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Frauds Upon United States Treasury Notes

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2s, imitition, nra reported in circulatiou. Poorly done. 5s", ültured froui Is. Portrait of Chase. 5s, imitatioo, Poorly dono; eoarse. 5s, plidtogiapliod - llave i b!urred look; the ] ui per is stiiïor und hettvier. áigituiui'e.s ytsrv heavy. 10, iimtatió'u, well exeeuled, ore re ported in ciivulation. Thero is do troiismy stamp upon the bill. lOs, alterad hom 1b - vig. portait of Coase on upper left ; germine have the pijrlruU of Liuoulu. 20a, imitation - ongtaving coarso; gennral appearance baj 50s, iiniutiun. Tho houd of Ham 1ton is coarte aud blurred ; otherwise oxeellntly-íoüc, aud well ouluulated to decoivc. 50s, altcred from 2s - vignctte portrait o! Hainilton below tho vvords Uui'cd States. In genuiuo it ia above. 100a, imiUtion. Tliu ouly poinis of diffcreüce Lelweeu the genuino ii i)d counterfeit are these: In tho upper left corner are tho w.crds, " Act of l'Y-bruary 25th, 18C2." In counterfeit tho "th" and tho ornamental linos above run iuto and touch the border ; iu the geuuiao thero is u cloar space belwecu On tho right cml of back of note there are fourteeu small ovals, on tho edgo of each oval the figures iu tho bad icad OQi, o invorted, while on Iho left they are 100. This is the reverse of those figuies in the genuine, there it will be seen that on the right hand they road 100, and on the left These notes are well execuUd. .Posti'go curreney, - 25 coats, irnitation - poorly engraved and on p-oor paper. 50 cen'a, imitation - poorly done. The heads of' "VVash ngton are blurred, aid aio uot alike. ü cents and 10 cents, imitation, poor'y printed. , 50 uew isstio, aio now in cireulatJon. Observe eau tiou. The portrnit on each coaisely done. National liauks, - 5s, imitation - well executed, and a dangero-us eharaotor, are reported in cireulalion. Coupons. - (Jounterfuit coupons, dated March 1, 1865, for Sl 50, in the similitnde of 10,40 five per oent. United Satos 500 bonds, have been ollered at di'lereut United States depositories. 7-30 Bond?. - Some ot' these are in oirculation with tho coupons out off aud are cifered as euvreucy. Without ouupons, they are of no valuó until mature. Rjfuse all such.


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