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AJOTiCE! NORTHWESTERN FASR! AU MICHIGAN CONTHIBUTOR3 to tbeNorthwaatern Fair, are reque tcd to mark their contributtons - whotber Benito Detroit or Cbicagc- ■ "WORTÏiWESTERW FAIR, MICHIGAN DJEPARTIïXJEIfT." Th ■"''! insure their being properly reeeived tni creited. VALKRU CAMPBELL, 31003 Cor. Sec. Mieh. Dept. Northwestern Fair. Estáte of Jacob F. Koch. STATR OF MICHIGAN, Cöohtv of Wajíhtiwaw, m. At a session of tire Probate Court for the County 01 Wasbtenaw, holden ut the Pmfcate Oiïice, in the City of Ann Arbor, on Tuesda-y, the sixteenui day of May in the year ooeiftousaind Bigfht huncired and sixtv-five Present, IIiram J. Bbakga, Jmige of Pro bato. Iü tiie matter of tbe estáte of Jacob F. Koch, de ceased. On reading aDd iïling the petition, duly rerificd, p: John RausïliRfi berber, praymg thr.t a córtala Instrn ment now (.n file u tliis Couri, purporting to be the lastWili nnd Testament oí said deceased, n;ay be ad imtted to Probate. Thereupou it ia Or'dered,ithat Monday, the twelfth dy of June nest, vt ten o'clocb in the forenoon, be assigned for tlie hearing of said petition, aud tha the legatees, devisees, and heirs at law of said de ccaKcd, and all other persoas interes ted in said ostate are required to appoar at a seaaiun of Faid Court, then to be holden at the Probato Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, nnd shi.w cause, il any thore be, why the prayer of the petitioner should uot e granted : An it is further orde red, that aaid pe+itioner give notice to the perrons interentod in Faid e.state, of the peodency of said petition, and tho hearing thereof, by causinj a copy of this Order to be published in the Michigat Argus% a newspaper, printed and rirculating iu saté County, tliree Buccessive weeks previous to eaidday o licaríng. (Atruecopy.) HIRAM J. BEAKES, 10D9td JuH of Probate. Commissi-oners' Notico. STATE OF MICHTfiAN , County op Wasiitknatt, m - The ttDoertigoed haviug been appointed by the Pro bate Court for naid County, Commissïonera to receive, examino and adjust all cl.iiros and demanda of all peisons againstthe estáte of A Ir ah BurgesR, lato r-f tho town of lima, in said County, deeeased, hereby giye notiee that six months f rom dato, aro order of shid Probate Conrt, for creditorsto present their claims againft the catate of said deceased," mil that they will meet at the dweUing house of Mrs Harnet Burgen, in the town of Lima, in aaid Connty, on Saturday, the twelfth dar of August, and Wedneaday, the eighth day of Novem ber next, at one o'clock, P. II., o f each of said daya, to receive, examine and èdjuat said claims. Dated, May 6th, 1865, CHFSTER PM-MER, 8AMVSON PÁHICER, 1009 Commissioners. Commissioners' Nofcice. STVi'K OF MICHIGAN, of Washtenaw, p.h.- The uudersigne.l ïiaving been appointed by the 'róbate Court for said Connty, Commi.-ssioners to receive, examiu'jj and adjust all claims ;nU demands of ill persons againsl the estáte of ËzèkfelM. DeForeat, ato of the Township of Ann Arbor, in saíd Oounty, deceased , hereby give notice that six months from dato are allowed, by order of said Probato Court, for credilora to present tlieir claima igainst the estáte of said decoased, nnd that they will meet at the late ï-csidence of iaid decí Rsed, in aaid town, on Saturday , the twelfthday of Auiiust,and Monday, tbe thirteeoth day of November next, at ono o'clock, V, M. , of each of aaid daya, to recoiro, oxamine, and afljust saïd claims. Datod, May 13th, 1365. EDWARD trkAdwklt,. i ,, 1009 SELDEN W. SHUKTI.KI'F ƒ ( nm"llsMnnprSl Commïssioners Notice. STATE OF -MICHIGAN, Cou.nty of Wísíijkxaw, ss. The undersigned liaving boen appointedby tho Probate Court for Raid County, Coinnii.ssionors to receive, examina, and adjust all claims and demands of all pei-Bons againsi the e.state of Michael Uerany, late of ihe City of Ann Arbor, in said county, .deceaaed, hirtby gijs notice that six months from date are ilowed, by order of said Probate Court, for creditors to present üieir claim ftgklntt the estáte of said óecetsQd, and that thoy will meet at the offiee of John N. Gottj in said city, on Saturday, tb.e fiiteenth dr of July , and tía t urda y , t'.W sixteenth day of láeptembor, and Monday, the tliirteenth day of November next, at one o'elock, 1. M., of each et said dajs, to receive, examine, and adjuet said claims. Daied, May LSth, 1885 JOHN N. GOTT, ) JAMKS MoMAHON, V CommissionerB. 1000 JOHN CLANCY, j Ditch Salè! rpBK t"NTKi;si(NKl) wil] nell to tbe lowept bidder, J. 750 rud.s of ditch at the house o A. Jlii-.h, m the Townri)) Ol Jyi.ti, „n rucdav, the 13th da y of June o'clock,?. M. i,f of ditcli Knmvn on day ol tal'. .1. .f. PAUSilAI.L. i rKLa: I;KNM-JT, {.DraiDage f'omllliionci(. liCSSrlJ. WHIPl'I.K,) Ann Arbor, Iay lth,lM9. 4wÍ009 U. S. 7-30 LOAN. Tb e eale of iho (hat series of 300,0C0,0C0 pt tl.i 7-30 wan cumiWted on tjio Slat of March, 18'fljt The aal s ol tbo second series ü f Th reo Hundrod Millions, pavnblo thtiio ycars fiom Hip 1.1 th day of June, 1805, was beun on the lht of April. In tm sKortpace of tkiriy dtfs, over One Ilundred Millions aftkis serio httre been gold - leavirg this tl&y less than Twu Ilunreil MilliuDH to bo diaposiid of. tho interest ii payablo eini aunuall ƒ u su'iöncy on the 15th of Doccmber, n 1 lÖlh of Juno, by Coupons attached to each note, whícU aro rèadily cashed anywliore. ït amount.s to Oite cout per ilny on a $5O noto. Two cents ' " " S1OO " ïn tf " ' $5OO Í8O " " $1000 ft l ' ' ' " $5000 " More and More Desirable. The liebellion is.suppresed,anil th Gorernmeut hos almdj adopte'! meéstiótl to reduce oxpeoditurea au apfdlj asposaible toa ppacé fooiliig, thui withdrawng from marUet as berrowor and purchascr. This Í3 the 0NLY LOAN IX M4RKET now ofTered ƒ tbo Govornment, and eonstitutes the GREAT POPULAR LOAN OF TUK PE0PLE. The Seven-Thïrty Noleg are convertidlo oa theirmaturity, at the optiou of tbo holder, iuto U. 8. 5-20 Slx per cent. GOLD-BEARING BONDS. Which arealways wórth a premium. Fre from Taxatlon. ThoY30Notes ennnöt bé taxed by Towns, OitieB, Counties or States, and the interest in not taxed udIc.ih on a surplus of the owner's inceiue excoeding sixhundrod dollars a year. Tbis fact increases their value "rom oni to threepor cent. per aunum, accordiog to ;he rate loYied on other property. SUBSCRIBE QU1CKLT. Less than $300,000,000 of the Loan authorhed by the last Congrega re now on the marlet. This amont,at the rato at which it in beitfg absorben, wUI all be subfleribed for within two months, wb n the notes will undoubtodly coinmand a premium ,aa has uniformly been the caso on closingthe subscription to other Loana. It now setms probable that no considtrable mmouni beyond tk present series will be offered to the public. Ia onler that citizna of every town and soction of the country may be afforded facilitiefi for taking the loan, the National Banksf State Banku, and Private Bankcrrf througbout the courfírr hare generally agreed to receive subscriptiona at par. Subscribers will seloct their oto aget.ts, in wbom thoy have conftdence, and who only are to be respvissibïe for the delivery of notes for which they recoivo orders. JAY 0OOKE, Agent, Philadeljiiia. ihj lst,1885. SCBSCKIPTIO.VS W]U. IIB EECE1VED by the F IRST NA TIONAL BANK of Ann Arbor, and FIRST NATKWAI. BANK of Ypsilanti. 1l)vlOO3 TTTHAT EVERYBODY SAYS ! PLUMER & JENNINGS CAN CET YOU VI' A BETTER SUÏT OF CLO'THÉS THAN TOU CAN BUY ELSEWHERE. - o - PLUMER & JENNINGS ean Tpg" J.,',111 you very MUCH BETTER than you can hope to be FITTEi) el.sewhere. PLUMER & JENNINGS can BELL LOWER thau anj othor Firm in J&nn Arbor, AND TIIEY WILL DO IT. PLUMER & JENNINGS hare on hamltho bet as&oitment of Furnishing Goods, thisfiideoi Xow York, Whiéb they will sell af pTiccs wliich wi.l inuuce all to buy N. B.- Giay's Patente.! Molded Collar. Universal Collars, "Satin Enameled Byron Collars, (tho first Byron Enameled Collar evor manufacture,) Ficnch Prtuted Collar, Ward'fi ï'rinreci follar. Ia ïk-au Ideal Collar, (Iropnrted] Garden City Coilftr.-featin Knamelad, pateut Button Hole, New York ExcoHor Linón Pn.per Collar, F. A. II. & Co' Improved I'aper Cultars, Massasoit liper Collar, and in fact overy discription (t l'nper Cllars manufiicfured, corstantly on hand in tartte quantities. Second oor South of l'ublic Square, Mam St , Ann Arbor, Michigan. lOOTtf A RARE GHANGE TO BUY GOODS CHEAP! I have in store a fu 11 stock of utiiple nn-1 FANCY DRY GOODS, A fulllinoof D0ME9TICS and CHOICE GROCERIES ! ! All ])urchnt:ed srnco the WAR CLOSED And ftwing tn circumstances bcyond my control, wish to make au Immediate Sale of the Stock CASH BUYERS can for a few weeks liaTe goods at just abotit THEIR OWN PRIOES J. II. 5IAYÏARD. rpiE GREAT CRISIS! O-. ,. IST. B. COLE & CObavejustoj.em-.l n LARliK STOCK of BOOTS SHOES, purchasetl since the GEEAT FALL IN GOLDj which will bo sokl at a GREAT REDÜCT10N FROM FORJIKB PRICES. 0 Tbeir Stock iacludts the 3ELüatest Styles l and tlie QUAI.ITY j ths BHST IN MARKËT. - o - GIVE THEM A CALL efore purchaaiiig elsowheré. BEPAIHÏNÖ Nreaí]y aud Promptly Done, C0I-E. Jt, b. siïuai. AnnArbor, April, 1865. 1m ALL PAPER ! CHEAP! GHEAPER!! CHEAPESTü! THÍHTY THOUSAND R0I1S OF ll'ILL PAPER! of au dadcrïptiofi's. BORDERS, W1ND0W SHADES, CURTAIN FIXTÜRÉS, PICTURE FRAMES, CORD AND TASSELS, mCï ARTICLE3 of all deHeriptmns. Afeo a íarge assortöieDt of AT REDtlCED PRICES. PICTURlü Krameil to Ordwat thoShorteitKoti. GIVE ÜS A CALL ! JOHÑ F! MIJLLER k CO., Corner Main and Waahingtori St'reets, imd ifcoui door South of Jobu H. Majnard. ltnlOOfl jJEW GOODS! New Goods at TJnion Clothing Pt'nïé' fót Spring, Ia now the fíleme of w'nich I sinjf We've all the ifitest stvles just runde',Ti suit the ti'-ct cïtj tra-Ie, Of New Spring Overcciitt; anrl ?ack?. To fit the form !ike moulde-l wax ; And Business Conts of fityiish malie, Alt of the present styïesthat tukc; But tlit'n 1lie crtiwning Coats of all Are the DftESs Coats at Union Stnre, We priibï that we scel AU othors ín the cnats we sell ; For in ihr-m you wil) alwnys tind Fit, Kiistjion . Gra.ce and &ise combi ned. But on our Coaïs I wiïl not dweil- WeVp aïf Pants and Vesta to sell, Of ever hue,, and fihade and stvle - To tc-11 you' all wr.u!d take a white ; Fo I will only ltt( ntinn bere Iliattliose who would in tyle a pcar, P&ould como to Union Clothing Store and 'buy ThpLOTHlNi; bfst to jilease the eje i And not alone the eye to please. But monf'y save in h'ny inu tiicse ; For we wiïl .ell at prics Iüw, No matter ïiow theCïoJrt dot-s go. In Furnjahlng Goo'ds tüth rich and neat, We hae a stock ítílíaád complete ; Onr " pillant boyn in blue w wil! find All kinds of gooda to suit Cheir mind. We've alSQ for ihe }fOj6 in store A bettt-r stock than eer tiefore ; And can all fit, both ereat and small, With CLOTHING best at t6no SiÓKm. The FIXIÜT STOCK of Spring & Summer Clothing! AND THE ÍN THE CITY. CTJSTOlvF AOEK proinptly maik, and In tlie BF.íT STYLE Tall at UN'ION OLOTHIKG STORE, Fut 'I'1 '' Mam Street, N. NATHAJN & CO. Aan Arbor, April 26th , 1865. 3inM0. A NN ARBOR WOOLEN MILIS Are now ready to furnish partiee 'i"1 ' kinds of WOOLEISr GOOD9' And wil) EXCHANGE GOOPS FOR WOOI" Persors furnishing their own Wool, CBnJj. 4 MA SUFACTUREO inio any KIND OK G"0I ' chioe,t SHOUT XOTICE Also, particular " 11 be given to CARD1NG OF ROLLS Their Mills are all suppliod with Bew macbioWJ" best iintl approved patterns. „. TOMLINSOH "LTl Anu Irbor, Mioh. May 9th. 1665. ISwW ÖY0N NURSERY. JAMESTOMS, Of SYOS N'DKSEKY, return his sincere tlnkf'"íliiI1 patronage líe has received from Uifl f"en ■_ tt Arbor, Vrsilant!, nnd c'her cilios nud town' ■ jf Stale. J. T. being su.ldcnly bereaved by the '''".f hs dearest rriend, Elizabet hTums. wbo took JJ'k,. care ol thé Green House, Flower Gnrlcn, "f1 ,irsf„ is now compclled to annouoce t.i hi fricnil "f1_ and especially to the laoies of tlim citT ,,„pMi that unlesshe i.s favoreil with a more ll!"„, o than he:etof.n-e, as his wliole time will b w J „ up in the business, Aun Arbor muf lwi 10 supportiuü a Creen House. „altol.' J.T. sincerely hopos all visitors wiM ï "outcit out Iqbs tUan 10 cents, as two-tbiïis doaï1? CC"lie Green House is well ftlled ith li tïwóil' variety of Plauts, very ch&ap. Also, a 'rS ment of FWwer Gríen Roote; VcBetable laH, 'ioo: Miller Avenue, Ann Arbor, Mich. ' ' _, TAKEN UPt Carne intu the enclosure of the subsc'i'i.T, l!)th dav "f April, one dark bay r ijeW " ,i, ü suppoïedtobetwoyoai old, with thr ""[„„k foot, anti a bunch on ripht de, sjze sif.}l. ' „J il is requented to [trove jroperiy . pay ;!irg t ia.üColtaway. MjgffA3M- .jikii IJma, April 39th, 186S.


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