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A Melancholy Truth

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When a rakish youth g-oes oatrav, friouds ghthër arouud him in order to' restore bim to the path of virtue. Gentlenehs and kiudnes are lavished upon him to win bim back again to innooenoe and peaoe. No one would suspect that he had ever sinned. But whea a poor, oonfiding girl is betrayed, the receivei the brand of society, and is henceforth drivon from tha ways of virtue. The betrayed is bonored, respocted, esteemed; there ís no peace for her this side of th grave. Sociely has but few loving, helpmg hands for her, no smile of peaoe, no voiee of forgiveness. These are enrthly moralities nnkno-vnto heaven. Tbere ig a deep wrong in them, aud fearful are tbe conscquences. One milliou two hundi-ed thousand two cent i i;ues wcre ooinod last month. All the volunteer cavalry whose terma expires prior to Octobor lst, wil! be mug. tored out. What tables are most used throughout the world? Vegetables, oons-ta. bics and tim-tables. Whj did tho robs loave the intronchnieutn around Petersburg and Richmond ? Because thcy vvere Yank'd out. Prentire Bays a General shouldn't stand too strniglit. He ought to lean a little upon bis staff. A Montreal paper gtates that ten gen. tlemen of tho rebol persuasión have on deposit in that city $2,300,000. AmoDg tho emigran tg from Cork to America this Keason are said to have been nutaerous eloping oouplee. " Thou art a little bare, madam," said a Quaker to a fashionable belle at an eveniug party. " Sir ? " exclairned the dismiiycd one. " About the soldier, I m6an," 6milingly replied tho broadbrim, Galveston ia the ooly port at whüjh bloekado running vecsels now find egresa. Nu m berg of veesals are eaid to be constantlv ruuning iuto Ilavaua from (ialveston, laiden with ootton. The govenmit-nt intendrt boot o vacate oqo of tbe largo buildings on Lookout Mountaiu, used as a hospital, and parties are making arruugeinents to opon it as a hotel for summor rosort. In TSueno Ayres tho nativog tumed out with a band of music when they board of Ibe f:ill of Richmond, nnd congrutuhited the American con: ui. A TV;ir widow in Lavvreneevillo, Tio. ga county, Pa., advertios to lay 'a wagcr with any responsiblo peigon, that she can walk ono huudrod miles without food, rest, or drink ; one fo„rth of tho iröcéeds to be given to tho Sauitary Cnniiniïsion.


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