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Enoch Arden Boiled Down

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Philip Ray and JSnoch Arden , liotli were "spoons" ou Aune Lee; ,e Phil. did nol fulfill lier notions, She preferred to mate with E. Him she wedded, and she bore liim Pretty littlp ohildrun three ; e But, beceniiiig short of rhino, r Enoch went away to sea. Leaving Mía. Arden owner Of a wellstock'd village shop, Belling butter, soap and treacle, Beeswax, wliipcord, lolipop. I Ten long years she waited for him, t But lie neither carne nor wrote, Wherefore she concluded Esoch L Could no longer be afloat. So when Philip carne to ask [ íf she would be Mrs. Ray. She, believing she was widow'd, Could not say her suitor "nay." And a socond time ivas married, Gare up selling bread and cheese, And in due time Philip nursed a Little Ray opon his knees. But, alas ! the Iong-losl Enocli Turn'd up une.xpecl.ed-ly, And was vastly disconcerted By this act of biga-my.. Yet, reflecting ón thé subject. He deterinined to átono, For his lengthened absence from her, By just leaving wél] alone. Taking to bis bed, he dwindled Down to a shade, Settled with his good landlady, Next the debt of nature paid. Then, when both the Rays discovered How poor Enoch's lifé liad ended, They carne out in handsome stj-le and (jave his corpse a fun'ral splendid. This i all I know about it, Jf it's iiot suftlcient. write By next inail to Alfred Tennyson, P. b,, the Isle of Wight.


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