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Life In The Mexican Capital

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Mexico lias great wealth which ia avished iü all the means of comfort and .uxury kuown to eivilizod life. Housee, whoso forbidding exterior oí' stone aud piaster, with grated, prison-like wtudows, liítlc indícate the e'egance within, are adorned with 11 that art and wealth cnn supply, bröugjit fiorn Europa and the Uniteú tí t ates at fubülous expenso. Costly oarpots, our aias, tnirrors, ehandelierej, pianos, statucs, paintings, libraries, works oí art, me! all that goes to comp'eto u sumptuously furmshed mansión, are displaced, oftener wi!h reckless profusión than in conformiiy with good taste, and uil suggesting to tho calculating American a valuable market in our uearest oeighbpr, if vo havo the sonsa to keep on good terina and mako our friendly relationship moro intímate. The private equipages ii) tho streets aro a special means of exhibiting wealth aud taste. Most of tbc oarriages, baroucho3 and tho like vehicles, bolonging to wealthy families are irnportod from Europe, ihough a few of ti:om are made ia tho United States. Mauy of them are elaboratoly'ornamented with silver, as ia also the harneas. Molos seem to be ia general demand for carriago animáis, though a fine span oí Ëngüah or American horses now and then dash along, the ribbons held by liveried coaehmen, whilo ' behind sits tho footman in all the splendor oí red, blue and yellow. Tho principal drives are to the Pascode Barcarell, the Basco de la Viga, along tho Calle do los Plateros and tho Alamandö, At the last named place, which is a park of abuut twenty aeres, handsomolv laid out with ilowers, shrubs and large shado trees, tho fashionable world ot Mexico resort for morning drives and eqtiestrian exarcise ; and hero may bo seen somo of the farnous Mexican rider.s in all tho grace and love of display; for nowhere does tLe Mexican gentleman feel so proud as on his horse, with his splundid silver mouuted saddle nnd guily ornameuted uorape. Ou a fine inorning a multitudü ot horsemen sro ourvotiug along the romantic roade of tho Almcda, now half bidden amoug the foliage, passing out of sight behiüi tho fountains and wheeling into sight again, all in appareut confusión, but yet, owing to thoir perfect coutn.l of their auimals, never coming in contact. Among the crowd are seen the flashing uniforms of Freneh and Austrian offioers, trotting their heavy hordes at a jogging pace, holding on the reins with both hands, their elbows Fqutued, fcet pointed out at right angles from t!io stirrups, and presenting, in all reppects a ludicrous picture compared to the elegant horsemanship displayed nround them. When oce of these warriors (mostly effeminate-looking gontlciaen, with palc faees'and speotacles,) comes thumping by, the Mexicans quidtly make room, and appear not to cotice the contrast. Never an apppoach to a saifiè is seeu beneath tho ampie sombrero, though doublless the seeno aüords them food for fun in soma mere fitting place, where the rules of politeness would not be violatod by a hearty laugh.


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