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The Sugar Beet

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Any experiment, propeily mede, is of gotae benefit not only to tbe experimentar, but to othtirs; and as I fully tried the relativo valué of tvvo kinds of roots for milkiüg cows, I give the result j ánd ifany of my bro'her farmers cannot ngtve with uio in ny oouolusioDS, I ebould liko to hear tho reasona fot it. In 1857, I f'ed to a good, ordiuary eow, from the first of November half a buehel of sugar beets daily mixed with balf a pLck of meal (in very cold weather I scaldcd them,) and as much hay acd corufoddi-r as she would eat. Her average yield of butter per week up to tha lOth oí Jpnuaryj 1858, when all the beeti were u-ed up, was seveu nd ooequarter pounds. I thca ubstituled carrote for the beets, giviDg her tho gair.e }iiant'ly, together with the msu! and linv as befure ; aod hor averuge for the nest thirty days was less thau five pounds of Outter per week, and the qiKitjtity of rnilk had alt-o vory uiuoh deureaied. I Ihen tried out hay and meal gcaidcd, und sha averaged a trifle ovor eix pounds a week lor thrto week, vheo her milk was mixed with that of Gther cows. I had but tha one oow duriDg that Winiw, so that there could have been no [uintaka : she had beeu iti protit abuut fiva inocihí whon I commcnced itiidi.'g iho bepts; and when f roei h and durii j; the Sutamer, hef guaeral yield oí milk and butter w;s 15 to 18 (juarta per day of the former, iiud seveu to eight potinüH per week of the latter Since thut timo I have not, from various causo.-, had a good erop of sugv boots, but alwuys h.ive had some, and the ame difference has been perceptible in using thern. 'Ihat they iucreaae the quuutity both ot butter and milk ia very cortain ; and when we take inio consid erution tbo greater ease with which they aro raised thau carrotn, I tiiiuk they deserve mora attention than is geoenilly pa d to thein. I am now preparing an acre of goud nch ground (an esseutial póint)for a cíop this season, aud iiope to sucoeed in raisiug one. They require a littla moro cara at first, but after they aro fairly started, they are as easily raised as coru ; and I consider when they yie!d well (say 500 bushela to the oare) they are woith as much, if no' more, than most of the corn cropa we meet with. I have known single beets to weigh 17 pounds. Early in M:ty i the time to prepare the ground and pu the seed in. Let every farmer try a few - if only a square rod - note the re sult, and I arn sure he will plant more next year.- Cor. Gtr. Tl. iu tWpa Jrn&


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