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Beware Of A Prevalent Vice

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Boya, if by a few earnest, hearfcfeh words you maj be Dduced to keep olear of a vice uow f'earfully nrevalent in this oouuíry, it will be worth more to you '.han a larga sum of money. Wa refer to tbo use of profane language, It is almoet tbe only eiu that lias neitber escuse, ploasure nor profit. Alike affeniive to God and good meD, it marks a Yitiated taste, a want of refinement, and a disregard both of virtue and the feel ings of othere. Instead of relieving the passions, as some declare, it only strengthens it by giving it expeBsion. If it be urged that it is a habit difíLcult to be brokeo, this s a confession that diarogard of righfc has become a settled parí of the chaiacter. No boy oíd enougb to know the moaning of words, uttera Lie Crat oath without sshudder; and 1 by repetition he is able to swear without compunctioti, it is not th)t the sin is leas, but becinise hs own eense of right has been blunted ; the crime and its penal tías are the game. But the habit can be Hubdued. Éicarcely a boy orinan will uoo proñtnity a tho presence of hi niolher; then, if he vvil! he can restrain it at ather times. Let every boy respect bimaelí too much (o yiold to tbis hubit, but rebuke profanity whenever heard by expressivo silence and a good Qxani pie, if not by words.


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