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!U. S. 7-30 LOAN. HIIID SEBIES, $330,006,000. _0- B :.u1uoritj of the Secretavy cf tlic Trasnr-, tbe jnJersisoil, tljo Geacfal Subscriptiun geut for (Ue :;tb of United States SecuriUco, offers to tl; the thinl serios of Traafliiry N'otes, hearing saven nu.l threet.cntliü per cent. interest per nnuum. kt,ovn as the. These notos are lsaud tinder date fff July lfiiti , isr.r, ;nd,are py;ible thrre ynrs frrin th;it (Ut? lp currency, op are fopvpr tibia i; tU (ipüwi of tlif. holde; uto fJ.S.52E Six per cení. QOLD-BEARING 1JONDS. 'ijheee Bond i Me now worth a lmn.isomp prenum, nii'1 ar cxempt, ns aro ftl' the GoveninuT-i IVoivls, fremi State, County, and Mnr.irpal taz t'ipn, Vthtyk Qds jrom one to thrcepe.r cent. per annum to tftfif tttltyt, ie QorKbgto ttio fiitp teried upon otlior p ; prt v-, The interest ís payible nüni-ftnnuullj by con; tis nttacJiet! to eacU note, which roay be cut olí; aul 1 to hip. tank or baukpf, Tlie intxvèai at 7-3O pearcienf nmnunis lo 4ii h i flny un a $-"O itole. Ten ", (i lt " $5OO O M ". (i 1 $1000 l Nntos ol all the dt-nominations namcd wíl! br1 propiptly farnisbeJ upon reccipt of subscriptions. The Noies of thifiTliiid Pctks re pieaücty fdmiJttT in form aml privilegea t the Soven Fbirtics alreiul} pold, except thftt the Government resortes to Itm'lf the ortliflü of paying intcie in gohi puin at ( pw oent. inBtead of 7 3-IOtha ii cirreney. Siibscfiberu 'WU ,?L- dírí the interest in currpney up to July l,rtb , at the time M'hen tbey s'ibcibe. Thedolivery of the notes of thjs tliird series! of tinKeven thirfies will commence on (fe Int of June, ftnfl will be made pronply and continuoualy after ilmt tl ate. Tho rtlfght chance mnle in thê cpmtioijfl of fhis TlTIIÏp PERIKS affects only tlie mat(er of The pa} ment in gold, if mdp, il( l(p Ctiuivlpnt to the currency Interest of IIic hiIicr rte. The return Lo specie payments, n the event of whicit only wnl the option to pay injerest in GoWbeavailed of, wpuM ío redqpe and equali.e pricew that pinchases made with 8ix percent, in gold would be fully equal to those made whb even apd threetenthfj in-f ■■_;nt in currency. Thigis THE ONLY LOAN T?í DJAJIKET now offered by the Governmeuf, ai)l itw superior advantuges njake it tho Grcat Popular Loan (f the Pcoplc. I.ess than $230,01(0,000 of the. I.aan iiuthorized bj t!ie last Cougrers are now on tje nvu-líot. TIií.ftinouní, at the ra te at which it is t;en absorbed, wijl all be sulMcribcd for yitii tsi, mpntlis, ylion Uk notes will undoubtc'illy commaixl n preiniujji as ]ia umfnrmly bpi?R the case on closingthe,iin t,o ctjier Loaas, Inorar thatciti?ens ol every town aui soijjftp ol the c))}rftry inay be alTorded facilities fur taking tbe loan, the National Banks, Stat fJijJtSjandl'nvalc Bankefs thfoiigbdut ts cQtiftiiy fcijfe generalijagreed to veaeif# Kiibscriptjns at par. Subscriber.will seject thuir own agent?, (n whom they liave conliilcnc-e, anJ who oply are tt) be responsible for the ■leüvery of th,e nfljtps ter whioh they receive orders. JAY C00KE, ScnsORlPTIOx Age.vt, Philadch'kia May loth,l&6. SOBBÖumOHS Wlll. BS BKfKivKn by the FIRST .VA. TI0NAL BANK or Ann Arbor, and FIRST NATI0XA1 pAUS. of Vpsilant1. 8100l QEOKGE DEME1UT & CO., 303 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, (COIiXKR DUANE STREET.) 100,000 WATOHES, CHAINS, GOLD PENS Ei PENCILS, ftc. &e., &c, "WCXEITZH: $5OO,t)OO ï TO HE SOI.t) AT OIVE DOIJiAR EACH, WTTHOL'1 REGABD ÏO VA1.UE. And not to b? paicl until you know whnt you will receiye! SPLENDIDLISTof ARTICLES All to be SoÍ3 ïbr OSE DOLLAR Eneli I lonfïoM Iluntitifr Cusca Vathc oacli SiOd (o 100 tiold Watcbes ïo on KX) i,i mi os' SFatehei 3StQ r60 Silver Watchos ..$150tí to t'2ñ 00 (iOO Oolil Kecii and Vet Clmina ]200tx 1500 1(WO Cliatelain anl Caaril Clminü 506 to lö ('o BflOO Vest and Neck Cbft1an 4 00 to l"0o 4iOQ Snlitaire Jet aol (inlilKrtwvJs.. . 4 00 to 8 ('o Uïtiu Cora!, Lava, (ftrnet, ;e., Broocliew " 00 to 8 00 7900 Gold, Jet, Opat, cc., Sr Drops . 3 u) u s ;)o ftd'ifl Oent' ürvast nrt Scarf I'inu :) 00 1 ■ 8 00 ('JKin Oval Band Brae#tet % M tn f. 00 9BIM)Cbftmi1 Hract'U'tK :, iio to 10 00 3ñW CalifTtrnifl n.aiuonl Tina íc Rfnga. '2 rl (o H 00 arm i Gold Wtch Ky '... 2 50 to 6flo 5000 Si)üniroSlci'v" JBvUsos & Stmis. 2 00 to 8 00 8f0 SoM Thtali 500 to e oq. SS89 Mtn!i1in-f I.oífu'ts !: 0t to 7 tJ öorft Miniatura I,o-3ipi, Maffk 40 to urn 2500 GpM ÏHDilipicl, Crosses. t-c ü 00 tt 0 00 .Ï0O0 Fob umi Rihlon Sliilfs.... 200V- 500 KM&CfKlseltGMiiltingx 2 op to r,oo WO Stone Pet STign adotn lino 6Ó0O Setn LnH' Jwttrv - iet&öold.. ."; 00 n IS 00 liooo Sets Ladiea' Jewelry - vani'd Ntvleti ;j 00 to l.ï 00 T Gold I'cns, fth-Vr f'aseand IVncil. 4 0 1o sou 4000 (old l'pn, Kbon.V nnrt Case fi 00 to 10 00 B000(iolil Pco,M)untcfl IloMer.. . . 2 to D AH Ébe (fooila la the nbnvcUst H1 bp sold, without rOKovvntion, fnr (INE IXILLAK VAtU. Corti(n-atcs ol ll vm-mmií arlicli! are .íi „ nimjlir mvflopèi ■alod aiifl mixo.l. Thesp nvefofif v)H be sent d ' mail, (ir dclivereil at out office, without rgrd t' chnice. On recemng -t Ceiiineate, ju will se lint articlc it rej.msentB ,iml it a o.lional witjj jfaét s '"' dim ilfillar, añil recette the a ole named anj oüiei In the lift of Tnliit"'. By thiR nioild we fíive Bflotjons froiB ■ v.iyidl atoeV oT lino Rinn'., ,,f thcbotil malie aml latent stvlo, nnil of intrnf.ic W()rth,at i nnrnjnnl price, wliiio all hTí acliani of socui-iní aniele0 f (ha pr_y hif; !;,-;.; valuó In all trftnsneti'ins hy mail we charle tof forwariling tl'.e CertiH'-ati1, puying iioáíngo, and tii-i-ig th business, 25 cents pich. Hw rrrtijirctes vtilí %t. snt or$l Eterenjnr S!2 ; ytóí ƒ,- $5; Siui fine for $a: and One llnnmtá fpr íttíi. SECURE A CERTIFÍCATE ! 9bA80 11 "" luiv.Uiíl OÍ hsIí. TlierP ílTP HO t}IlinhS, - $ ver y Ce Mfloatereppevirtaiinaittole. As jre llsom1 of the lowr grades of Jewetry no pflnoo san rwive h'-s tlian ihe valuó .Of llieir monejf, a mi ihpy mftj K1 un article worlli five, tea, nr a luindrcíi EoUl SATISPACTION aVARANTEBD. l'viïry npj-on knftws t,T)oy viM r0C0ÍV6 boíorfl 1);o aíticíc ík [iíii.1 for. n ceceipt nt a Cdrt'Qcie yo see wfcat art i r lo i t ri'prpfcnts, nm it is, ot tonunw,at youroptioo lw talte it , fr nay othflp artjclein njï l.jhi. of thK sjijotí vnlnp. W1 ttWBöG BUtifö satiffAciton to eyery purcliaspr, anfl i f tli ere ohould h ajav per-on ïisa t itieil with any ftrttcle roceived ffom m, tfaáy guty fanwedlately return Itand tho am'Mït pftiJ wtíl be rffttnied, C" Ouc trial j-ll j ínvp ío iuiy tliis salo f:iVÍsPur-hasers greatfir aOVtfii)Ml4 than any other ever proponed. 1 Aí'knts.-jtWi' ;tllow artin ha Afívntíi, Ton Oentg on e.ich Crtífttt idered, provídtMl ttaeif remttt4BC ' anionjil tn Ouc noli!-. Tbfv will üoliect 2" cents for very Ci tinento, and, rftaininL'lOceti'K, rennt to uf !5 cnU t oach. AddrMftt BXORGK PEMKRIT & CO., nmHX'U ' !M ftroahwyi New Vork. ÏJirrssücSL ' - '■■'■ " " rvÊwX? & j:ÍJÍ!f Wt'i'.' Ö1JR CHINAMAN STILL W , AmlEo-iUniiPs tu furiiMi llint unrivaled 'al5 i 'i A al, ly.'t'ouii! at the Peaple0 Store. I.ini-ií (f gooü Tea wil] pleaw frj Mimple OF QUfl NEW TEA. DbïOREST kSTKWAHT. CÏÏIOOERIE8 Of all kinds, nrultl. Extract, Srir:(.K. Picklo. Hl'. IVrlmncs, &:. IMió J.i.i,ois and Wm.-s r.M Ii-.Í. ,. ■ i nurpocs only. r!.01Pt:;-.r & stfvai:i Sgar! SÍgar! A smnll lot Of í.ow rKicí;p SV&A-R. PFOppST J SfKWAmLiLr FI8H.- Oodi, WWte6l, SI PUP ! SYRUPT A f8jbarr6]í,e.itn qualit; '' j'KrOIUTSTEYAnT. tOIL AND LAMP DEPOT ! KEROSENE OU, Ï ÏTIiolMq„,::v ONE DOI,LH Per Gallon. Dld-pHEST&SmVART. líO! ySY f urcliasers oí CIÍOCKEííy GLASSWA1ÏE, LAMPO, PLATBP ÖOQDS, TABLJS CUTLERY, &c. ' Fovsale nt lenii than New York woWle btIcm h. DkFORKSt & STEWÁIJT A G004 Clpthep Wringprr Saws íímc .' Sanes rnoneyi Papes clothing! Sores strevgth! Sores health ! Saves hiríng help ' Sates weak wrists! Saves burping hands! Woolon clotlios can bo vrapg out of boijlnR water to prevent shnnking, without jury to the machino DlFOREST fr STEVVA KT. piLES-AÜRE REMEDY. byEtheeisoof'Sbei"S C"'e"f th'S AMienH lIe IR. BILLINGTON'S PILE REJIDy. Kpad wliat tfiose say wbo have used t ; PiTTsriELp, Washleaaw Co., Mlch. Df.f. A. Biiuxoto.v: DearSir ; Forthegood of the amicted, I horewltli transmute you a statement of the benelit whlcnTh. fecelTOd trom thp „„ of yOur Pui jtf scï Y K " t&,lrs ears,' lK'" V('r-V b:""-v tówïTtb unnfforb ' V chRII".Kt"' ■'"'■■■ nieat time totally !hfm,l T' "l'1'1 PO BMrt relief from lespaired of eITooting a permanent cure. I was at engtn mduced by vour ajrent at Ann Arbor to make tr.alot yourremedy, wbkh he warrante.i to effect a cure or receire no ny. I consMere.l t like most oUu-r patpnt medicinen- a liut)ibHg, „ntil I began to impron' itli imptOTement, andat len-th an entiie cure 1 - cameconv.npwl ,t was ascu-ntiic and reliaf.le remed'v nscaOM I'ackackOnit, wlüch lamliappv tosaventirelycureil me. ' " Trustinp all ho ipuke uso of tto Electwarr fc.r thatmoRtdistiessing disease-I'iles-may realUe T the sailiehappyresiillfl.Iam rtl" m Bospectfiilly yyurs,' SMITn JJAPOMBEK. FLrqase;fellontJifiAgeiitaodobtlpBrf,l84id jeference to a niimber of citizens ol Ann Arbor ,h, have been cured by the use of the Rl.-otuary. fiüFQUBST & STEWiRT. P BARE CHANGETO RUY GOODS CHEAP! 1 have o etuie a. full stuck of staple an.i FANCY DRY GQODS, GHOICE GROCERIES I ! WAR CLOSED! Ánñ ow'pg ti' cifums lances beyoml na y cnutrp), vftfa to aiíikeaa Immediale Sale of (he Stock. CASH BUYERS Cftn fpr a Ter weck1: have goos at juut aboutj THEIK O WIS PIUGES ! J. H. MAYNARD. May5tti,lQfw. lOOTtf OEMEMBER G. W & E. SNOVER'S "I


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