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The Thousand Isles

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i here are said to be literally a thousand islands clustering in tho broad neck or ostuary of the St. Lawrence. Many of them can scareely afíord foothold to a bird ; others support a single minialure tree; some sustain liuge masses of rock, piled in ccccutric form, and holding ia thsir creviees tho palma oí cliinbLflg vinos; a few are large and heavy, wilh turf and woodlund, and all ara ver dan t as spring. A voyago ainoug them is liko the reading of á poera or the passing oí' a dreain ; oue seems to be far aloft in a balloon, gaaing at the diminished land or sea; for were there but little folks to iuliabit these pigmy coutiuonts, we should liave Lilliputia indocd. Ilere, in winter, the drift ice heaps up crags and monutnents, aud tho floes and fields crusli up in summor, as ií t'.ey would bear iho Thousand Isles away to their Aretic home ; the wild birds bring (orth their youug upon tha surfuca ; the cold spavvn of the fishes grows wiirni and vital beneath ; tho striped and spottod Bnake lies auiong their debris, charming tho sparrow and tho blnajay aud the wolf, passing írom laDd to land, halts here in the dcad raiduight to howl. Not a human being tenants the ïliousaud Islands; they aro sprinklcd here and thcrc ia wondrous irregularity , tho deep river winds iu and out mnung thom, as i f lost or tarrying; and the tourisi paêsiiig by s remiuded of snmo tableau in tho melodrama, too beautiful and uuexpeeted to bo real.


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