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The Counfcy Cleik lias received offioial notiflcalion from tlie Superintendent of Public Initruction of ihe apportiomnent ot the Pi imary School Inteiest Fund to the seveval Townüliips in tliis Oounty. The ratio is 48 cents por scholar, or 2 cents lesa than last year. yfo append a copy of the apportiomnent. No. op ToWMS. ScilOLABS. AMODNT. A mi Arbor 273 13104 . ' City 2,032 975 3ö „gusta 42(i 204 48 Bridgewater 391 187 68 Dexter 352 168 96 Freedom 575 276 00 Lima 284 136 32 lodi 892 18 16 ILymiou 291 139 68 Manchester 677 27(5 06 Jforthfield 43Í 208 32 pittfleld 390 187 20 Salem 2'1Ó H2 80 Saline 500 240 00 Scio 858 41184 Bharon 300 144 00 Superior 516 247 68 Sylvan 585 2"0 80 Webster 300 144 00 york 410 19680 ïpilanti 471 226 08 ii City 1,187 56!) 76 11,779 5,653 92 To Ann Arbor No. 1G fractioual, for deflcietcy last year, $13. The Fine Mouey in tho hands of the County Treasurer, to be apporíicned upOB fhe nunibor of scholars as above, amounts to the sum of$58,or a fraction less than on half cent per scholar. Those who have founded maguificent hopes for the school librarles on the coming distribution of Fine Moneys, can figure the amounts their sereral districts will be entitlod to for themseWes. Winhteuaw is a law i&idJnp; Oounty, that is il' the Judicial ofBcers colleet and pay otwr]all the fines imposed. L=L" ín our 'aít '8sue we briefly notioed that three of our citizens, Messrs. Clemekts, Hennno and Wells, liad been prosjjecting in the West, and had purcfcased the flia-Works at Leavenworth City, Kansas - We are now permitted to say Uat -these gentlemen have aasociated with them a number f our most stíbstantial and careful business men, have effeeted the preliminary organizaron of company, with a capital stock Of $100 000, and wi'l proceed immediately to put the works in the most perfect ordr, and funiish the good citizens of Leavenworth with that Tery desirable article in a thriving city - gas. Mr, Clements haa already gone for the purpose of purchasing tho necessary jtock, and will early be at Leavenworth prepared to thoroughly repair and set the works going We congratúlate our friends on the financial look of the investment, and congratúlate the citizens of Leavenworfti that their Works bae fallen into so good hands. - Mr. Clïmexts has built many works near New Tor%, all of which .hare the repu! ation -of boiug A No. 1, and also built the works in our city, Ciie success f -wiiieh enables us to cooimend hini -imderstamlinely. His asícciates in this enterprise re uet mere barlin seekers or speculators, but are in for a prmament iuvestment, andtfl make it proSUble to theraselvis will give Leavenworth the best Gas-Works in the West, and furnish thfir customers tUe beet of gas on reasonable ttrms. - Leavenworfn is a city only ten years old, jrt claims a population of 25.868. It bas continuad rapidly to grow depite the border troublea incident to the war, and prouiises to ba a great commercial enter. It is the point of embfti'kation for the "far West," and hu a capital engaged In freighting business f iS,O00,O00. In 1864 it had 49 firms engaged in wliolesale trade, doing each a business ranging f rom $25,006 to t2:0fl0 800. It hl various and extensivo manufactories in operation, good schools, numerous churches, and five daily newspapers, the publishers of which are all getting rich. Tkis last item is the best thing that can be said for it or any ther city, for any town that justly and genrously sustains its local press is bonnd to prosper, and a negWted and starved press Tiill nssuredly danin a town despite all' its olher advantages. 8o wo'll bet on lire future of Leayenworth. L3T he Pick-Pockets drove a thriv'mg business on the day of Dan Rice's "show," and sundry of our country friends were relieved of more or less plethoric pocket books, among them M. Baboook, of Webster; E. Tbeadweil, of Ann Arbor Town Brokaw, of NorthScld, and John Gbqrse Cook, of Scio. If any of our city folk were eimilarly avored they have kept their own counsel. Two suspicious partiei were arrested, and consigned to the charge of Sheriff Wikegae, bui as no evideace oould be produced against them they were discharged on Monday. At Ypsilanti the game was reneived, and other pocketê relieved, twQ of the light-flngered genlry were nabbed, if not exact ly in the tct, so near that the missing pocket books and money were found in tbeir possession.- They are now rusticating at the cross-bar hotel down Main Street. The pocket book of Brokaw, and another not identified, wero found on Saturday, neür the rirer below the city, by a young son oí V D. Holmes, the money haring ber. " checked" out. jLLT Many of the aidewalks ín our city are in a conduion actually endangering life and limb, saying nothing of crinoline, and if our ■■ City Fathers " do not wish heavy bilis oí damages saddled upon the city, tlipy wíl] do somethiiig moie than notiiy p&rties to "mend their ways." Let the ordinance be enforced in all cases, and that immediately. Cp Thursday next, is the day set spart by the President anti Qove; nor as a day of hurailiation and praycr, and wc presume tliat business will be generally suspended, and reBjjious services held in the various churches. The proclarnation of Governor Orífo will be fcand in another fulumn.


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