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Vegetable Flannel

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A correspondent of the London Aihenxum writes : " Those of your readers who tako an interest in ths manufacture of vegetablo flannol from tho pinus syl vesíns, to which you refer in a paragraph in last woek's ' Gossip,' may like to Lave tha additional inforinatiou thafc sínce about 1860 there aro two establishinents near Breslau, in one of which pine-leaves are converted iato wool, ■ whilo tha olher, for ÍDvalids, the waters uscdin the mnnufaoture of pine wool; are ernployed as curativo agents. The process for converting the pine needies into wool was'diseoverod by Mr. Pannewitz. Iu the hospitalp, penitentiuries, and barracks of Vionna and Breslau blankets made from that material are now exolusivel' used. Ouo of their chief advantages is, no kind of vermin ivill lodge in thera. Tba material is also used as stuffiug, closely resembling horse-liair, and is ouly ono-third ita cost. Whcnspuuand woveii, the thruad resembles that of hetnp, and is made inio jaokets, spencers, drawors, andstockings, flannel and twill for shirts, coverlcts, body and and chet warmers, and knitting ywn. Thoy koe:p the body warm without hoating, aud are very durublo. The faotorit's are lighted witla gas made from tho refuse of tho above manufactures." A man in New Eogland, who reccntíuveáted $200 in oue ol the institutionn wliioh distribute anieles of' jcwelry at one dollar eaob, got watches aud jowolry which purported to be wortb S599j but on eending his prLzes to tho r.ssay office to be aulted, ho iouud there was justi niño dolí ,ra aud ftixty-two cents' worth, ild n id eilver d thu lut, I


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