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The Reorganization Of Parties

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The great porties or the tuture, luce tliose of the past, will cryataliza around the few leading aud fundamental priuciples which have always characterizod our political divisions. We shall still have the Democratie pai'ty, or the party of the people, whose aim will be to give validity and eileet to the universiil rights of man, as the highest end and d'.ity of politioal socety. Iu striv ing after this oud, it wil! not overlook the saored trut h that local selfgovernmenr, or the rights of tho eepüra'.e States, is the most efteciive meaü9 tor the socurity of that ond. Rights are sacred, all-important, tho base and the column of every true, just, integral structure of fiocif ty ; but they do not assert themselves, they require institutions, local and general, a9 their indispensable grouudwork and support. Having a democratie party worthy of i-he name, we shall have, of course, a postile pirty, whiuh wül lay ite foundations, nul ao :yu?h iu the sende of abtrac't and rígí'ls, as in f'o dicates of expediency, or in an _asaum"d levotion to the general good of oiety. X will take for granted that there are mes and circumstances tvhen it i ■roper for government to depart from absolute justico to do a transient, tem)orary and incidental good ; tvhen va9t xpenditures are beat to (juicken indas,ry, develop renources, oxpand credit; and when the inherent rights of the individual must give way to the preeump;ion of superior claims on tbe part of others,. either many or few.


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