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The Power Of Reading

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Benjamin Franklin teil us in one of bis lecturas, that when he was a boy, a [Hila book feil into his hands, entitled : " Essay to do good, by Cotton Mather." 'It was tattered and torn, and several Ieaves were missing. " But the reiaainder," he says, ' gave mo suoh a turn of thinking as to have ao nfluence on ray couduct through life ; for I have al ways set more value ou the charactor of a doer of good than any other kind of reputation ; and if I have been a good citizen, the public owt)8 all the advaotages of it to the little book." Jererny Bentham mentions that the current of his thoughts and studies were directed for life by a single phrase that caught nis eye at the eud of a pamphlet ; '■ The greate.-t good to the greatest number." ïhere are single sentences in the New Testament that have asvakened to spiritual lifö hundreds of milliuus of dormant ■au Is. In tilinga of leas moment ivading has wondrous power. George Law a boy od his fatber's farm, niet an oíd and unknown bonk, wliich told the story of a fttrmer'g son who went away to seek his fortune, aud curne homo after many year's absauoo a rich man, and gave great suinn to all his relations. .From that moment George was uu easy, until he net out to irnifale the iHvefiturer. He lived over ugain tho lite he hud read of, and aotuilly did return a rnilliouairo, and p:iid all his father's debts. Kobi-on Ciusue has sent to soa more sailors lb:in the press gang. Littlo Georga Washingtori's story of liií ba'chi.t aud the cberry treo has made many a tru h teller. We oe oll the Wuverly navels to Scott's early readinf of the old traditinn and Uígendj and the wbole body f pastoral fiotion canie from Addison's Sketches of Sir Koger Coverly, ia tbe Spectator. lint illnstrations are numberleB. Trembie yo who write, and ye who publieli writinj;. A paropblet han precipitaied a revolution. A parayraph quencbes or kindies the celesiial spaiks iu a human soul - in myriade of soulü. It Hiet tbifl line to fil.' tb? oulumo.


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