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Women In Armenia

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ArmrMiian girls go about asthey like; tlicy are unvailed, avá enjoy as much freedom as they could do in European countries, flirting, love mnking, abd marrying to ploaso themsclvos, as u moro civilized lands. But onco married, and all is changed. Frora that time untit she bears a child, sho liever speaks to any one but her husband, and then ouly ïd private. After sho becomes a mot her shi3 may epeak to lier inuthcr-in law firsf, and after tho lapse of certain periods, to hor own raother, her sinters -in-law, and her ovyu sisters. She is always vailed, oven in her own house. Hor finory, jowelry, and ornamenta can be shown only to thoso of her own sex; and in every way her seclusion ie as complete nu that of the Turkish woinen. On the other hand, the Armenian vvomen "seldom do any hard work ; they remain at home while thtir husbands labor in the fields, and they enjoy probably on account of their ncquaintance prior to marriago, muoh more respect and confidence from their Inisbands thau falls to the sharo of the Turkish wifc, who, mr.reover, has to divido with two or three rivals the littlo ffection or respect which her husband deigus to bestow on her. As the Armenian woman can only talk in hor own house below her breatb, that none rif hor male relatives can hcar whatshe says, it follows that the consequence which ustially resukts irorn tho residenoe of so m&ny vvomon in ono houso, fueessant qiarrelinw, Ia quite aoideí - Usher'z Jouffil from London to Pasepolis. ' - i -.-_ '.:'m bei1. t" A few days ago nn Englisbmnn wont to I'uritt in ordor to tnko out a patent in Franco tor an invention to do'tdet pickpocket. Ho enterod an omnibus and Bat by the sido oí an elegantlydressed lady, nttirod in eilk gown and lacèd bonnet, anti Imving a very eharming fsico. 8oon tho 15uplishman saw an cxpsosaioD of distreas and dismay come -over that taco, and fult a tutfging at liin pocket. With a cruel smile ho looküd tho fair creature ir tho conntonauoe, who orirusou with ahame, implorod hiin to lot her go. With true Wnyliah gnlluntry hi) rcloased lier hand, and his priuoncr thcroupon stopped the omnibus, lenpud out and ran -down tho Btrcet with most unferainine speed. TLa 13ngiishiiian was bighiy pleased at tha sQocoss of lúa device, whieh consists of a i Btronj,' (ïalioo diaphragm ptrctched acroaa tho pocket with an India rubber openj logitai expands to perrait tho entranea of a etrange hand, but will nat expand wlien tlie ownor of ttie hand wislies to withdraw it. - Forcign Paper. Üinigrants fí-om Europo are novv reaching this cnuntry at tl ntte of kbout onc lhousand p-r 'Inv.


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