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Travel Beneficial To Workmen

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We have always thought tbat ou workiaea might imítate one practico o thelr G-erraao irethren with adrantage On attainiog his jajority the Germán operative is obligad to travel through certain parta of the country and learn #be 'different prooesses and methoda u praoticïng his art before he can settl down and follow his calling on bis own acoount Tho tendency oí this rule, which ia imperativo, is to improve and enlarge "ï.he ideas of the mechanio. "W-erkmgm one town continually, the artisan becomes familiar with the methods there. practiued, and, whether good or bad, he ia acquainted with these only. He is apt to become a man of one idea, and to think tbat the mechauioal world i bounded by tho limita of hig own factory. It ia unoecessary to remind the thinking reader that such a course is directly oppoeed to progress. To become thoroughly imbued with a iwise of tbe importance of travel as a ineans of developing and eduoating the mechanio, one has only to observe the different modes of doing the game piece of work practicad in ditierent place. For instance, one man has a bed píate lo plañe ; he rougha it off; takes half a dozen cuta where ooe would suffice, and dallíea with the work, when an pnergetic buainesslike way of going at it would huye done the same thing in half tlio tima. New tools, new uses for oíd tools, new prooesee, material and designa are only found by traveiing about among other mechamos, and by getting acquainted with what ia transpiriog iu the world of art outsido of the sphere in which an individual may dwell. Rolling stones gather no moas, aaya the adage, but we don't want uoy moes. Moas ia a vegetable growth, the reult of quiüt seeluaion, and a rooted adhesión to oue spot. So are prejudices and no. tion, aud if by rolling, mechanica1 stonee can got rid oí moas thcy will be benefitted theroby. He who keepe bis eyes open, and travela to learn, not to go from pillur to post, will goe the valué of these eugestiona. - Scientifio American.


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