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1 he wool ranrket presenta uo Bew f!ílurt'. Thero hu beu a moderato demaud for staple during the weak ; áfcd prii es, whioh have boen gradually settiing dowa ta about the current g"l i basi?, ai e a Mttlo eak at previous quotationa. ÍStill thero s no material docüne to note, bat the salea have been t r irregular ratos, owiog to sotne outside lot?, held on speeulation, having been thrown on tho cnatkot. The bulk of de8irable stocks, however, are not ofyring at these outside rates. Thos: tookH are gradually being reduced to & Fiuall compuBs; and it is thought, b Rigacious operators, that fine domestio tleecrs wilt be scarce and ia active dejüand throughout the inontb of Juoe. }lo!durs of less desirable grades, in view of the proximity of the new clip, are fomewhat anxious to realiza, and feil freely at insido figures. Farmers will commonce clipping quito early this season, as the erop is kuuwn to be verj large. But as their fasliion ia to hold ofi' a wbile till consuirers run sliort of utaple, aud aa there f ppears to bo no disposition on tho pari oí buyerp, as last year, to contract tor (be clip in advance, there is no proba bility of its being bought up and entering iuto eonsuinp'ion any earlior than ueua!. Tho exigencics of the . goods market, with the Union armies mostly diabandetl, aie not likely to be very preseing ; and with cotton more abund: nt than last year, tho next wool seas on will not probably open with any creat spirit. With the present high tariff rates however, prices must continuo to rulo high ; and, in faut, there is not much margin íor a further material reduction. au it would be absurd to expect wool t decline to foruier peace rates, even with gold at par. Moreover, manufacturera cnn well aöord to pay round prices Jo their raw material, m coDsid?ration of the liberal protection given their fabrics, and tbeir virtual monopoly of the home market. At present there is a little let tip to naanut'acturiug operations, owing to tho clianged condition of the conutry as well as the chauging eeasons, which necessitate stoppnge in certain linea of production acd tho re-adjustnieot of tnachinery for the purposo of turning out others. When tbis is accomplished, 8s it soon will bo, and every thing is in running order, we may expeot a more ective demand for staple, with. a view to bridge over the period between the old and uew clips. At present consumers are moderate ia their purohases, confining them mostly to present wants. - Fine and medium Western fleeces are moat inquired for, and thoso who are 80 fortúnate as to have stocks, are doing a fair business at current ratea. Pulled wools are less desirablo and relatively dull, siace tbe movetnent in flannel haa aubsided, though a few " XX " lots have beeu eold at oxtrome rates. Sales of domestic íor the week foot up-Bome 375,000 lbs. at a range of 55a 78e. for fleeca aud 60a80 for the various grades of pulled. Inoluded are lots ei Illinois at 58aG0, Wiaoonsin at 60a68, Micliigan and New York at 65a70, and Icrje ileecea of fino Ohio at 7ö, whieh is the outside figure except for a few vcry choioe lots. In foreign, the sales have been moderate at a shnde lovrer ratee, including lots of Cape at 35a40o., and Mestiza at 24a28c. - Commercial Bulletin.


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