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Proclamation By The Governor

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Wkereas, A prooUiuiatiou "by Andrew Johntiüu, Preaideüt ofthe United States, ha been if-sued, appoiuliug Thursday, (hts iinsl day of June úext, as a daj of I umiliatiou and ' rnourning, w nero ver n the United Staies the íiag of the uoun ti'y uiay be reMpected " Arni WJKrcjxs, : Itisv recontnieivded in tho uaid Frooiatnatioo tliul the pepple ou that day " ïiseuibiö in their le.-pecnvo.plaueB of vvors'n p. tlieru to unile in solo.uiij..jieiyica. io _A.iuiig.iHy G.qdf.'.jo coiiBCijuguce, of the "Shsiissinatiüü ' óf Abraham Lincoln, late Fresidcnt of the Uuittsd Ötiftes ; And Wiacas, liy this diro calamily our country has becoíTe ene great house of mouruing, and rorrow and auguish till i every loyai Loar; ; ■ And iVhcreas, Tho unprecedented j atrocity of tho terriblo orirnu by whióh I tho biiicavemeiit bus boen oaused, is but tho cuhnifiatioi) of a great uaüonul sin, wüich has been aggravated by a vain boast tlmt oura was a land of civil aud constitutiocal liberty ; of freedom fvom I oppressioD ; a laúd where the principia I t iat ail mt'u aro crcaied eijuul was fuudauiontiil ; whilst at tho samo time we have btld - eveu by virtue ol our orgauio law - millions ot humau beings in abjeut soivitude and bondage; depriviug them if all mental aud moral culture ; of al! mprovement and progiess; ihc-reby ent-laving their miiidd as well as their Dodies : Now Thtrefore, ín accordance with ;tkl proclamation of tho President, and n view of the great nutioual ealaniity which lias callud it forth ; and n view also of our mamfold sins, both as indiviiluals and na u uation, as well as of mr entirc dependenco upou liirn who uleth the Uuiversa uud who is ever ready to grant mercy and pardon to all who are trüly penitent, and with the lope that this great afflietion may be the mora surely sanotified to us as a nu ion I do hereby most eurnestly enjoinupon the peoule of the State of Miohigau, a ttriet and soleiun observaucu of ,he diiy thus .et Spart as a season of national mourmng and sorrow, of humiliution and prayer, aud that they suspend all seeulur employinents, and atteud reigious tervioes in their respeetivu places of wor.-hip. Lut us devoutly suplicato Him thnt Hu will utttdily snhdue thetpirit oí Treasop aud Béb'ellioii - of bloodohed and strife - in our latid ; that he will ngain restore to our distracted country the blessiugs of peace ; that he will purge us, as individuáis and as a uation, irom all our iniquities, nnd that iu this da y of our afñititiun He will grant unto us his forgiving mercy and His Pustuioing grace. And whiiü wo thus hiimble ourselves before Him, and seek hisforgiveness and implore H3 blessing, lot us rentier uuto Him the homagu of grateful and devout hearts, hearing ever in mind that He ohastens only to correct, and that llia severcat t:öüution8 are inte:ided ooly for oiir good. j l Giv.u undermy hand and ( J tho Seal of the State, at the Capítol, iu tho city of Lansing, this 8th day of May, iu the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixtytivo, and of tho Independenco cf the Uaited States tho eighty-ninth. By his Excellenoy ihe Governor. HENRY H. CRAPO. James B. Poeter, Suc.f State.


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