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How Geo Francis Train Accepted The Invitation

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A committee of Philadelphia ladies hsiving tenderod Train an invitation to lectura for the benefit of the orphaua, he re lied as follows : Ladies - All right. Name jout cTuy. Organizo your eomrnittees ; aud advertise your programma. Train never lires of Ph;ladelpbi;i, but Phtïadelphia may tire of ïrain. Henee to fiil-the Academy and hedge against a rainy night, you snould sell fifteen hun dred reserved seats beforehnod, and advertisü earty and often. Besidespay the printer. 'Tis mean to leg locJ notices. Papers oan't live on air. Does ebarily begin abroad ? Giving tbe entire proceeds of my leo turen, as well as payiug my expenses, I care as little tor the public as tbey care for ruó. Heneo nobody need oompluiu if everybody sn't eatisüed. Subject, you say, Topics of the Day. Very well ; but as the ehanges are so startling, what amuses to-day may be t me to uiorrow. Eaeh hour tho curtaio rises on sensation events. In two weeks fivü hundreci rebel leaders ma}' be stopping at the Contiuental aad Fifth Avenue; Maximiliau may be on bis way to Austria or, some warmer place; The Princoof Wales, King of England ; Count De Paris, King of Prance ; and Poster, President of Amerioal The Büöks of France and England may lapsa as cotton goos out, of oourse briuging down .Kothschild, Baring and Brown : and revolution shake Europe to its base. as in 17SÜ. Uur rebellion closas for their's to open. The cannon on Buuker Hill broke the first union with Englund. Thecannon at Sumpter dissolved tho second. The tliird union oomrnenced on the anniversary of Lexington. of Ballimore, and the burial of Abraham the good. America first a colony. Theu a toady. Now is a natioo.


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