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The Home And Family Of Henry Clay

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A Kintucky correspondent of the Cincinnatl Commercial tclis the foüüwing mfclciDoholy ftory id Ashland, the late homcsícr.d oí ílonry Cía} - eme oí Ameriea's "first" orators, aud for uiaay years tho i dol of the old whig partyand the historv of his desceiidants : The old bó'nie'stead of Honry Clay is now oceupiod by the family of Hon. Tbos. Clay, oue of his sotis, and present Minister to odo of the South Americarwgovernments. It is owned by the heius of James 13. Clay- a degenerate son of the great statesman - who, it will be remembered, died íq Ganada about a vear ago. The house m whieh Mr. Ctíiy lived when at home, was foru down soma years skiee by James, and a rnagnificeni struoiure erected on its site, and tbere isnothing now about the place to remind osa of hitn who ones owned and Liouored it, exeept tho family buggy in which tho o'.d, niau and his ife usud to drivo about, and the oak trees u front of the housa baneath which he used to bit :ud talk v.ith hia family and friends. Mr] Oluy had uve sons. Four o-f them fiurvived hita. One, who bore his fatber's name, n-as killed iu the Msxieau war. Thomas, as I havo said, is now a government Minister. John is living in oue-half of Ihe old homestead (r.ow divided into two farms). James died a fugitivo in a" foreign land, and Theodote (the oldest of tho family) is, and Iras been fur twenty-five years, an icmate of bd insne asylum, still claiming to tjvery oue wiih whóna he eonverses, that he is the original Ueorgü Washington, aud refu-iíig to a cu] 1 by any other i:it)ie. MrTCiay had uo possessions of ■duy kiu 1 at the ílitó of kis death, wiUi the exeeption of Aanland, which was, of coursü, worth a considerable sum ; but oven thai was heavily mortgaged, uui! he thought at ono (une he would bo emniielled to nbans-lou it to his oreditors, utitii oue dav when he entered the batik to pay one of his notes, he was told that he did dow owo a cent ! Kind and genereus friende had taken his susein hand, and lifted the pücuuiary burden frora his shoulders,


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