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The Bummers Disbanded

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Tbo uuique body kuown as tlie "Bummers" is disbanded by the following order, which is doubtless authentic, bocnuse we firid it in ihö Army and Nuvy Journal : HlSADQUAETERS, CüIEF OF BuMMKUS, } In the Field, Baleiqu, N, C, April 27, 1865. ) GENERAL ORDER NO. I&C5 I. After tuur (4) years of urduous struggie in the perpetuatiou of the war, tbo limntners of lbo Military División of the Mississippi, unsurpassed in pure cusseduess, are forced to abaudou tbeir profossion of arms, by reason of the romutgation of peace - an eveut over which they had no control. tl. I nood not teil the surviving l!umuiers of so inany thicving expeditions, hat this unhappy, untbought of, aud uncalled for result was brougbt about by )O effort of theirs. III. The dead bumble bee will be the adopted badge of tho weü kuown comniand, and will bo worn by every mernbtir on all occasions, as a mark of distinction from other coinmands. IV. Your Chief takes pleasure iu :ender:ng yon bis sincere thauk.- for the noble and eflicieut manuer iu which yon have performed tho urdtious labors of your dopartmeut, knowing that, in many instaucesdanger was more plenty than plunder, and a desiro to obtain the latter more evident amoug you than a will to brave the former. V. Feeliug assured that c ch one oí ytu will eventually be cared for in your respective State Prisons, your Chief refrains from isnuiug iurther orders for your future welfare and discipline. VI. And üow, trusting that each of you inay pass the unexpired terms of your lives iu eujoying acquired wealtb aud bappinesn, your Chief, with mu(;h rogret, is reluetautly couipelled to bid you - adieu F. O. KAQE, Chief of liuiuraers. Kirly. Smith bas htarted for France by way oí' México. His wife bas arrived at Memphis, and is goiug aoross the oroan to, join him, '


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