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A Comfortable Income

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It was at the Priuce iUgont's tabia tbat 1 obtaiuod iny Eest ieesou in eeouoniy. The tiilk was of the neceseury iuoomo ui a gentleman. Every man prcsout, exeeptiug the Duko of Beaufort, was.doep u nombody's booku. Not one had an iucoine of more than L1,000 9 year, but lived at lbo rate of L15 000 a yeur. Sir W. Collin, afterwards king's aid de camp, for fun's sake asked the voyal host vvbat he con.sidered a fair anDual stipend fur a geutlcman. ilis auhiver wns priiiuely : " A uiau whu eannot live with euso and comfort on .Ll00,ÜO0 a yeur ought to beashamed of tiiniself." " Will your Koyal Highness bo good enough to tul] us liow a mau can posaibly get ttirough such an inconic ?';' " My dear fe:low," rojoiocd tho royal bird, " nothiug more eusv" (ho sipped bis eluret). "In the iirsl place, ho must have bis town house aud his country house, for tho oidmary purposes of summer und winter existeuoe. He huais - witii bis own houudtt, of coursc do gentlcinuü would follow another man's piit-k, if he could afford to keep onc biratself. He ujust have bis shootingbox iu Norfolk; hia vilk aud yacht at Cowes; his box at tbc Opera. ]io will, ! of eourse,'1 (hore the prince took al pincii of i-im) " play a little, and, if ho ! has a tasto for horseticsh, ho will train a eolt or two. Then there must ba il good cellar in eauh '.einporary abode m well as iu the neniar dWöHiagg, Ouce a year a Hip to Paris, to nee Taima aud Mars, and B drop in at PrascatiV, will be requisito. Enfin, what wiih imv l)ool;p, jiiiimp?, i-ijutni", tfeèitaWe subscriptions" (hero again the prince raised Wh glass to dis iips), " tho oduoatiou oí chiltlrea, the tailor and bcot maker, the stablc, new curriages, gips, tandems, and currinles, frosh horses, sn I madanie's little outlay - the hundiod thou.sand lias gone."


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