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George and Hariy, to farmer boys, were dnviug home the cows one balmy summer evening. Tue face erf one was bright and hopeful, and he twitched off the muilen topn with bis lntla siick in the daring, vigorous style whioli characterizes the ligbt-hearted, euergetic boy. Tht other bad a discoutented expression on bis face, aud moped ulong with a very dissatisficd air " George, I am sick of ibis sort of üfe, and c.annot bear the thought of being just a drudge ail my days. I know it is in mo to do sornethirig belter. I have a notion to just cut work some of these days and go to irnprovir.g myself lor sorne olher calling a little bigher. 1 don't care much how I do iny work here, as I do not mean tbat this shail be my business for life.'1 " Neither do I, Harry ; but I try to do everything in the best marmer I can, if it is ouly picking chipa. I read somewhere once, that the only sign that a person was 't for a higher calliog than the one he was in, was tbat he did b s best in that. Dr. Frarikliu, it is said, was just as useful to his employer in tlie printing office when be was a boy, as he was to the nution as a statesinan aflerwaid. And the ouly way to get on to that conditiou we cuvet, ia to perfomi taitbfully all the duties tbat lie bef.veen. Every time we lay ourselves out to do our vory bust in any useful thiug we take a step iowaid it. I have taken for my inott', 'step by step,' :md I reallv feel every d:iy that I aai g.iining ground. Fa htr said to-day if the fall crops turued out is fair as they proinised, hc thouhi I should be ablo to go to the Acadeiny oext winter. The garden, iu particular, is protitable. Ho you sce I have gaiiied sumnthing toWard g"ing to college, eveu by woediug my garden beds well." Harry was but huif convinced when the triends parted for the uigHt, and so he went on irom to day, fretting because he could not by a single bound clear all the inienncdiate space betwen hiui aud the future greatiiess he M desired. As a bure rcsuli, be did not ad vanee as the years rolled ou, nnd finally seitled down to a life of uiere mecljanical drudgery. He could not be content to clinib the mo'.mtaia of know edge step by step, aud so remained at the very base But wbile be was fretting, George was doing. Slop by step be piessed on reaolutely, and though his father was a poor, hard working man, ho contrived to give a little help froru time to time to a son wbo gave snch bright prouiise of proöting by what he learned. And ho in the course of yeais be had graduated from the academy and college; and after a thorough professional coursu settled down inlo au honorable, respect cd professi' nal man, as he had always intended to do. Boys, if you ever desire to obtain any higher position thau yonr present, you mual be content to take Georg-;'s motto '■ The hand of the diüjjent ; aKeth ricli," intellectually as well as temporally.


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