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The Tragedy At Washington

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At the early hour of 6 o'clock, on Satiirday morniug 'st the rumor waa whispered iu our streets that a great tragedy had beon endctecl at Washington, that President Lincoln ind Secretary Sewar had been assassinated. jt'o one eredited it, and yet all wero made uneaiy. ï'18 telegraph office was besieged by the few business men who were out at so early n hour, and soon came oonfirmation iu the ihape of a private dispatcli from Qeobos C. yixtxxRD, au operator in tho War Department TelegrapH Offloe, at Washington, to U. p. Wilsos. It ran thus : " Washikotox, April lóth, 72 o'clock, A, M. 5 " President Limooln died at 7:22 thismonilog, Secretary Sewabd is dangerous, but niay recover." No longar could doubt exist, aud our city fas immediately slirowded in gloom. The Oourt House bell gave the accustoraed iignal, aDd in üfteeu tuiuutos the house was dauely packed. Hon. W. S. Matmard was called to the chair, and L. Da vis was elected Secretary. ilr. Wilson read the dispatchof Secretary Staktox olücially annouucing the great calamity which had befallen the nation. On motioii, the cnair appoiuted a coniiuittee of flve, consisting of Gov. Felch( Chaplaia Dat, D. Cramer, S. Mann, and E. B. Pokd, to which was added the Chainnan and fiecretary, to draft resolutions expressing the heliugs of oui' citizeas, aud to fije a time for a, futura meeting. The committee retired, and during its abítsíce the meeting was appropriately addresjedbyHon. B. F. .Gbakger, B. E. Fkazeb, Baq. Rev. Mr. Beown, Prof. Paimkb, and Gen. Eiu. The Comniittea soon returned, and through iti Chairman, Gov. Feich, reportad the i'ollewing resolulions, whioh, on motioa, were uoanlmously adopted : Kttolved, That tte citizens of Ann Arbor, in deep sympathy with our beloyed and bereaved nation, - have heard, with overburdend hearts, - of the death, by the hand of an assassin, - of our beloved President, - aud of tha inurderous assault upon the life of our Irusted Secretary of State and Jiis Son. Raolned, ïliat we recomuieud that our citiEens assemble, on the morrow, at 3 o'clock, at such place as may be designated, to giye Such expression to the sorrow of this coramumty as the occasion may require. Kttolved, That a Committee of three be ap.poiated to inake such arraugeuients for the meeting as may seetn proper. The Chair appointed U. B. Wilson, Q. D. Buil and James Clements, a ComraiWee of trrangemants in accordance with the last relolutiun. Whereupou the meeting adjourned. Ab if by instinct business was geöerally impended, and citizens of all classes and parties gare the day to an expression of deep srnl heartfelt sorrow, and io denunciations Of ■ the dastardly assasins. Einblems of mour nng were thrown out on every side, from stores, and offiees, and yrivate dwellings, and ilie National Flag was lowered to Iialf-iukst nd Uraped with crape. THE MEETBMi ON SITNDAT. Sanday, Easter Sunday, usually a day oí' prnise and rejoicirig, was conrerted into a day of mouroing. The several cliurclies were ppropriately garbed for the occasion, and the Pastors in prayers and sermons refevred íothe eyent which overbuidened all hearjti. At 8 o'clock, P. M., a citijen's meeütig waa conveued at the Pcesbyteriaii Church, by arrangemeut of tlie comniittee appoiated on üiturday, aud audience room and galleries wre fillíd to their utmoít capacity. Got. Fiilch presidod. The exeroises were openod lh raading of the scriptures and prayer by Eev. S. Corselius, after which appropriate íddresses were delivered by Dr. Havek, Revs. Mr. Baldwik, Wetmokb, and Tatlor, Judge Coolbt, and Chaplain I)ay, The most intense íeeling prevaded the congregatiou, a feoling parlicipated in by the entire community. - Ihe exercises over, tíie congregation waa diimijsed with a benediction by Eev. Mr. THE EXCRCI&Ï8 OP WKDÜESDAT. Wednesday, the day set apart for the funeral of President Lincoln, was dul obsaryed. Tl recorumeiidatiou of Mayor Haynaed, 'M business of all kind3 be suspended throughout the day was and generBy acted upon. In fact w.e o.eyer saw on any i ppointed day of las.ticg audprayer, National "State, so general a suspension of businessQmrche, public buildings, stores, offices, j iellings, put on the insignia of mourning, aot ín mere show but in sympathy with tbe real Wing of all our citutens. The Bcholars in w public schools had decorated their rooms 'ft the sable garb, aud silent and deserted 'tthe day, they spoke eloquently of tha na"nal los and tie national sympathies. At the hour of noon religious ex,er.cises "et hela, es recpminended by the Acting Seoeetary of State, In St. Andrew's Ohurch. '"thePresbyterian Church- miiting PreBby'wan, Methodist, Congregatiopal, and Baplist congregatioas,- in the Lutheran, and we "lt in St. Thomas', large congrogations e onvened, and the exereises were sol"""'y appropriate to the occasion. n Tuesday, a joint eeting of Coninion ouncil and citizens ivas held, and arrange. "0U made for obserying Wedupsday Í 'oou, by a procession to be parti.cipated in by ■'"sous, Odd Fellows, Fireraen, returned SolJer, Students, and citizens, and Dr. Havjsm " Wyited to pronounce a eulogv. ossw. Bx-Mayor Wells, and John I. Xp's. ,on the part of the citizens, aud ermen Gbanqíce, Slawson, and Clancy, " 'ae part oí tho Council, were apuointed a Jh rain of Wednesday interfered witfi fryinjT out the programme in full, bul at Pomted hour tbe procession was in part i, and the Presbyterian Church was .Ud n Wayor Maynakd presided, " Rv. B. F. Cockkk offioiated ae ChapD, The rausic was furnished by Gwinners' fl The Eulogy pronounced by Dr Ha lvai Mel1 timed, appropriate, and elo It was a masterly effort, and was reto W'th uPÜO"nded applause. At tlje (w on of tbe eiweises the procession re. il. Mtad acortad Dr. Haven to his resi' where a mianimous voto was taken aslsing a eopy of the eulogy for pubüoation, and we are glad to learn that Dr. H. consented to write it out for the public. In the evening a meeting of tho " Loya' League " was liad at the M. E. Church, wilh nunieroua speeches. - And the day was shnilarly obaerved throughout all the land. It was the outburst of sympathy with a bereaved nation, of detestation for the assassin who had in striking dowu the President of a great people, áimed a blow at the very vitáis of the Government, for our Government must live if it lives at al in the hearts of the people, and its chief officers must not bo oompelled to surround themselves with bayonets. An armed and open rebel, doing battle in the field, may commuud respect, but the assassin is universally execrated. And so it should ever be.


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