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" There are fifty appücants for every vaoaney, and uo woto will be received, was plaoarded on the postoffice door o the inaugiuat.on of uur nuvv posimaste tho other day. In any largu city, ther ai'n dozens of applicationa, yon, a hun dred I vvithin huil a uay altor ihe publ caiion of auy vacancy. Ou the iucom iug of a new Governor or Pre-ádent " place" seekers are i.uuibered by liunüredn, thoufeaads, aud lens of thoua ands; and sometimes the "outaidepres uure" is so resisilos.-i, that the ver hightsst officers in the goverutnerjt fee tbuui.-5elves obliged to favor persons wh are strangers to them, in prefereuce t men whom they koow to be fuily quulified for all the.duties of the station Public mea who have offices in thei gift often feul ihemeelves compelled to bestu w them on persons whom the' know are uot tho best adapted to the pofition, as rewards for past politica services, for present political influence or for those conciliations of opposing parties which seein to them iré indis pensable to the situation of afiairs. Ye opposed t these acoepted appliciiiHs are ujen ol integrity undonbted, ofarefiue ment of culture, aud of a once sucia position, which ought to guarautee huc cess, brought to this wuppliaut attitude for " place'1 by sickneaii, by accident by pecuniary revulsión, or by the perfidy of men. ugainst which no human fore sight could provide. Recently, a bigl uume in üiis cornnmuity, which five years ago wielded the wand ot powtr in finan cial circles, whs handed in fora " place' f trust and profit : Grej-headed anc bild und bent, he craved the influence of the " ïnfiutntial" men with hot teais ; and afler weeks and montos of such de basement, aud of :iaonizing suspense, he failed iu his object, tho poor-house ing himself and hclples family full in the face. Young men and young women within a week of thia writiug, have boen driveu luto suicide in New York city, haring vainly s.jught "place,1 until on the verge ol statvation, and to escape it took the rope and the poiaon. VVhy is h 11 this ? Because thev grew up ivithout a positiva ocuupation, withjut having been iustructed in any hand craft. Tlit;re's tru'h in Franklin's saying, that the ''pareot who briugs up hú sou witliout a culling, tea bes bim to be a thief." Ihat fatber, then, who wishes to be assured that bis sou ehall not 'anaiuish in a penitentiary, or perish on agallows, giv thnt son a trade. Let the mother who desires to make t certain that tbe daughter sho so much loves hall not pine away in some cheeiless hospital, or ia some aHylum, teach that dnuhter a perlect use of her needie, or, better, the skillful haudlinff of a sewing machine ; and, more, how to keep a tidy housti; hnw to prepare a cornfortabie meal ; bow to spread a wel! appointed table - to do all these tilines with thoroughness. 8uch a young wonntn can never come to want; eau oever fail to fiud u well pay üLi plice in this wmrfry. There aro a thouaiii] families in ííaw .York auy dny wlio woud cui)8der themselves "fortúnate" in hiVing such seamstresses, house girla, nurses, and oooks at twenty per een'., higher wages than generalij prevail. A gnod machanic oau alwaya fiud work fr Lis " viütuals aud clothes,'1 witli inoreaiup wagea íis his fideüty nnd skill becoriie" knoD, and thus prevent that distressing sadness, that debasing crlnging, that eating out of all Hla's gladness, which wither lb- heart and waste away the hettlth, utiti! the friendly gravo eods the tüiture. - MaWs New York Jour al oj Iltalth.


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