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ITCH. I WHEATON'S I 1TCH. Salt Uil u.... U1SMENT. Snit liluuiii. Will cure tlie Itch in 48 hours - also cures Salt Rheum, Ulcera, ChilblainS, andall Eruptions of the Skin. tPrioe 60 cents ; by sending 50 cents to Weeks V Potter, Boston, Mats. , will be forwarded Iree by mail. For sale by all druggists. Fbedebick Steahns, Detroit, ml 4 Agnt for Michigan. f PROF. R. J. LYONS' Patients and all others nterrested willplease take notice tliat he will contin ue his visits at the Monitor House, Ann Arbor, during 1864 and '65 and at the expirationof which he willdiscontinue his visitH and open an Inflrmary at Cleveland, Ohio, for the treatment of Lung and Chest diseases. WHISKLKS! WHISKERS: Po you warnt Whiskwraor HoustacliesP Our Grecian ('ouipuund will force tliem to grow the smoothes-t face or cbin, or hair on bald heads, in Six Weeks.- Price,$1.00. Sent by mail anywhere, closly saled, on receipt of price. Addregs, WARNER & CO., Box W8, Broasljn, N. Y. lyOSÖ. THE BRIDAL CHAMBEJÍ, aa Eseay of Warning and Instruction f&r Young Men - publisbed by tbe Howard Aeeociation, aud Bent fr:e of charge in eaaledonvelopes. AAdrws.Dr.J. SKILLIN HOUGHTON", Howard Association, 1 hiladelphia, Pa. lyS9Q AÏWOOD'S DRILLING MACHINE, PILE DRIVER, A"D HYDRAULIC SAND PUMP. PRACTICAR TESTri havïng fullj demonstrated the Buperiority of thia machine over all otbers for purpose of sinking Oil Wells, the un-lersigned is now prepared to receivü orders for the same. This machinery cornprises everythíng requistte for the boring of oü wells, ecepting the STEAM ENOINE AND CAST IRON DRIVÏMG PIPE, (butwill be furaished,if Lesired, at a reasonable pnce, and dispen nes with the use of theDerrick Rope, Buil wlieel and ! other cumbrous and expenfiivo fixtures now in use, and ia so arranged, being ccmstructed on wheels and portabl", that it ca.n fce easily removed íor the pur pose (rf sinkiag wol Is in difFeront lucalitie.s. THE DETRITUS is removed f rom the well_ by our Patent Hydraulic procesg, .qd does not require the remo val of the drill from the boring. ïhis ptoceM nut only ronioves all Jlie detiitus in f rom 5 to 10 minutes, but likewi&f elfectually cleurs out and opeus all the .om all oil veins Ihac are so often entirely closed up by the oíd proceas of sand pumiug . WITH TUIS MACHIXE and a practical ebgineer, a well can be suak froin 400 to 600 feet within a period of frm J5 to 30 days aftr the soil pipe has been drivon. Arrangement are bemg made for the crmntrurtion and didivcry oi' these machiaeg atNew York, Norwich, Newburg,N Y. ,an ttsburg, Penn. Fpr fuitljer iuformation, pdee, tepms, (re,, adcrss, glííEOM LJKLaND iJlliTftOI'OLlTN HOTKI., 3nii00-l Héw York. Ta ken Up ! Cnme into the onclosure ( f the BUbapfiberoQ the 17th (Uv cf February, one larjje DUKHAM COV, apêcklea culiir, h'avy with calf, eighl or mne ytars pïd(right lmrn shcllo'l off. The owoer is requested to prove piopertyi' pay cbargts, and lake sai 1 Cow away WILLIAM Hirf'HKJUY. Lodl, March 25th, 1603, CwH03 TV"OW IS THE TIMK For bargalHs ín AND CROCERIES !! C. H. MILLEN, is now receivlng hia stook OF DEY GUODS, CARPETS, and GROCEBIES, boughtat therocentgreat decline iu New York and w.Ubösüld a low a tho loweat Uall and examina gooda and pricos bcfore pHrchasing April, 1863. C.U.MJLI.EN. pRlflïTS, 20 to 25 Cents. BEST DELAINES, 31 oents, SHEETINGS, 30 to 40 cents. BLEACHED C0TT0NS, and all other goods at EEDUCED PEICES ! At C.H. MILLEJi'S. :SW CARPETS3 C. H. MILLEN'S. 2 LADIES' DKEKS GOODS of all kinds, Ladies' Sacks, Cloaks, Shawls, Hair Ornamnts, &o , aü the ïiew btyle just receivL4 &ml tor saie choap. 1004tf E. H. MILLEN. PLASTEE ! " To Whom it May Concern." The fuUowUig leíter from the proprtetors of tho Grand Rápida, Michigan, Piaster Beds, touching the fact w,ho han and who has not " Grand Rápida, Michigan, Piaster" for sale iu the city of Ann Arbor, provea clearly that eoine who claim to have it have not a pound of it and have not had for years. Gbakd Rafids, Michigan, ) February lítli, 1865. $ To Messrs. Goodalo Se Henly, Ann Vrbor ; und J. B. Hínclunan, Ksq. , Detroit, Michigan : DkrSiris: - is to certify that P. DkFobkst, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, has not bought a pouud af PIajiter of us, or eitker of us , siuco Jmxe, 1863, and that a certain '-hand-bill" circujated hy him, dated Feb. 2nd, 1365, wbich states that lie keepe tbe "only genuine (JrandRapids Michigan Piaster," is utterly false. [3igoed] WM. HOVEY, Agent. F, GODFKEY. ThO Pure Grand Rapids Michigan Piaster, may be had in mi y quautity at our Store, opposite Conk'a Hotel, SLAWSON & SON Ann Arbor, March lat. 1865. 2m998 HISTORY OF THE WORLD. BY PHILIP ÖMÏÏH, B. A. One of the pnncipal Contributors to the Dictiouariis of Gr eek and Roman Antiquitiu, Biography, and Geog raphy. PXAN OF THE WORK. SinceSir Walterllaloigh sotaced his imprisonment in the Tower by the compositiou of kis " Historj of the World," the Literature of EnglanrJ has uerer achieved the work which he left unfinished. There have beeu " Universal Histories," from the bulk of an encyclopaedia to the most meagre outliae, in wliich the annals of each natiun are oeparatejy recordad; bui without an attempt to trace fcha story of Divijia Providence and human progress in oae connected narrative. It is pronoRed to supplythis aot by a work, cottdensed enough to keepit withia a reasonableaize, but yot sofull as to be free from the dry tsajdness ofan epito-iüe. The Literature of Germany abounds in histojy, - suchas those uf Muller, Schlosser, Karl vou Rotftock, Duncker,andotiier!-T-,which at prove thedeuaand for sucha book, aad fumiah aodels, in some degree, for its execution. But even those great works a-re somewhat deficiënt in that organic unity which ia íhe chief aim of this "History of the World." The story of ourwboio r.ce, like that of each separ ata nation, has " a begínning,a middle,and an encl. " That story we propone to follow, from its beginning in the sacred records, and from the dawn of civilizatioo in th,e East, - through thesuccessive Oriental Elsapiföa, , - rthe rise of liberty and the perfection of beatbea polity, arta, aud literature in Greeco ,nd Rome, the chantte wliici: paed over the face of the world vhen the light of chrisrtianity sr-rang up, - the origin and first appearance of those barbarían eaocb wiiicli overthrew both divisions of the Roman Empire, - the aonalsof the States which rose on tne Empire0 ruins, ncluding the picturegque details of medieval history, and the steady progress of modern liberty and civiliza tiou, - and Ihe extensión of these influences, by dis covery comuest, colonizaron } and Chxistian missioni , to the remotest regions of the earth In a word, as separate histories rejQLct the detached scènes of human action and suffering, our aim is lo bring into one view the several parta which assurediy form ono great whole, movingonwards, under the guidance of Divine Providence, to the unknown end ordaiued in the Dmne purposes. No ains willbe spared to make this history scholsrlike in substance and popular in style. It will be founded on the best authorities(ancient and modern, origiual and necondiiry. The vaht progress recently made in historica] and critical investigarnos, th.e results obtained from the modern science of comparativo philology, and the discoveries which liuve laid op.u new sourcos of infofmation coucerning the East, afford such facilitics au to make the present u. fit epoch ior o.vr undertal;mii. The work will be divided Oto JíJUrcc Perioils, each complete in itself, and wil} forwKigWtVjoluines in Demy Octavo. J I.- Ancient HitiTOBY, SacFcd and Secular: from the Creation to the Fallof the Western Empire, ia A. X). 476. ïwo votnncs. II.- Mkpikvai, Hihtoky, Civil and Ecclesiastical ; from the Fall Of tlio Wentern Kinpirc-to tlio taklngof Coni-t;intin-]il' l the Turku, in A, D. 1453. Tyo Volumes. IIL- MODBRN ÏJtfrtpSTj irorathe Fallof the Byzantine Kmpire to our own Times. Four Volumes. It will be publishcd in 8 vols. 8 vo. Price in ckth 3.50 per voj-ime. Sh'ep, $4-5y. Half Morocco, $5.' Volume 1 rctidy. Agents Waiitediu all parts of the Country. Appliratiotifc hhould be ma do ;it opee to the l'ubjishD. APPLEÏON & CO., ïamtfOKS 44Ü , 444 Bi oadwa y. N . Y "V'OTICB ! TAKEN ('I' h tlie subscriboi' aboul, the firstof April, IS '5, a K).ill siz dark bay HÍJI4SK, tkm trblM fet,aDd A wl:te npot in foreheud ,jibout 7 years old. Tb-C ownor is requested (o prove property, and pay cbarge5, and tako himawft-y, X. W. FOivSI'.TT. Sal-ME, Jlich . Afiil 5tl). JbGJ. 6i10Jj fc ü. S. 7-30 LOAN. By authority of tlio Secretary of the Treaeury, the yudersigpüd has assuined the General Subñcriptíon Atfency for thasule ol United States Treasury Nutrs, bearing sevon and three. teuljhs per cent. interest, jet (nuuin, known as the SEVEN-THIRTY LOAN. These Notes av U&u'ed uoder date of Juno 15tu 1865, and are payable three years from that timo, in currency, or arp convertible at the option of the bulder into U.S. 5-20 SIx per cent GOLDBLARING BONDS. Thesp bonls are now worth ft premium which incieasss tl(0 actual proflt on tho 7 30 loan, aod its czctuption frovi Sta'è anij. municjtal ainlion , adds front one to ihrceper cent. more, according to the raio levie! oa utlier property. ïho ptprest is seoii annually by coupons attaclieuto eaoh noto, whicli nuiy be cut off and aold to any bank or bankop. The iuttireat auiountü to One cent per day oii a $5O nota.' Twoteiits" " " ;, mui ' Tn ' " " '■ S5OÖ '! 8O '■ i ii $1000 'i $1 ' ' ' " $5000 '■ Nutes of all tlw denominations nameJ will bo pi'oropUy {urnished upon rccelpt of ubscriiitions, aoJ tlie noten forwarded at pnce, The interest to 15th Juue neit will be pakl in advance. Thisia THE OEY LOAN IN MARKET low offerel by the Government, and it is confirlenjly expected that its superior advantagfs will make It the G-reat Popular Loan tt People. Lesa than $300,000,000 of the Loan authonzed by Uo laat Congres s uro now on the market. This amount, at the rate at which it la being absorbed, will all ie subscribed for ivilhin four mouts, when the notes will undoubtedly eommand a premium, as hasj umformly beon tho oase uu closingthe aubacriptio o other Loana. In order that citiïons of overy town and sectlon of be country may be afforded facilitiea for taking the Oan, the National Banks, Stato Banks, and Private Bankers throughout the country have generally greed to reoeive subscriptions at par. Subscriben ill seluct their own agenta, in whom they have confldenco, and wbo only are to be reaponsible for the deliïery of the notes for whlch they receivs orders. JAY COOKE, SnBSCRii'Tios agent, FhiliHlelphla. Match 85tl, 1865. ! Sfbscsiptions Wili. mk BECElvED by the f IRST NATIONAL BANK of Ann Arbor. 1001 THE ZSJTsTTH NATIONAL BANK OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK. 'S. Capital, $1,000,000, Paid In FISCAL AGENT OP THE UNITED 8TATE8, And SfscuL Agent for Jay Quokb, Subsckiptiq A;kxt, Wül Deliyer 7 30 Notes, Fiee of Charge by expresa, in all i.ntfi of the country, and roc'MVfi i paymentCheckí ob N$w York, l'hjíaíelphia, and Bys ton, current liUlH.and all fivo per ceit, nteitMt note.-' with ntoreBt to date of subacription. Ordtrs sent b inail willbe promptly filled, This Bank receivea the accounts of Banks am Bankers on favorable teruis ; also oí individuals keei ing New York accounts. J. U. ORV1S. President. T. T HÏLL, Cashier. 3m998 WAR MOST ENDED! CHARLESTOM TAKEN ! ! GUITERMAN & CO., Beinj? coijnecfod with one of thft largest houses in New York, which has betier facilities for Selling Cheaper thai) any otter Jjousfl. Are bouad to be aot c ■■lj rac n o jr je: by aoy establishmeot that oow exista. HaviQg employoil auex-porieiiced directfrom NEW VORK CITY, wbo haa had long expoi'ieucö iu .tiie Lucwicss , we juaruatco tu give tbü beet SATESFACTIOIM to our numerous CUSTOMERS & STUDENTS o( the Univorsity. Keeping on hand the largest stuck Oí CLOTIIS, CASS1MERES, VESTI1VGS, I together with tjie largos t stock of Ready-Made Clothing, GENTS' FÜIISH1G GOODSÜ &C, &C, &C, which we vU n$l ehwpfix tliau uiy rstabli -.hïnont o the city. All we ;il is th&t o in frfftuds aud ErtudentH wllï K've Il 9 8AÜ Wft Batisfj" thema el vee, . ■ M, OÜITEI1MAN, ACV.,


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