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The Old Homestead

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Fathers, take oare to preserve the bomestead. Sorna, preservo the bomestead. It will pay - yes, f you build another. Think of t. B slow to sel!. Do yon doubt it ? Go to Quincy. You see the modest abode of the father of the seoond President of the United States, John Adams. Near by is the home of his son, John Quiney Adams, the sixth President. Near by. tbat of his grandson ; and not far off that cf our present Minister to the Gourt of St. James, Charles Francia Adams. Near by, that of the present John Quiney Adams. Nor is the old home unprofitable. The skillful tenant inakes the soil productive to hiiDBelf and own rs. But there is a greater profit. There is a re treat frora the storm of life. It is safe. It is ionpiring - rest. t it agaiu. Said tho preserver of an old home in Bristol county, " It does rra good to go and review old memories." Is he the only one who bas been benefitted ? Have the homes of the eider Adams and his descendsnts no power to revive memories ? to furnish incentives to great aud noble aclion ? Keep the homestead. Beautify it Let the planta be freali, the halls and rooms attractive, the old libraries oarod for - lrei)n flouriuhing, the walnut but ternut und apple Évery tirne poster! ty looks at it, thoy will think of bvgone : virtues to Ue reproduced in ehildreu'n ohildren, and then produce them. Troes ïn-iy die. Not fmnily virtues Gihlb. - There are two kind of girl. One is ihe kind that sppeur best abroad - the gi ris thai are good for lialln, rides, porties, visitp, &c, and whowe chicf delight is in Buch tliirifjs. The other is the kind that appeir best at home, the girls that are usefnl and oheerful in the dining room, the sick ronrn, und uil the. precincts of hnrne. They differ widely ia charaoter. Oue ís often a torment at hym?, the othrr a bjefsinjjf j one i a inoth, eoneuming everything about her. The o'her a cunbeam, diffuning life and gladness to all around her. The French Emprees has accepted the title of Patroness of the Central , Sooiety for tbe Proteetion of j ed Sailors, reoentty fouoded et


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