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Tho Comiuittee of Arningcmenls is perfecting tho -jrraDgcraeuts for a grand celebratior: of the coming Nutioual Anniversary. During the four ycara of war the Fourih of July hus becu more a name thuti a reulity, but with victory and davvning psace the people throughout the breadth of the laúd ftel liko once more making it n day of jubilee, and celebrating it in the manner prophetcally described by oíd John Adams. This s rigtit, and we hqpct thut tho citizens of the adjoiniug lowus will come in in largo nuiubers aud juiu iu the festivities of the day. The day will be ushered in wilh the riugiug of bulls, and the booming of cauuou. At 9 o'clock, A. M., a procession will be íormed under the directiou of Chiof Marshal Maiitin and Iris Assistnuts, which aíter paradltig tbe priucipal streets will return to the dquare. Tbis prooessiou will inolude tho returned Soldiers, the Fire Department, Masons, üdd Feilovvs, citizens, &C, and will make a fine display. In the Square, the exereises will consist of' Prayer, Instrumental and Vocal Musie, readiug of the Duolaratiou, reading of roóolutious appropriate to tho occasion, orations by Judge Lawuisnce, Gov. Felcii, Judge Cooley, and Dr. IIaven'. The Choir will cousist of about 200 pupils from the síngiug classes of the Publio Schools, umder the load of tbeir teacher, Prof. P. C. Pokter. After the exorcises a bountiful dinner will bo Berved to tho ieturned soldiers of Washtcnaw County, under tlio direction of a Comniittee of Ladies of the City and adjoiuing towna. OitizeiiS and farmers wishing to coutributo to the dinner aud aid in making it a generous and substantial welcome to the brave boys in blue, are invited to send in their chickcos, hams, vegetables, fruits, etc, to the Court House during Monday. Come al! and partioipate in the exercises aud enjoyments of the day. jL2L In another ooluinn we give place to a etter from Gov. Chapo to Secratary Stanton, declining to inter fere with tho administraron of the lawe of the State, and " require the civil officers of Detroit" to deliver the offi cers held on charge of murdoring tho hackman Wasso, over to the military authorilies for trial by court-martial. To the honoi' of Gov. Cbapo be it writlen, that he is not disposed to lend himself to difgraco the Judiciary of the State, by inaking it subservient to tbe military power. He concedes that a military court might havo jurisdietion, but does not concode its' exclusive jurisdiction, and coirtes to the samo conclusión that Judge Witheiiell did wben tho case of jurisdietion was argued before him, that the offence committed was against the State laws, tb at the partios were held by warrauts properly iasued, and'that the civil courts must try them This is right as far as it goes, but we go further, aud avow an opinión that a court martial would havo no jurisdietion of the offense. It was not committed by the officer8 in an alleged discharge of tbeir duty, it was not committed within the limita ol a military camp, it was not a military ofiense, but a foul crime, for whieh they should not be courtmartialed but triod rn a criminal court, and as other crimináis. It is certainly time, now that it is every way desirable that the country be restored to the wayS of pcace, that men clothed in a little military authority are given to understand that they are citizons as vvell as soldiers, and are expected to be law abidiug citizons or suffer tbo same penalties as those not diossed ia blue and gilt. giS" Thö State News declares for " universa! suffrage," by which comprehensive term we supposa it simply means that negroes shall bo made volers, without including " all the world and the rest of mankind," and woinen, too. Howover, it thinks it better to "aot with moderation" and not " hastily censure those who hold the reina of government." The News means to keep on the side of power, to say the least. L5g" It is annoanced that President Joiinsox has pardoned, Hon. Chas. J. Eaülkner. of Va., Minister to France under C{jcha.nan, in acoordance with a specific promise made by Mr. Linooln beforo his death. Applications for pardons are accumuhiting largely on the Prosidonfs bands and largo numbers hive already been granted. The radicáis aro rn great trepidation for fear that tho gallows is to be cheated. Tho hotels in Boston have reduced their price half a dollar a day to their guest$. The Boston hotels of the firstclass now charge a dollar a dny lese than hoürcs of tho same cLiractcr in New i'orfc.


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