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Boot And Shoe Grease

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The Shoe and Leather Reporter saya hog's lard is admirably adapted to secure to leatber both pliability and impurnieabtlity to water; "ain oil after t dries up, readers the lealher brittle. Hog's lard reuders the loather perfectly pliant, and no water can penétrate it. It ia especially auitable for greasing boots and sboes but in the Summer Beason an eightb part of tallow should be melted with it. It should be luid on when in a melted state : but uo warmer than one'a finger dipped in the rnass can bear. When it is tírst applied to a boot or shoe, the leather should be previojsly soaked in water, that it may swell up, so that the porea oaö open wöU and thoroughly absord the iard. The liquid lard should be smeared over (to be water proof) at least three or four tim?s, and sole ieather oftener still. Aftcrwards the lard remaining visible on the outside should be wiped oú with a rag. By theso means you have a water-proof boot or shoe, without the anuyyu.:30 caucha by most stoSs ui penetrating the loather and thé stoakingf. An occa.sioaal uoaüug oí' hftg'h hrd is alao to be recommended fot pteut leather boots or hoes, as it prevents the loather i'roin oraoking, and it' it be not, rubbed in too strongly the léathftr will sbine juat ai ell &ftes the groase has been appliud. Tt is proposed to commoir-vrate the Dxt 4th of July by lajing the cornerstone oL the monument over tho Xational Cemfitery at Gettysburg, Penusylvunia. There is now on hand for tbia objoct -3ífO,uOO. 'r. Deeasine of AnHverp anuounces that the itoh may bc oured instuDtaneoualy by ?'i:niv -■ , without rubbing, petroleu:- I "■■ ■ parta aifocted. Tho mer e i a öï tho oil are suffioieut to disinfcct tho patien ] hes, ' Post? speuitl nys: Judgre Bond, of Bultimore, _ytí3terüay onurgou ■ rrand jmqi thiit [rso:,s e: in-, in "i:iUry commisskon for the trial of oitiicus of Mary!and, not ( id "i;il !io .rmy r uavy, ru iiailá to indictrnent. To be yourseif, strictly -arselt, is half the battte. Differ rathur than always subscrilio. On the oorner-stone of the fabrlo which we entitlo mnnhood 9 eugraved the monoayllabls No. lie vvho ear!y learns th use of thai ii.vatuable yord has nlroaJy lcarned the wuy to peuoe, and comfort, md afety An easy jompliancö frustrates every;'jing. Respect for othera neod not dcgenern'e into borvituJv'.


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