the petitfon, duly Tmfied „r .Sarah A DeForest, praying that .1,. JJ"„tf IHioreat, may be appoirjïed adminístralo oí thíL tato of aaid decoased. ". Thereupon it Is Ordered, that Friday. tbe twalfti, day of May next, at ten o'clock intlie formo ' a "í?1""1 f '" liearing 8í aaid p,S ""I ,,haí the hoirs at !íw ef " fcuS , and all other persona interested in aid tate r , quired to appear ata of mid Ce.rt, tnu toki. holden at the Pi-at,ate Office, in the City of Ann Art. nndabow cauae.if any there be, why theprTrof.if' petitioner should not be granted : And it . , „' the otdered, thivt sid petitioner gir. boÚL h Itke peraona interested in said estáte, of tïe nd!,. jof Eaid ptitiOB,aad the henring th, by ei., jcopy of this Order to be puWished in th MkU Iffrm Argus.a newspaper printed and eirculatmíinmii jConnty, three successiïe weeks previons to id darcl (Atruecopy.) HIRAM J. BEAKES WOi JudgeofProb.1,. Estáte of Beoker Pratt. CÍTATE OF MICHIGAN-County of Wubum u IU At a session of the Probate Court for th Cou.t' of WashtoDBw, holden at the Probate Office in h, fof Ann Arbor, on Tuesday, She 18th day of April in t, lyear one thousand eight hundred and siity lire ' I l'rtsent, Iliram J. Ueakes, Judge of l'robate ' I In the niattor of the Estáte of Becker Pratt, dtee.t.4 I Oji rcr.iliugand 61inK the petntion, dnlj Terified n( Isabel Pratt, priring t!jat alie or sorae other !:t'bl. person may be appointed administra-tor of the entile ,r (said deceased.. ' I Thereunonit ia Ordcted, That llonday.tlie fUtumll, laay of Sínj next,. at te o'elock in the foreoooo 1 "Signed rs tho hearing of Baid petitiun, „j that tbe hoirs at law of said deceased íi ,n oiner persona interested in aaid esute a quired to appear at a ss.wioa of said CoLrt th,n to be holden at the Probate Office, in the Citj of km. Arbor, and show, ir any there te whi the prayer of the petitioner ehould not be nú And it u f urther ordered, that said cetitioner DOtbeto th persona interested in aid'estat of tb pendeney of siid petition, and the hearing tbereof br caung a copy of this order to be publ.hed io'ih, Miclugan Argus, a newspaper priníed and circultmr kn said County three suctessiye weeks prcïiou to mí day of hearing. "■ (Atruocopy. . HIRA.M J. BEAKES ÍW5 Judge of l'robsti. Estáte of Hemao Ticknor. QTATK OF MICHIGAN- County ofWasMrmwii V3 Ata session of the Probate Court ior th Connir of Vashtenaw, holden at the Probate Office ia thV city oí Aun Arbor, on Thnrsday, the twentiethd.r.f April, in the year one thousand eight hundrsi ii si.xty fire. Present. Hi ram J. Beakes. Judge of Probate In the matter of tte estáte ol Hernán Tickmi.J. ceased. James C. Allen. Executor of the last Will mJTtlU. ment of eaid deceased, comes ioto Court nd iimBeata thnt he is no-w prepared to rendar hs fía) iecount as such Executor. Thercupon i is Orderoil, tliat Friday, the twi!b day of May nest, at ton o'clocb in the forenoon, he mIaigned for examinin j nnd alloiring nch ccouDt, ! ;iiatthe leñatees, darisen-, and heirs t law of eaid di:eased, and all other persons interested in said estate.inroquirsj to appear at a sessi&n of said Court thon to It holden atthe l'robate Ofüce, in the city of Ann ittor, nd show cause, if any there bc, why the d count ffhould not be allowed ; And it ís furtber sidered. that said Executor give notice to the perioni aterested ín said estáte, of tiie pendeney of paid scconut; and tbe hearing thereof, by cKisirig a copy of thii 0:der to be pn.blisb.ed in tlxe Michigan .dráj.anewspipír priutfd aDd circulating in said County three succeMíve weelrs prOTious ío said day of cearinp. (A true copy.) HIRAM J. BEAKES, 1006 Judgeof Probé. Estáte of Amos Mead. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Countt OF Wjanmtiir.MNotico is herby giyen that by an order ofta Probate Court f the Countyof Waehtenaw roadeofr the aeTenth day of April, A, D. 1SIJ5, lx montüi from that date wero allowed for crecitorw to prount their claims agaiost the estáte of Amos Alead late of 8aid County decoaied, and that all creditors of widdt' ceased, are rsquired to present their claírafl to id Probate Courtat the Probate Offlce in tha Citr of Ana Arbor for oxaminatior. ,nd ?,lloirance, on or befoie the seventh day of October nert, and that mch lim will bo heard before said probate Court, on Siturdr thethird day of June, Saturday, the fifth day of August, and Saturday, th-aeTenth day of OOober nex nt ten o'clock in the forenoon, of each of tboatdAJIHIRAM J. BEAKES, Judg of Probate. Datd, ion Arbor, April 7th, 1866. 4wl0M Commissioners' Notice. STATE OF JÜCliISAN', Cov.vtv OF Wjshtexíw, II.The undorsígned haviají oeen appointedby tbe ProBbate Court for Raid County, CommissionerB to reíl. lexamin, and adjust all claims and demandiotlR Bpersons against the estáte of Horace Osborne, 1' iof the Township of Scio, in said county, ■ ■ceased, hereby give notice that six monthe fromdaw ■are allowed, by order of aid Probate Court, for trtdi■tors to present their claims against the estáte ef ■deceased, and that they wili meet at theetoreeíC■ H. Millen,in the City of Ann Arbor, in said Goiw'J1'' aWashtenaw, on Satuiday, the 15th day of July. ■Wedncsday, the 18th day of October, neit, at tes Bo'clock in the forenoon, of each of Baid dT, to r ■ceive, examine, and adjust said claims. I Pated, April ISth, 1S6C-. CHAUNCliy H. MILLEN', 1 rnmmi, jomB. B4W10O5 HIRAM ARN'OLD. tommunonm CommisflionerB1 Notice. STITE OF MICHIGAN, Corwrr OP Washthh,""The undeiísigned haring been appointfl bf 1 Hl'robateCourt for said County, Comraissiolierltoti■ceive, examina, and adjust alí claimfl and áemanal! ■alt persons against tbe estáte of Julia Ann Gotyllri ■ late of tbe To-wnahip of Manches ter, ín aíd C"DT' ijdeceased, herebygive notice that six monthif"1' Bare allowed, by order of aaid Probate Court, foren, tors to present their claims against the estáte ofM1j deceased, and that they will meet at tbe reidn" Rnjamin F. Sattion, in"the Township of Manche", in Eaid County of Waslítenaw. on Saturday.'hn" leenth day of July next, and Saturday, tbefourtíOj, day of Octobsr, at one o'clolt in tbe afterno0' . each of said day&, ta receive, examine, and adjuití cl.iimñ. Dated , April 15th , K65.DAvin w. palmer, , ComiMi0no4wl005 MUNSON GOODYEAR, uom:!MU" Beal Estáte for Bale. I OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Coühtt of Wsh"' J C5 In thematter of the estáte ot Micbnel TVibi01" County of TVashtenaw, in the State of Miclng111'"' eensed: N'otice Ís hereby given, that in P"r'',T' of an ordnr jrranted undersignfd, A"111 tor oí the estáte said decea'od. by tbeHon -m oi Pobate íbr the County of Washtena, " seventeenth day of April, A. I).l05, there sold at Public the higlieat bidder, dwelling houso on the premisea. in the Connn Waebtenaw, in Bai. State, on Monday, ; day of June, A. I). 1865, at two o'clock 't lhê"ï, noon of that day, (subject to all encumbreMM mortgage or otherwlse existing at tbe time . death of said deceasod,) the following deferí "'t estáte: The east half of the north-asi qnr" , section thirtet'n. in township four south of ran.ojp, eat, conUiuingeighty ncres more or les, '"(,ifif of Bridgewater, and the south half of tbe " fD. the nórvh-west quarter of sectiop eigbteen, 'n sbip fuur south of range ftre est, contum vl it acres, moro orless, in the town of Saline, H "" ' the State of Michigan. . ,.,. AARO.V L. FF.I.DKAMP, Adnm;''";.0 Dated, April 17th, 1856 10" Mortgage Sale. WHEBBA?, default has been made iú tne Jon '„. of a certain Indenture of Moitlgafe. o" " w. ecutedoniheürst ,ay of April, A. 1S51'. í uoitthan I). Foa.ück. to me tho undersigntd, ico Kage wns dulv recorded on the neventh u- ,íí, í.iber No. 23 oí Moriftage",? f „,, ín the ónice of tlie negister of Iveds and "''of inand for the County of Washtenaw, M ' ,d Michiiran, and, whereas, there is now lllielS, a u1' on Baid ITortgaBa and Bond acccnijianTi"'" f(eef I the Bum oí J3,257.20, including an AttorWJ , t-5, ae provided for in said Mortgage. nnd "D M.ninBUit or proceeding at lw or in eijuity, "' ,. (o htituted to recocer Ihe same „r any P rt ' ."; tne J. tharefore, notice is hereby pive, tliat 7 , ,,,1I " power of sale-in said MortRago coiitainen, ', .„rfaí, a public auctionto the highest bidder , on j rf thelóth day of July next, at 12 ■ -]t day, attho front, door rf the Circuit Co 11 ri ' t the City of Anu Albor, in said County of " ft the pieiüise describcd in aid Mortgngf, " , . ffl, East half of the SoutUWest Qunrter. S"JllWW West of the North West Quartcr, [ i " XoIthand the South half of tho Kist lilf ■" ' , Serlio West Qunrtcr, fS'i of EK ol N Yk-l "'! , gou"1 No. ten. [10,] in Townsuip Ko. four, ' „ffl Rang. No. üve, [JJ V:,,ut : the said P'"1''", WW ( ires i)t land. ani situated in thcCoun(rV fiaw, aforesaitl. ,a,ed,Aprillh,iSM.YANi or. W A. MooilB, Aeiy. l


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