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geur Wiwfemttt& 'lAKEN UP ! Pnmfi into tlie ncloiiuro of the fu;bcriber, on or bnut My "Sth,one BAY MARE COLT, uppoaed to be about two year o), with une white hindfoot, Thn rwner i requeated to cali, proto property , pay charges, aod take h-er awa. D.A.. KELLET. Pittiñpld. Msy 23ï, 1Ö60, OirlOlO TT ATS, CAPS, AND STRAW GOODS! JOHNSON T PIERSON hava recoivcd Itie hrgest stock, of M8 IMP ever broulit to ihïa mrkft, whicli tlif'v ftre selling at LOW rlÜUI'ÏJ. The stock consista of- GENTS' SILK HATS- all stylea. GENTS' SOFT AND STIFF BRIM HATS. GENTS' AND BOTS' DERBY HATS. GENTS' AND BOYS' CAPS- all kinds. GENTS' STRAW HATS. CII1LDRENS' STRAW CAPS AND HATS. CHILDKENS' FANCY FELT HATS. BOYS' STRAW HATS. GENTLEMENS' FURNISHING GOODS. ITMBRELLAS, CARPET ds TRAVEL1NG BAGS. PARASOLS. TRAVELING BAG8. HAVEHSACKS. SUNDOWNS. SrlAKERS, and in fací, a11 goods portaining to their trade. JOHNSON & PIERSON. MAIN' STREET, - ■ lOlOtf - - ANN ARI1OS. THOMreONVv THE HATTIR. TIiï LARGEST STOCK n this eitj. The CHAErKST HAT STOKE in the State. An cntirely new and splendid assortmeut of ME]SrS% BOYS', LADIEA' AND MISSES' HATS AND CAPS, Flowers, Ribbons. GENTS' AND LADIES' COLLARS, PARASOLS, UMBKELLAS, TRUNKS, VALISES, &c, &c. A gcntrnl n-tfi-T m'6i}t n my Ühp Cal in rul fxaminO for yourseJves. Xo troubl1 to show iioiy'p. CLEMENT R. THOMPSON. ■aitón snuf, amk aubox. wíj


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