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The Milwaukee Stntitid eays : In the (jnse of Jones and others, v. Keep, our Suprema Court decided the law of Oongress requiring stauips to Ie-, gal processes, in tho coramenoement of suits or otberwiae, is uoeonstitutional; and that the law in this respect is void, and the stamp on. legal papers is not necessary. Tho deaision was mado by Ehief JuKtice Dixca and Judgo Colo. Judge Downer dissenied. We have not yet seen the written opinión of the ito,urt, but we presume it proceeds upon tUe ground that tho imposition of a tax pon anv proceedings or processes in a tato (Jourt is an invasión of the right i&f tjie State to regúlate proceedings in. its own courta : that if Congrees óan tax, these proceediDsrs at all it can lay upon tliem a tax which would pructically araonnt to a prohibition, and can tbus praotically legislate the State Gourt out f oxistence. The Con:n)issioner of Inlerual j nne baa conEeniiöd to subniit an agreed oso to Üie United States Circuit Court, Marylapd, upon tl'.ö'qijestiOQ oí farmers' jucomes, whctlior tb,e l.ljtb 6ection as amcudcd, liTiposcs a. tax. on sales, íd 18C4, of produce which bavc previously jinid an ineoiiic tiis.


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