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placo to an article from ihe New York Post Beverely criticisirig tho decisión of the governmeut to try the assassins of the President and Secretary Sewaud by military couimission, instead of in the courts eatablished by the Constitutioü and tho laws to take cognizance of such offencea. We have chosen to extract froin the Post instead of the World or any other Democratie jourual, not becauso the latter have oot furnished able and convincing nrticles, but beeause the Post is known of all men as einiuenily "leyal" and wil! not be yuspected of be[üg ín sympathy uilhtT with the perpetrators of ihe hellish deed, or with thnt "spirit of the rebellion" wbich rhetoriians teil us ineited it. Wo might fill our columns with similar extract? from "loyal" - we mean Kepublican - journala who bave darecl - and even the Detroit Tribune may be included in the category - to dissent from the action of the government, bul do not deern it vrorlh our vvhile, for tho most of our readers necd uo arguméntate) convince thetn that the murderers of the President, and the attempted murderers of Secretary Suwakd, with all tlieir accessories, ought to bo tried by the civil courts, aud those not alrcudy conviuced will not be if we givo up our eutire space to the tffort. We regret as a lover of law, that the govenimeut, the executors of the law, stould put it at defnince, even to punish crimináis who could not escape their jus' deserts if the law was perraitted to take ils cours-; nnd we thiuk that soooer or later every good cit'zen will come to the conclusión that military tribunalg ehould bo confined esclusively to tho adjudication of offences against the articles of war, and that all other crimináis should be turued over to the civil courts. There is no safety in any other course, and a military despotism will rcsult frora its adoption. fy" The powers that bü at Washington havo seeined to yibld to the universal protest of the press against a secret trial of the conspirators to assassinate the President and other high officers of the nution, and have opened the doors to reporters. But they havo only seemed, for the " cornmission " cloees its doors to the reporters whenever it p'easos, and supervises their reporte of the testimony taken, allowing ouly such evidonce to go to the public as it shall graciously pennit. Now, we venture to suggest that this course will not satisfy the public, nor do we bclieve it grounded on right. We have no word to cffer in extenuation of the crime uudergoing investigatiou, but eaeh and every party undor arrest, either ua principáis or accessories, are cntitled to a fair, impartbil, and open trial, not as a favor, but as a right, and the governinent can üfferd to give them no other. It is departing widely enough from the right to give them a military trial, and it is striking down with them the loyal eourts and loyal juclges of the lnnd, but to make their illegal trial also secret, is the last hair that may break the camel's back, and that will teil fearfully against the offieers of the eoverument that ;erminedon it in all the pages of history. J5.2T I" another column will be [ound the official a'unouncemcnt of the capture of Jeff. Davis, the President 3f the defunct Southern Confederacy. - His capture was effected by the gallant )oys of the Fourth Michigan Oavalry, who purstied hiin to that " lust ditch," whioh in tbis instauee proved to ba his wife's petticoats. IÍ there still remains a hopo arooDg the secession sympathi zers in the old world of the revival of the Confedérate armies, the intelügeuce bat Jkfferson Davis is a prisoner will extinguish it, while the bare statement of the fact that lio forgot his manhood, lis chivalry, and his heroio vauntings, and disguisod himsolf in the dress of his wife, instead of meeting his captors with a bold front, will raake his name, and title, and claims, a word wherever courage and 'lortitudo aro admired. - It is not vet officially announoed whether the eaptured President will be put on trial on the charge of ! ing to aesasinate Presideut Lincoln, or whether lio will be iadiotcd, triod, and hung for treason. Ho can get no more I severe piiuishment than lio dosorvea, and the quostiou alone to be considered is whtit disposition of him is !he best for the future of the nation. 8. The editor of the News don't rcjlish the little ileui in our last issue ubout the Postoffice, and his orö-know ledge of the " chango," uud so gives vent to his " pheolioks ' by saying hard th'iDga about " Pond." We trust that he will preservo his equanimity, and not "let his angry paasions rise" to too high a pitch just as warm weather is approach ing. It might dit-agreeauly increase the natural heat. The rebel Gen. Loe and iïiraily are living in Rishmoail on government ratinns rglrly eerved out to tbem.


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