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BY JGHN J. 9AXE. Of all Uio amusement for the mind, From logic down to tishing, Thero is not one tbai you can find So very clieap as " wishing," A very choice diversion, too, If we but rightly use it. And not as we are apt to do, Pervert it and abuse it. I wish - a common wish indeed, - My purse was something fat ter ; That 1 might clieer the child of ueed, And not my pride to flatter f That I miglit make oppression reel As only gold can make it, And break the tyrant's rod of steel As only gold can break it. I wish - that sympathy and love, And every human passion That has its origin aboye, Would come and keep in fashion : That scorn, and jealousy, and hate, And every base emotion, Were buried flfty fathoms deep, Beneath the waves of ocean. I wish that friends were always truo, And motives always pure : I wish the good were not so few, I wish the bad were fewer ; I wisli that persons ne'er forgot To heed theiv pions teaching , I wish that practieing was not So different from preacliing. I wish - that modest worth might be Appraised with truth and candor, I wish that innoceuce were free From trea'jliery and slandr; I wish 'tliat men their vows would mind, That women ne'er were rovers ; I wisk tliat wives were always kind, And liuebands always loveis. 1 wish- in fine - that joy and mirth And every good ideal, May come, erewhile. throug'hout the earth To be the glorions real ; Till God shall every creature bless With His supreniest blessing, And hope be lost in happiness, And wishing be possossing.


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