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A Timely Verdict

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ltia jMew iork Kxpress invites the attention of tbe friends and admiróla of "Mob Law" to a verdict rondered by a Boston jury in the Supreme Court of $32,500 in favor oí a Mr. Allen, who, on some frivolous. trumped-up charge of "disloyalty," had been thrown in jail therc, during the earlier stages of the war, when accusations were but too often accepted as proof of guilt. This verdict comes at a very opportune moment. It will give a certain class of noisy people - who seem to think that "patriotism" consists in clubbing and stoning individuáis whose opinions are not cast precisoly in the mould with their own - to undorstand that if thev indulge in that sort of pastime, they must expeet, sooner or later, to pav for it in exemplary damnges. Justice, in such oase?, seems Éo be slow, sometimes - but it is sure. Thitty-two thousaud four hundred dollars is s pretty big verdict, and vet we have an idea that, if all the false nd cruel impriMonments, resul ting from malicious, and unfoundcd allegations of " disloyalty," are to have peouniary indeinnity now, it would take br much money as JeiF. Davis is reported to have carried off with him, irorn RichmoDd, to satisfy the chiim. However, it is a good thing to know that a 1 ment at last ia begiuning, and that t!iü ecorie of that beginning is a legal tribunal oï Massachusetts - ConsMutional ■Union.


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