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pnblishcil'very FrMajr morning,in thetlurd story of . brickblook, corner of Main and Hurón Sts., ANN ,B0R, Mich. Entranoewi ilurun Street, opposittthe Lnkli'u. JLIHU B. POND, Editor and Publisher. Tcrms, $3 OO a Ycar In Ailvmice.' square (12 Unes or loss), one 't ijoents; throo weeks $1.50 ; and 25 cents for „y'insertion thero ,fter, less than threo moutbs. ' i,'ie ugm 3 mos $4.00 Qonrter col. 1 year Í20 ,)„,. square 0 mos 6.00 Half column 0 mos 20 " „(uare 1 year 9.00 1 year 35 li.osa'rea 0 mos 8.00 1 üne column b mos. 3G t "o q't 1 y" 12-00 ' Oae oolumn 1 yeat G0 Cardsin Directory , not to exceed four Unes, Í4.00 ''„rtiaors to the exteut of a quarter colnmn ,regu, „tliroush the ycar, willbe cntitlcd to have thur ds'" Directory without extra charge. tK,3" .liertiaemeuts uuaccompanieil by wtittenor „Hl'ürectious willbe published until ordered out, "Atïu'lromentsf tirst insertion, 50 cents per „ÍÍ cent per folio for eacli subsequent iusortion. Í ,'n a F stpencnent ÏS added to an advertisementtho JJcJm be charjed thesame as for firstmsertion. j0ö Prliitl..g-iar,irhlets Hand Ilills Circulars, i Ball Tickets, Labels, l?Wks, Bill Heans, and .VÏWriatiea of Plkin and Fancy Job lrinting,ececM. ithpromptnosa.andinthe beat style. Card8-We have a Ruggles Rotary Card Pre, mi , e vvriety of the latSt stylos of Car.l type which ' MeV"to , piint Cards of all kind. in tte neatest blestvleandd.eaper than any other house in the SSlta3i 8KÍ. lor mea oí U arocatioos and pro' Bril, Wedding aud Visiting Caris, Frmted on "„rtnotice. Cali and see samples. HOrtK BINDING- Connected vith tlieOfficeisa kBnJervrcharge of two competent workmen.- jBce. _


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