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The Telegraph Says That Hon.

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Rëvjskdy Jounson, ono of tho counsel of Mrs. Sürratt, now on trial beforo the military uouimissioti at Washington, takes but littlo part in the Uiali bnt is preparing an elabórate argument, cballenging tbe jurisdiction of the court. It wiil be uo doubt a powerful effurt, but then, Mr Johnson might sparo himself the labor, that is if he does not design to talk to the world rather than the connnission. Whoever bcard of a military court, oommHsi(n, tribunal, or whatu er :t muy be called, duciding against ita own jurisdiction ? Such decisions are occasiopally rendered by a civil coürls governid by stalu'e, but by a military commiesion orgauized in deñnnce of tho statute, never. It wiis selectcd to do a particular work, acd proposes to do it despite the laws or public opinión. If tho Ccnstitutiou is an obsoleto dooument at Washington Rkveudï Joiinson's logic, uloquunci;, and law wil] avail little. ST The News is evidently "soino" on Geography, as the following duscription of the locality of Jeff. Davis' capturo will tes'iiy. It says : " Irwinville s locatüd in the Southeasteru coruer of the State of Georgia, a short dístaooe North ef Florida, and but a few miles distant from the western line of Alitbama." Novv, Irwinville, " as the crow flies," is 125 milea norlhwest of the " south castern corner of Georgia," 75 miles "north of Florida," and 310 miles "distant Irom the western line of AJabama," or tho whoio width of the State plus 100 miles. Our neighbor had better invest a liltle of h's surplus income in a new ninp, or more carefully study tho one he has. His randúm statements are, to say the least, not very intolligible. L3jL" General Siierman resents the order of General Halleck nstructing subordínate officers to disobuy his orders, and refused to meet him on his passage through Richmond. Sorved hirn right. ïdp5" The Supreme Court of tbïs State deoided last week that "greenbacks" are a legal tender on oíd contraéis payable in gold.


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