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-Forthaflrst time within our raeollection all the nosvgnpers in thia oity are agreod npon an important quostion of' law and propriety. The Evming Pos, the Commercial Advertiter, the Journal of Qynmerce, the Times, the Tribune, tho World and the Daily New unite in exposing the blunder of the authorities in orderiug the conspiiacy trials to be before a military cuurt, and in declanog this purpose to be in violatioo of the constitution, unneceseary, injndicious, and without justifioation. Tbe Herald alone haa not yet spoken out upon this subject, but t does not defend the actioo of the War Department. We assure the adraiuistration that the New York press, which thus for once agroes, only speaks the sentiment of the people, who, with the exception of a fow men who seem to care uothing for the rnuniuicnts of personal liberty, renard the course adopted with alarm and annoyance. - N. Y. Evening Post. Louis Napoleon, born in St. Cloud, in April 1808, has just comploted big fifty-seventh year. The London University has received the munificient bequest of L40,000 from Mr. Edrnund Yates. Arsenio is prescribed by Homoepathists for thoBe attacked by the now Huseian epidemie. Out of 416,000 workicg people of Paris, over 50,000 are inoapable of siguing their narne. The Duke de Galliera, a fast youDg blood in Paris, paya a house rent of 8800,000 per annum. One reason why tho world is not reformed, is b.icause individúala seem bent on reforruing others, and think not f refonning thcmsolves. A Freneh lady died lately at Versailles aged 107. When ehe was 65 sha had her life insured nnd was to receiro 8S0O annually as lonjr as she lived, by paying $6,000 then. Sbe reoeived some $34.000 frorn the oompany. Wonder if the direotors of that comp&ny wlked among the mourners Dnriug the raonth of April 128 oa tional banks were authorized to eommenco operations, mnst of which wers conversión from State banks. The amount of bank curreney gstied dur:ng the month of April wa $13,846,680, mnking a total np to May 3d, nf $125,327,030 in oiroulation,


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