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ivrow is tuk time For bnrgains ín AN1. QROCERIESÜ C. H. MILLEN, is nov ïecehint liis Of mty guods, ipABpsta, íípdGROUERIES, Mught at Wie roeent great deotinfl InVe.w York.npd willbosoiil h low rm the lowest Va,U iw esamlaa oodi aii'l prfoea bt-fore purehasfqg C. H. MILLEN. April, ;f!5. pilINïS, 20 to 25 Cimts. BEST DELAINES, 31 cents. SHEETINGS, 30 to 40 cents. BLEACHED COTTONS, and nll other goods at KEDUCED PHICES! At C. n. MII.LEN-'S. ]y:B"W OARPBTS, G. H. MILLEN'S. LADIES' DRESS GOODS of all kind, Ladles' Sacks, Cloaks, Shawls, Hair Ornament?, &e , aïl the new fetyles just rccüiveil and (ar Bale eheap. 1004tt 0. H. MILLEN. THE PANIG HAsTcöMMENCED. Ann Arboris one of the iïrst t) throw outinclucomcnfcs for l'eople to GET GOGDS CHEAP. All of the Merchante are onfie looknut. anl :irr bujing goods at the lowegt possible rat os, and e&cl) ""tgets bis own variety of articles. is one of the PRKTTKÏ PLAGSB in the 3TATE, flnl welt supplknl with munufaeturiug interests for the country genorally. Th erO ai 12 Dry i oo1h SIitps, 4 orSHariWare Stores, .fi or 8 Clothing vStores.ÜHat Stores, 3 Shoe Stores, an'l a ba f dozen Shoe Shops, 3 Jowelry Slres, ,S or 6 Prorlslon and (rocery ítore, and 4'abinet Ware Iiooinfl, 4 or 5 Bake Shops, 4 Har nefts Sbos, 4 IMntiniz; Preaseg, and ali kinds of Manu i'ncuring F,labh-hn)nts, too uumerous to mentlon. - The whoío surrounding cnuntry will do veil lo glve Ann Arbor a cali, and aftef looking arouud, ali aromid fnr your -AN1V GROCEEIES, don't forgct tocallat C. B. THOMPSON'S STORE, Corner Main and Washington Streets, nn he will tiy and giire you prices that will satisfy. He is receiving goods bought at the lowest possible prices, and will try and satisfy as ai he c&n. The MOTTO t8 "LIVE AND LET LIVE." "Help your neighbnr and you help yourselt'." I am coufident of reduit. CH ARLES B. TITOMPSON. April, 1865. . 3ml005 QOOBS AT HALF TRICE! GOLD IS DOWN! COTTON IS DOWN ! PRINTS ARE DOWN ! DOMESTICS ARE DOWN! WOOLENS AïiJE DOWN'. (JROÜUBK ARE DOWN ! V' noivis tlic lime to Imy your SPRING COODS! .F. BAOH Hasjust opcned a coftiplte assortm?ntof DRY GOODS, Dress Goode, Cloths, (ïroceries, &c, &c, bnuplit únc? the surwndprof ï,rc aml the grcnt Tull in ■ pricw. Cal! iuiDMKliatsiy n'l nmii:o Miock. Ann Arbor, April, 1846 ■ 1005 TSfUAT EYEEYBODY BATS ! PLUMER & JENNINGS j CAN O KT YOU UP A BETTER SUÏT OF OLOTHES! THAN YOU CAN BUY ELSEWHERE. PLUMER & JENNINGS, r;in "KpTti vou very S1UCH BETTER t,lin vu.ii can [o & KtyrKii eUewhere. PLUMER & JENNINGS can SKI.I, lOVES ü'a'innyotber Fiiiii n Anp ürbor, A,ND THEY WILI, DO IT. PLUMER & JENNINGS have on hand lio bp-t nsoT traant f Furnishing Goods, thiusiJooI Yorlc, wliii'h üioy ill n-llat prio-i liitli v.-ill iinucc uil ti buy. N. p.- (iuj-V I'„tcnifil Muliloil Cpllar. rmveraiil Col. lar, Siiiin Knamolol Byjon Callara, (ilm Sraj Bjfftn Knnmfled Collar ever mannikcturad,) lf;encli I'rinted Collar, Wajil'-i Printed Collar, Le gpau Ideal Collar, (Impurtod] arden City Collar, Satín jínanielod, patent üutton Hule, New York Exoelalor l.inpn l'aper ( ollar, F. A. II. fe Cu'a Improved l'aper Coilars, Massasoit Paper Collar, and n (act everv diwrlptlon üf l'aper L'ollarB m:inufacnred, eonstantly on liarn [i large jinantities. Second door South of l'ublic L(iua!, Xlain .-H , Arm Arbor, Michigan. lOOTtf TT ATS, CAPS, ANP STRAW GOODS! JOHNSON PIERSON have reeoíved the largest stock of ver brouglit to tlüs market, wliich flioy are sellinf; at very fcOW FBJCfa. The sfck consistí ofGENTS' SILK HAT8- nil tvles. GENTS' SOFT AND STIFF BHIM HATS. GENTS' AND BOYS' DERBY HATS. GENT8' AND BOYS' OAPS- all kinds. GENTS' STRAW HATS. CtULDREJíS' STRAW CArS AND HATS CHILDRENS' FANCY FELT HATS. BOYS' STRAW HATS. GENTLEMENS1 FURNISHING flOODg UMPHELLAS, OARPET TRÁVE]LTNG BAGS, PARASOLS. TRAVELING BAGS. HAVEBSACKS. SUNDOWNS. SFiAKERS, and in fací, all goods pertaining to their trnde. JOHNSON & PIERSON. MAIN' PTRKET, - - lOlOtf - - ANX AEBOR thomp$onVnV THE ITTFlH [ TlieLAROKST STOCK n thia city. The CITAErKST HAT STORE in State. Au eutirely ew and sjjleu diil asaortuient of MENS', BOYS', LADIES' AND MISSES' HATS AND CAPS, Flowers, Ribbons. GENTS' AND LADIES' COLLARS, FARASOLS, UMBEELLAS, TRUNES, VALISES, &c, &c. A gíiirnl flssortnirnt in mj line Cali in íind pamín for joirselv?B. No trouble to show goo'e. CLEMENT R. THOMPSON. Hl'RON STKKKT, ANN ARBOR. taHU 4 T W O O 1) ' S PATENT DRILLING MACHINE, PIJL E T) RI VER, Ayv HYDRAULTC SAND PUMP. PRACTICA!, TESTS haciHg fully dottOSBtnteá the superkirHy of tbiimaeiüw over all ornen fot purgóse of ainkint; Oil Wells. th? utrlersigued is now pvepured to reccive orders for Uie sitrae, Tliin machinwj eompriaea evorythlng rpquislte for i tho boring of oil wells.exccptingthe STEAM ENGI3T1 AND ('AST IKON DRIVINti VHM-:, (but wiil b: frnishMl,if dPsired, at a rpaonabU' pnce), ani flippen, sou with the uscoT tbeDerrick Ropc, TIuíI-wUceI an3 other cum brons atl expenivc fixturesnow nuso, aml Ís po arrange'l , Ving constvuctert nn whoeUíiuíi pörtftbl, tbat ïtc-n be eaxily remored ier üL pur pnse "f piuking wclls ÍD (lilTerpnt localities. Tfïi: DI-TRITIO is romoved fvom .the woll by rur Patent Hyrlranlic proces , nuf) flow vuA renniTf tho removiLl of tbfl 1 ii H foui the boring. TJii procese nnt OUÏy rtMii'ivt'i; alt'tho detritus in f'rom 5 io 10 minutes, but ltkewis' effcctufilly rlears out aml ftpena nii tbe sroalloiil veins tltat ure to oftoo enttjíijy closod i;p by the.gM procoss ( f and puraping. WITU THÏÖ MA HIÑE aml a practical Mfcffofter, a w.-ll eau hfl sunk from 400 to 600 fot within a poriod of fom J5 to 30 day after the ojj pive hae bcefl (]riv)cn. Arrangcinenís ar hei made for tfcp coijstrujctioo ainï d'liii-ery il these machines at Xe Yurjf , Nor wie li, NVwburg, N Y. ,nnd Pittsbvrg, PpniiFor furt ier inf'ormütion, pricp, terms. ka ,, &ATgB, IH'MKUN l.Kl.AN'II, Miari)nTAN Hom, ■jinlOO-l N"W Vori;


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