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Ingenuity On Wedding Festivals

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Timo was whcn married peoplo would have to wait fifty years bufora they could have a good joyful occawion and celébrate what they called their Goldeu Wcddiug. But soma one wanting to have an intormediate festival, got up the Silver Wedding, to be enjoyed after twenty-üvo years have passed. Ileoontly ingenuity has devised moro intermedíate ones still by dividing into half decades the period antecedent to the Silver Wedding. Thus he pareéis out tho festivals for the married folks. The fifth aniversary of the wedding dny is to be called tho YVooden Wedding - the tenth, the Tin- tho fifteenth, the Glass - the twentieth, tho China - the twonty-fiftli, tho Silver - tíftiuth thc Golden, and the aixtieth tho Diamond, designaticg by these terms tho sharucter of tho gifts to be presented by the gue.sts. The fifth many live to cclobmto, the tenth a few will be missing, the filteenth more will be absent, tho twentieth will not havo 25 per cent, of tbc fifth, the twenty-fifth will not have 12 pir cent., the fiftielh cot over 3 per cent., and the sixtieth peíhaps not 1 per cont.


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