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Army Reduction

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Wab Department. Adjutamt Geníkaj.'s) Okfick, Wa8Hinqton. May 8 1ÍJ66 GENERAL UkDKftS, No. 38 ) I. Immediately upon reoeipt of tbis order by Oommaüding Generáis of arinifs and deparlme:itN, all volunteer sol diors of the cavalry arm whose terms of service ivill expiro prior to Ociober 1, 18G5, will be mu-itered out and diacharg ed the service of the Uuited States. In diachargiag tbe naid troopa, the following will be observed : Fint - The muiters at will be made, in occordunoo with existing regulations, by the Comraissaries of mustera vif divisions, under the directkm of Commissaries of musiera of corps or departments Second - Army and departrnent oommanders will forthwith aecerLaiu the number of rneu in their respective conitnands to be discharged, aud report the same direct to the JPaymaster Heneral of the army, forwarding a duplícate of the report to the Adjutant General. - Said report must specify the number lor eauh regiment, or cornpany, if au independent oDe. Thirü - The Paymaster General will arrange to rnake immediate payment to the men diacharged, said paymeuts to be made in the ariniea or departinents in whicb the men may be serviusr at the dato of muster out. II - All cavalry remaining in service after the iforesid discharges have been made, will be immeJiütely Consolidated iuto complete maximum rogimental organiz ttions, and a follows : First - Army and dopartrnent commanders will select aDd desígnate the organizations to be consolidntod. Stttmd - OrgaDiZiitions from the same öiate will be cousoiidated with eaoh other. Third - All supernumerary commias loued and non commissioned oflicers will be mustered out the date tho cons. lidu tiou of their respective comiiiaudn is made Fiiurth - Tho commisaioned and noneommissioned offices to be retitincd - not exeeeding the legal nmnber - will be selected by army aud depariment oom Qianders. Fiflh - The proper eommissarijs of mustera and their aasistants will bc ehiirged, under existiug regulations, with tho prompt execution of details. III. - Corpa commandera will see that the wbrk is pushed with energy, and executed accurately ard prompdy. U'itg lo this eud división and brigade coii)rnander8 to snperintend it, with tlieir respective staffofficers to aid the muslering officer in colleoting tbe uocessary data for the transfer rolls. {See Circuar No. 64, series of 18G4, Adjutant General's OfBoe muater out rolls, and other necessiiry discharge paper as well as the preparation of the san e ) IV - Horses and other public proper :y rendeted surplus by the reduetioc in the forces will be turned over to and cared for by the proper officerS of the supply departuienta coDcerned. V - Regimental and company records rendeied nn longnr necesgary will be taken charge of by the proper Cornrai-sary of Musters, and forwarded to ;he Adjutant General of the army. - records of each corapany or reginent raust be arranped by themselves and the packages oontaining them markerl distinotlv with ihe content. VI - Comminsaries of mustera and their assistants w 11 be held responsable that the neeeasary rolls are delivered and forwarded to their destination ith ut unnecessarj delay. By order of the SECRETAR? OF WAR. E. D. Townsend, Assistaiit Adjutant General


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